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This is a short 30 second clip of THP TV. This was during our review of the Nickent 5DX Hybrid. You will see our resident pro amollerud hit 2 balls and really enjoy the way the club feels agreeing with our assessment. You will also hear a spectator in the background looking on in amazement at just how good this club works for amollerud.

The 2nd clip is the Nike DYMO IN ACTION!!!!!!!

This is a trial run obviously and we are hoping you will come back to the forum and give us your input. Was the video choppy? Was it clear? Likes and Dislikes? Load times, etc…? Don’t mind the wind in this one, normally it would not be like this, but it was a VERY windy down during the shooting.

This is a clip of the new DYMO in action!

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  1. Smallville says:

    Video was great: smooth, not choppy at all. Is it off center because it’s shot 16:9 but it’s on a 4:3 player? My first thought was why is the guy all the way on the right hand side? But because all the buttons to press(the gallery, replay and share buttons) are running off the right side that it is something you gotta play with.

  2. worst_shot_ever says:

    Amollerud you make it look too easy!

  3. MO_Hacker says:

    Looking good, very smooth video. That Dymo is loud, at least when Amollerud is swinging

    I didn’t notice it being off center.

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