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Shortly before the holidays, Bridgestone Golf announced that they had signed Tiger Woods to a partnership that included playing their their golf balls. At that point it was very little surprise to golf fans, because shortly before that, the Big Cat was seen using their ball at his tournament in the Bahamas.

Since that time, play has been sparse and now Woods is shelved again, so THP wanted to go right to the source and have a discussion about the brand and the player coming together. How it happened? What was/is their expectation? How the company feels since Tiger is not able to play? THP TV sat down with the golf ball marketing group from Bridgestone Golf and asked the questions that we know THPers want the answers to.

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  1. Kevin Beausoleil says:


    Identifying Tiger as the face of the brand is an absolute no brained. Does he move the needle like he did? Probably not. But he certainly moves it more than anyone outside of 1 or 2 other golfers today. I’m not prepared to say G.O.A.T in golf. But that has more to do with off the course effects. Right or wrong it has an effect. Speaking about how Tiger tested and later validated what he was looking for in him was interesting.

  2. Nate says:

    Very interesting to hear the brands side of things. You can pick up their excitement at the beginning of explaining the partnership and then see it tail off when explaining what it does not having him out there playing. He is/was the face of golf everywhere so I totally believe their positive vibes about what it did for their brand once Tiger came aboard. But I can’t help but think they are still frustrated to not see Tiger out there each and every week getting that free press. Good stuff THP!

  3. hackernation says:

    Great show THP! All the best to Bridgestone and Tiger. Not really a Tiger fan, but hope he recovers again fully enough to WIN which will be better for the game.

  4. braddman19 says:

    Really good insight into the whole situation!

  5. ERIK DOKKEN says:

    It will be interesting to see how TW is used going forward. I hope this realationship works out well for both parties.

  6. tequila4kapp says:

    It is fascinating that Bridgestone saw a 30,000 % increase in traffic with Tiger’s signing, and that is without him really playing.

    Great content and insight into the inner workings of a golf company. Thanks.

  7. KEV says:

    It’s pretty cool to hear how much traffic picked up after the signing. It will be interesting to follow along and see if that continues to happen as/if Tiger plays more or puts out more ads for them.

  8. rozo22 says:

    While not a Tiger fan, I think he does still move the needle. While not an apples to apples comparison, I would almost say it is similar to the way Callaway signed Arnie later in his career. Still a valuable name to be attached to.

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