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When summertime rolls around there is always one staple in my closet, dresses! Unfortunately, my golf wardrobe has always just been skorts and shorts but I yearned for the day I had a great dress to golf in. Well that day has come and Three Tees Golf is the company I have to thank for that. This is not just a dress company; they have short, ¾, and long sleeved tops, a complete menswear line, plus great hats and accessories. It wasn’t until some readers told us about Three Tees that I had heard anything about this company, and it wasn’t a minute too soon. Their product line is limited but what items they do have are definitely worth checking out.

When we spoke with the founders of Three Tees they said they would send us some samples to test out. Less than a week later there was a great looking package at The Hackers Paradise Office. We were given two ladies dresses and a ladies long sleeved top, two men’s long sleeved polos, and the cutest unisex hat I have ever seen. Since the men’s tops were an extra large and I am a petite girl we had a male reviewer test out the threads. From first impressions alone we all agreed that the clothes looked nice, maybe a little too simple for our tastes but we all know you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

As mentioned above there is not a summer that goes by that I don’t stock up on summer dresses and from the very minute I put the Sleeveless Empire Waste Summer Golf Dress on I knew it was going to have a permanent place in my closet. The exact dress we were given to review was an orangish peach color that I feel looks great with just about any skin tone and hair color. If this color doesn’t tickle your fancy it also comes in purple, blue, white and black. This is a knee length dress with an empire waist cut and ‘V’ neck front. Plus size or petite, tall or short, red head, blond, or brunette this dress is guaranteed to flatter the masses. The dress is made of 100% cotton and feels great on the body and flows in the wind. The only thing missing from this dress is a pair of shorts to go underneath. I would have liked to see some sort of bloomer to help cover the “goodies” on the course when there is a big gust of wind. Even without the bloomers I still give this dress a strong A+, in fact I plan to order it in every color available.

We were also given a short sleeve A-line Golf Dress to review. We tested the A-line dress in white, but it is also available in blue, green, orange, purple, dark grey, and black. This 100% Pima Cotton dress it short sleeved, falls just above the knees, and has a ‘V’ neck front that is completed with three buttons. I was not as impressed with this dress as I was with the one mentioned above. It is not that I didn’t like it, in fact I absolutely loved it, but I felt that unless you have a washboard stomach this might not be for you. Unlike the dress above this one will show more lumps and bumps so I would recommend maybe getting one size up for a little extra breathing room. The fabric is great, it feels so soft on your skin, and the dress itself is extremely comfortable and I love the different color options I just wish it were a little looser fitting. Just like the first dress I would have liked to have shorts underneath, but with this being a more snug fit there is less chance of the wind causing a distraction during your round (wink wink). This reminded me a lot of the jersey cotton dresses you see in major department stores except one hundred times more comfortable. I would still say this is a must try, but if you are a bit more modest I would say stick with the Empire Waist option, because if you feel great on the course you will play that way too!

The final ladies item was a long sleeved pink polo shirt. There is nothing flashy to this top, it is a solid color, long sleeved, 100% Pima Cotton shirt. It may just look like your ordinary long sleeved top but once you put it on you can immediately feel how different it is. The fabric is so lightweight that this would be the perfect top for a round during a crisp fall or spring day. Like the two dresses I just LOVE that this has a ‘V’ style neck. You may have read in past reviews I cannot stand when a shirt is anywhere near my neck, I feel as though I am suffocating. This same polo is available in white, dark grey, green, orange, blue and black along with a short or ¾ sleeved option. With such a variety of colors and styles there is a polo for every lady.

At the moment the men’s line consists solely of short sleeved and long sleeved polos. The color options vary by style but are black, white, dark grey, light blue and green. Just like the ladies polos these are extremely lightweight and our male reviewer found them to be incredibly comfortable. Both the polo styles have a pocket on over the left breast for a great casual look. If you are looking for that wild crazy ‘WOW’ factor these are not the right tops for you, but if you are looking for extreme comfort for the course then I highly recommend giving the men’s Three Tees line a try.

My absolute favorite item of everything Three Tees sent us to review is hands down the unisex hat with three tee holders. As you might know I normally don’t wear hats because I am convinced I look terrible in them, but not this hat, this is a thing of beauty. Guy or girl, hair up or hair down, big head or small, this hat just looks GREAT! The overall impression of Three Tees Golf from The Hackers Paradise crew was extremely positive. For comfort and feel these are at the top of our lists. These are the types of clothes that are great for the course and can easily be transformed into your everyday life. The Three Tees Golf clothing feels incredible on your body but will feel even better on your wallet. The dresses are $45 USD and the ladies and mens polos range from $32-$37 USD, plus the unisex hat is only $12 USD. These prices should please even pickiest of shoppers. The Three Tees line is definitely a company worth checking out and you can learn more about them here.

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