THP TV – Cobra AMP Cell Driver Preview

A few months back THP was able to put the Cobra AMP Cell driver in the hands of its readers that came out to THP Tour Van events. The early response was not only quite good, it was incredible. THP TV set out to find out a little more about the technology in the driver and what makes MyFly so unique.

Apologies for the dark video

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  • Great interview, the MyFly tech is just incredible. Really like what Cobra has come out with this, and not just in their driver but throughout their fairways and hybrids. The tech packed in to the clubs is unreal with these.

  • Great interview, really enjoyed learning about the tech put into this one. I am tempted ….very tempted!

  • These drivers are this year’s Cleveland Classic. They are coming in with hype, and they’re going to spark and take off (they’ve actually already started to do so). I cannot wait to hit this again. Love that Barbados Red!

  • Nice interview. Between this driver and the new Cell Irons, looks like Cobra is going to make a serious dent in my bank account this year.

  • Thanks for sharing the interview.

    I’ve been using this driver for about 3 months and absolutely love it. It’s the best driver I have ever hit and I have used and tested quite a few.

    The launch angle has been most impressive giving me a lot more height, carry and distance off the tee.

  • Excellent info and video. I liked hearing more about the smart pad and how it works. I can not wait to hit this driver outside.

  • I love the fact that you can change the loft without closing or opening the face. Great job Cobra!

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