THP TV Interview With PGA Tour Star Ian Poulter

This past week at the Cobra Puma What’s Your Fly event, THP had a chance to sit down with PGA Tour superstar Ian Poulter. A player known for his style, his game and of course his Ryder Cup success.

In this THP TV interview
When can we see him do a Gangnam Style video like fellow Cobra Puma staffer Jesper?
He loves his cars and is a collector, do his cars match his apparel in terms of style?
He has been one of the faces of Cobra equipment for years and is a phenomenal ball striker, what does his sponsor bring to the table that keeps him there year after year?
And so much more

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  • Good job Freddie, nice interview.

  • Enjoyed the interview Freddie. You do an amazing job with these.

  • Another great interview Freddie, Ian is such a nice guy.

  • Great insight on what makes the Ryder Cup different for Ian. Great interview!

  • Well done Freddie, he better stop holding his nose sneezing or his eyes might pop out. Very relaxed and good flow with the questions to grab golf and personal feedback.

  • That was fun to watch. Hearing him talk about the Ryder Cup brought back a lot of the emotions of the Morgan Cup.

  • That was a good watch! Ian had some blunt answers and Freddie kept the interviewing moving nicely.

    Enjoyed his brutal honesty, particularly regarding the Ryder Cup. He is proud of where he comes from and leaves nothing out there.

  • good watch. Too bad he was allergic to freddie haha

  • More amazing insight brought to you from THP!!! I love getting his thoughts on the Ryder Cup, and him sneezing was classic!!!

  • Great interview Freddie! This was fun to watch and see a fellow THPer interacting with IJP.

  • You are MAGIC at this interview process Freddie! This was not an easy one and you handled it like a pro buddy. Well done.

  • I love how the interview just flowed, great job Freddie!

    Cool to hear Poulter’s perspective and immediate answer to the Ryder Cup vs. tour event question. Gotta love the little Johnny Miller jab at the beginning from Ian, too…Poults being Poults.

  • Great interview! I like Ian Poulter anyway, and always enjoy hearing what he has to say.

  • Great interview! Well done Freddie!

  • Excellent job Freddie, that was such a good interview from start to end and man did Poults seem so relaxed. What a great watch.

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