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Each Thursday we do a little blast from the past and have some fun with it. In this installment, we thought we would showcase the latest and the greatest from TaylorMade in the year of 1995.

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The Year of 1995
Sheryl Crow Wins Grammy for best Album
Jerry Garcia Passes Away
Braveheart wins Best Picture
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Opens its Doors

Super Bowl – San Francisco d. San Diego (49-26)
World Series – Atlanta Braves d. Cleveland (4-2)
NBA Championship – Houston d. Orlando (4-0)
The Masters – Ben Crenshaw
U.S. Open – Corey Pavin
British Open – John Daly
PGA Championship – Steve Elkington

The TaylorMade Burner Bubble Driver Shaft
The year was 1995 and TaylorMade Golf steps into Orlando, FL in January and unveiled a shaft that would take the world by storm. What appeared to be a major gamble by the company in taking shafts in that direction, became an international success as golfers everywhere were spotted with that little shiny copper finish on the butt end of their driver as it leads into the grip. In my opinion, this became the first time a company had really stepped up with the shaft offering in their driver and marketed them accordingly.

The look of this line set it apart as consumers stepped into stores and surveyed the scene of clubs. The copper head shined just enough to draw attention and that darker shaft with the copper “bubble” took it to the next level. Did it work? You bet it did and some would argue that this driver would still help amateur golfers quite a bit. While shaft technology and manufacturing has improved so much in the last 15 years, if you head over the course on the weekend, you will still see quite a few playing this striking club.

TaylorMade Golf sent over one of these drivers from their archive as well as some cool information from “back in the day”. Did you play this one? What were your thoughts? Check out the discussion on the TaylorMade Burner Bubble right here in the THP forum.

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  1. TC says:

    what alignment aid? haha…oh wow! this brought back some memories for sure. i was obsessed w/the bubble shaft, thought it was the coolest thing ever!

  2. biggsy says:

    You just had to throw in the jab with the SD Superbowl…

    I remember this driver well. I remember thinking how large the clubhead was, now it looks like a hybrid.

    Wasn’t this club or shaft deemed illegal?

    A buddy of mine had the shaft broken on one of our golf trips and it was impossible and extremely expensive to get the shaft replaced.

  3. Yoccos says:

    Love the ads too!!!!!!! This was and still is an all time favorite.

  4. Ryan H. says:

    Played with a guy that used this driver and he was smoking the ball! Love the copper colored head as well.

  5. I was a legal assistant at the law firm that worked on the bubble shaft patent. I thought they (TMAG) were insane. But they were a huge client.

    Never played the driver, but I had the shaft in the original Rescue.

  6. tdinbr says:

    This is the driver and fairway woods I learned to play with! Hand me downs from Dad. Love the Bubble Burners!!

  7. Puttin4Bird says:

    This is one of the drivers that really started the technology kick in golf. If I remember correctly Mark O’Meara won the Masters the next year with one of these.

  8. Dr.Teeth says:

    Oh I know this club well. While I never owned one, all of the “cool” people did and I definitely wanted one. Love the flashbacks!

  9. SethO says:

    Love TT! What a cool looking club head. All this stuff is way before my time in golf, but I am constantly amazed at how far we have come technology wise.

  10. John says:

    I’m giving my dad back his late ’90’s Bubble Burner drivers/FW’s this weekend. They have been great to play, but a 460cc head is just a bit easier to hit.

  11. jean dolan says:

    I had the driver and 3 wood – used them with success for several years. I was frustrated that I could not easily regrip these clubs. Guess they did not work well enough to continue development

  12. bonknhead says:

    I had a Burner Bubble driver, along with a BB 3W and 5W. Loved the clubs for a while. I still play TM because of the great quality.

  13. v3.0 says:

    I am loving these Throwback Thursday articles. Keep them coming!

  14. cg13 says:

    man i played this driver, 3w, 5w forever! ahaha sadly it was operator error that couldnt fix the slice.

  15. court says:

    Went digging around the shed and found an old driver that I had reshafted with a Bubble Shaft. Had a very whippy tip to it – played pretty well – but the only thing everybody always hated about the shaft was re-gripping. That big mouth was a bear to get a grip over.

  16. jaguar52 says:

    Owned the Burner bubble 3 and 5 woods regular shaft. Loved the 5 and hated the 3. Frequency tested the shafts 5 wood was just slightly stiffer than regular, 3 wood was almost xx stiff. So much for quality control!

  17. DuffSter says:

    Yup, I droooled over these too…No dough though at the time, Tried a guys BBertha, yuck, whippyslice, probably had to get used to it, But ended up with a Rawlings “bubble-like” driver which I’ve been happy with…though now looking around to pick the up the real thing. Can’t wait to smoke the guys with the obscene oversized equipment or just personally feel satisfied…

    I am contemplating someday to break in two brand new Founders Club drivers supposedly Tour Winners back in the day, the feel great, but OMG, certainly look un-forgiving.

    Love my Tommy Armour 845’s Silver Scots.

    BTW, what’s this issue with the grips, that @court mentioned. Are they special ? Discontinued ? Is this a problem for a good club /shaft mechanic ? Don’t want to get “burnd”.


  18. b4mmy says:

    I still play with the Ti Bubble 2 Irons that I bought back in about 1997… I still haven’t found an iron that was worth swapping them for 🙂

  19. crazychester says:

    I still have the 9.5 driver, but I play nearly all of my drives with a bubble burner 7 wood. Despite the small head, I hit it well and I know exactly where the ball is going. It gives me a consistent 230+ on yardage off the tees and more with the wind with me which is plenty for the small courses around here. Great club.

  20. M Prewitt says:

    the bubble requires an over sized grip.
    where can I purchase these grips?

  21. adam j says:

    i found a nice little set of these fairways woods and driver at a local thift shop and got the whole set for around 60,dont think ill ever see a find like that again,maybe for my con surfboard

  22. Justin Morrison says:

    Just picked one of these up on ebay for $.99 Pretty stoked to get to check it out!!

  23. Christer Carlsson says:

    Been playing with these, 9.5 driver, 3, 5 and 7 wood for the last two years. Replaced my 2010 driver (ScoreMaster) and my illegal Cobra 460cc. It just feels great and it is in spite of it´s small head real easy to hit with. Just have to peg a lot lower..

  24. Chris says:

    I finally put my original burner to rest this summer, the head broke off 🙁 …. What a shock 465’s are.

  25. Sean G says:

    Ha. I had an 8.5 degree Bubble and to this day, I hit it further than anything since. Age may have something to do with it, but I won a long drive at a scramble with this club and a Nitro ball..375 yards in 1997 or so. Great driver!

  26. Albera S says:

    Still play with a Ti Bubble 2 12.5dg about 13years old now grate driver

  27. Kyle Joseph says:

    I use a bubble shaft 7-wood, it was my grandpas old club and he have me his old set when he couldn’t play anymore. I really just have to say that it is my favorite club in the bag, it goes exactly where I am every time and people are always surprised to see me using it. The shaft is really sturdy and I just hope it continues to last for a long time because I know I need it!

  28. Ernie says:

    Was the bubble shaft ruled illegal?

  29. Wil says:

    I have a BB 3 wood that I use to this day. I’ve really got my moneys worth with this club. I use it off the tee and love hitting it off the fairway.

  30. BLM says:

    I have the BB fairway driver (13 degrees), 5 wood and 7 wood. All three have the BB R-80 Plus shaft. Bought them new and still have them today along with their original BB head covers. They’re fun, straight and consistent. Don’t try to overpower them…let the shaft work. Depending on course conditions and weather I get the following distances: Fairway driver (245 to 260); 5 wood (200-215) and 7 wood (185 to 200).

  31. Greg says:

    Untill yesterday I have been using a 10.5 degree bubble shaft burner driver. It met its fatal end on the 8th hole where it cracked on the shaft in the area under the grip. 19 years of VERY regular play isn’t so bad! My grandad used to play with this and rated it highly. In my hands I could outdrive all of my fellow golfers. Loved this club and a shame to see it go. Cobra Amp Cell adjustable driver arrives tomorrow! Hope that performs well and lasts as long!

  32. Tom says:

    Ive just bought a set of these on ebay with the burner irons, they are MINT almost like theyve never been hit at all. not one ding in any club.

    I feel very lucky to have a set of clubs 10-15 years old that are basically new

    Especially such iconic clubs as these.

  33. robert grubb says:

    I still use the 3 and 5 woods. Get chuckles from some guys until they see me out drive their fancy driver with a 3 wood

  34. Golfishard says:

    I used to play this club back in high school. Hit it way longer than any club before or since. Hit my longest drive ever (363 yards) with this baby. 515 yard par-5 = driver + 9 iron. 🙂

  35. peter collins says:

    Taylormade Burner LCG M70 was the M70 shaft classed as a regular flex shaft?

    Thanks Peter.

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