THP Ultimate Club Testing Kicks Off This Year With Callaway Golf

Last week THP threw out a teaser about Ultimate Club Testing coming to the members of the community and today we want to expand and give some details. As many of you know, THP believes that equipment testing should not only be done by us here at HQ, but also by the wonderful readers. Because of that THP launched forum testing, the Morgan Cup, The THP Demo Day, Tour Van Events, THP Invitationals, etc. These are all great ways to get real info, straight from regular golfers just like you, but THP felt as though even more could be done to assist those looking for a plethora of information on equipment.

Evolving through creativity and innovation, it’s what we live for, it’s what keeps us ticking and it’s what helps us grow. It’s what gave us the fundamentals behind The Ultimate Club Testing.

Club Testing – It will be your job to test the club fully. Both on site of the event and after the weekend concludes.

Education – You will be educated on the club, directly from the company that puts it out. No quick notes or synopsis from a local rep or store, but getting all of your questions answered on why it works the way it does.

Fitting – Real fitting, by the company behind the equipment, outside on a range, with a launch monitor just like the pros do.

Reviews – Just like with THP Forum Testing, you will be responsible for a long-term review of the equipment being tested, as well as answering questions from the members of THP.

Destination – Ultimate Club Testing hosted by THP, will be on location at a destination golf locale.

Golf – Not only will you get fit for the equipment you will be testing, but you will put it right in the bag and into play for multiple rounds of golf with other THPers, as well as the company behind the gear for a couple of days.

August 31st – September 1st (Saturday & Sunday)

Mission Inn Resort in Florida
El Campeon – Featuring The Devil’s Delight

This hidden gem of a golf resort is located about 30 miles north of Orlando and while it is well known by those around the area, some have not heard of it. El Campeon (one of their two courses at Mission Inn) is one of the best golf courses in the area based on just about every list that has come out over the last 20 years. You can see pictures of the course on THP right here.

Equipment Being Tested
As of now, no info can be given. What you need to know is that this equipment will be pre-release and each participant must sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before taking part in this event. While you will be reviewing the club and every aspect of it, reviews will not be published until the embargo date has been reached.

Saturday Morning – Fitting & Education
Each participant will spend time with the company involved to learn more about the equipment they are testing as well as get personally fit with the team. More information will be coming out soon about this part, but we have to keep it fairly quiet right now because it involves pre-release equipment.

Saturday Afternoon – Golf Round
Put the new equipment in play for 18 holes as you test for full reviews. You will be asked to put it through its paces and take notes so that you can update the review thread when the embargo date reaches.

Sunday Morning – Golf Round
Another round of testing on the course similar to the above.

Bonus Round
You receive a 3rd round of golf as part of this package, and that can be used any time during your stay.

Each participant will be staying on site at the Mission Inn Resort as part of the package for 2 nights. Check in will be Friday.

Signing Up
There will be sixteen spots open for this event.
Signup announcements will be coming soon.
Cost for this event will be $349.00 and will include all of the above.

The Finale
At the end of the weekend, you get to keep your newly fitted and tested equipment to be named later to continue to review.

More Details Coming Soon Including When Signup Will Begin.

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  • Very cool for the 16 golfers who get picked!!

  • I can’t wait for this! I’m hoping I get my slot secured once they are available.

  • Callaway continues to bring it!

  • Lodging, 3 rounds of golf, the fitting AND you get to keep the equipment? All for $349? Holy cow, Christmas is coming early for 16 people…

  • BOOM! Callaway starts with BRINGING it to Texas and now they are BRINGING it to Florida. Incredible opportunity being brought in this first ever event thanks to the partnership of Callaway & THP!

  • Cant freaking wait. THP and Callaway teaming up for an amazing weekend

  • SWEET! And it’s, in my opinion, the hottest OEM in the market right now?? Yes, please.

  • Callaway and THP doing it again. Teaming up to bring the ultimate pre release testing to us here at THP. What a fantastic opportunity here.

  • This is too cool. Thanks THP & Callaway for setting up a tremendous weekend for our members! I really wish I could be at this one :o(

  • very cool opportunity.

  • What a great opportunity for 16 THP’ers here! I thought Callaway might be leading things off. No doubt this is going to be a great time!

  • Very, very Awesome!

  • How awesome of Callaway to team with THP for this, to say I am excited is an understatement. Oh how I would love to be one of the lucky testers. Good luck to all who are wishing to be chosen.

  • Wow! What an awesome opportunity for the lucky 16 folks that go. THP never ceases to amaze me and this just took it to another level!

  • What a great opp for the 16 fortunate. This will be a must follow!

  • Just more awesomeness from the #zoocrew!

  • awesome that Callaway is #bringingit really interested to see what they are releasing. gonna be hard to get in with only 16 spots!

  • So cool. I’m gonna do my best to be one of the 16.

  • Awesome! Very nice of Callaway and THP for offering this tremendous opportunity.

  • what an amazing opportunity for THPer’s to take part in.
    there’s no better way to say it…but this truly is, the Ultimate Club Testing experience.

  • I am kind of excited this is in my backyard! Hanging with Callaway and THPrs doesn’t get any better!

  • Looks like 16 THP’ers are in for a real treat.

  • THP and Callaway bringing it AGAIN! The dates are open on my calendar. Imaging that!

  • Wow, what an opportunity and Callaway is just bringing it!

  • This is gonna be an awesome event for sixteen lucky people!

  • Nice to see Callaway continuing to do new and innovative things like this for the weekend hacker!!

  • Very very very cool. Callaway is crushing it this year!

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