THP Visits Pukka HQ To Design Limited Edition Hat

During our recent visit to Cincinnati for the THP Invitational, we got a chance to travel to Findlay, OH to take a tour of the Pukka offices and design the latest limited edition THP hat. Below you will find a video of the design process that Pukka uses to make these incredible hats as GolferGal and myself go over every detail. We will have much more coming from our meeting including pictures of their very interesting and unique headquarters over the next couple of weeks.

There will be pictures and more information about the new limited edition THP hat in the forum very soon.

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  • Awesome job!

  • Very cool!

  • That’s looking like a pretty sweet hat! Can’t wait to find out more details!

  • Love seeing this. Not just limited edition THP, but get to see the design process through the two of you.

    For what its worth, I like the gold, haha

  • Limited Edition in GOLD baby!!! Love it. I will be getting one of these if and when available! Your baby is born before our eyes. Thanks for the view inside the studio!

  • JB the 85 yr. old man. haha. Love seeing th edesign process and the hat looks great.

  • Thanks guys I don’t need another hat but want that one. Cool process and fast!

  • Great looking hat!!! When do we get to order 😛

  • This has me so excited, can’t wait.

  • very cool process of creating a hat design.

  • Amazing, those look incredible!

  • Really cool watching the process of bringing a product to life. Great looking cap!

  • Well this is certainly really cool

  • Well done ole man, nice selections. Going to be an awesome addition!

  • A) awesome video
    B) awesome hat
    C) i want the awesome hat
    D) i want to work at Pukka

  • Very cool, bought my first Pukka hat by chance this weekend at my parents new club. Very comfortable.

  • Interesting to get to watch the design process in motion.

  • Another outstanding Pukka creation. I’m looking forward to adding this limited edition THP hat to my collection. Great job JB, GG, and Pukka.

  • So awesome! Looking forward to purchasing one for my own collection.

  • Very cool to see how the THP hats come to be. Thanks for the inside look, THP and Pukka.

  • That hat looks fantastic. And getting to see the designing of it was very cool. Thanks GG and JB.

  • Just send one my way when it’s ready!

  • Yes!! I love it. It shall be mine!

  • Very cool! And a sweet looking hat~

  • Love seeing things like this being made. The whole process is very cool

  • It’s like having a baby! Hahaha

  • Great hat guess. Very great design process. I love watching a graphic designer at work. Put me down for a hat for sure.

  • Love it! Can’t wait to have one!

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