THP Tour Van – A Look At The Inside

Yesterday we took a look at the new THP Tour Van from the outside and today, GolferGal gives a tour of the inside. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow as THP will have some exciting news about a special contest involving this entire project.

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  • That thing is awesome. Truly state of the art on the inside and impressive as heck.

  • HOLY COW! This looks amazing!! That 40″ TV in front is just insane. I had no idea it had a washer/dryer/ice maker in there either. I am SO jealous right now and really want one of these.

    Another small thing I noticed was how great even the tile backsplash looked in there.

    AMAZING vision on this by the both of you. Great things happening for great people – happy for the both of you!

    Contest? 😀

  • That is incredible! I would make that copilot seat look even better. That is nicer than my house

  • Imagine touring the country playing as many courses as you could fit in and returning to that home on wheels every day. Awesome

  • That looks amazing! A full on living space- there’s nothing you can’t do in there! I love the look. Can’t wait to hear about the contest. 😀

  • That is awesome! I love the slideout. I didn’t realize they would add that much room.

  • This thing is awesome!! Can’t wait to see what the surprise is tomorrow….

    This is such a great thing for THP and golfers everywhere!

  • Beyond amazing!! THP takes the meaning of living golf to a whole new level!

  • I’d speed more time looking at the 40inch tv than i would looking at the road. very cool that you can bring all the golf gear that you want with you

  • Hope to see this at a course near me one of these days. Looks great!

  • Very nice GG! Looks like the THP dogs are at home there. Looks like home away from home.

  • Great vid, GG summed it up with her last statement, “that’s everything”, I love it.

  • Looks great the 2nd time as well guys. Looks like you’ve gotten comfy.

  • Awesome! This is better than my house. I want one.

  • Great tour! It was super to see THP on wheels at the GA get together over the weekend. Can’t wait to see where you turn up next taking all that THP to the road.

  • Very impressive.

  • Nice inside and I love the slide-out !

  • Very cool. Amazing how much room the slide-out makes. I have a feeling this will be a very interesting contest.

  • This is sucha great looking vehicle! I can see many roadtrips and lots of fun to be had in its future.

  • It’s a cool vehicle with all the comforts of home and something they will have a great deal of fun with! It was such a treat to see the THP Travel Van in person at the Georgia Get Together. It just looks right at home parked at a golf course :o).

  • Wow, that thing is awesome. And it looks like Duke and Ellie approve…

  • Wow!! Is there anything else to say about that?

  • Wow, there’s was so much space in there before the pop-out was extended, and so much more once it was! Looks great Team THP! And GG, make that bed! LOL

  • That takes cool to a whole other level! Very Very nice you 2!

  • so cool! i want to live in it.
    you guys really went all out, but it’s all much needed and well deserved.

  • Wow, that’s awesome inside.

  • That thing looks so freakin sweet.

  • Yeah, that’s a sweet setup alright. Look forward to seeing it soon!

  • Can’t wait to see it in person! Very cool! What’s the deal with gals and washing machines…my wife is the same way!

  • Wow is really all I can say. I could live in it year a round lol.

  • You can tell by the dog dishes in front of the oven …

  • Looks great guys!

  • Amazing setup!

  • THAT IS UNREAL!!! Congrats on the new purchase JB and GG!!!! I love it!

  • Holy macaroni! That thing is slick! Can’t wait to see what the contest involves. Great job! Gonna be sweet heading to events in that bad boy!

  • […] If you missed the inside look at this very special motorhome, here is a tour of the exterior and here is a sneak peek at the interior. The overall goals are exciting, however THP wants to make sure that this experience is as much […]

  • Great new ride. Needc to take care of that bed room though….

  • Best part is the dogs! Love the RV too.

  • Wow. Just wow.

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