Tiger Woods Golf Belt Week Review

On the golf course Tiger Woods is many things. He is arguably the greatest player of all time. He has changed the way people look at golf in some ways. When people see golf now, they see him. His athletic build, strong prowess, and of course his red shirt on Sundays. When Nike signed him years ago, they were not anywhere on the golf map when it came to equipment, apparel, or accessories. Now, they are spoken in the same breath as the all the other companies out there. Their apparel line is worn by millions (more than any other brand of golf clothing) and their marketing is sheer genius.

When they launched the Tiger Woods Collection Belts in 2006 it brought a different level of accessories to their brand. The belts made for the “athlete” on the golf course. It has a sophistication to it like very few golf items do. Needless to say, THP liked them. But before we get lost in a long list of things we love about TW clothing, we are here today to discuss the belts. We contacted Nike about joining us for belt week and they were nice enough to send us a few items. We will be having our review of the belts Nike brand of belts tomorrow. Today we will focus on the 2 belts from the TW collection that we received.
First up is one of those accessories that usually does not get noticed. I refer to it as “quiet sophistication”. This black belt is like a work of art. It looks simple enough. Light gloss black belt with a simple buckle. Those that know THP well, know that I prefer bling when it comes to my accessories. But on days when I am already wearing loud pants or a loud shirt, a simple but good belt is preferred. It is the simple yet elegant look of this belt that makes it perfect. Any belt fan needs what I call the black classic. This is it. CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGEYou can wear it on the course and use it the next day to go to work. This is absolutely the perfect everyday belt.

Now as stated above I like my crazy golf clothes and blinged out belts. But more than anything I like things that are different. This next item certainly fits the bill for that. It is different than any other belt I have ever seen, and I almost did a cart wheel when it arrived in the box. The belt is fairly ordinary. It is a reversible black/ dark brown belt with nothing too fancy. The buckle is what sets it apart from anything we have ever seen before. It is a silver buckle with a brushed nickel look to it, but right in the middle is a wood grain piece. In the center of the wood are the classic Tiger Woods TW logo in silver. I could describe this one all day, but I will let the picture speak for itself. If any of you are belt fans… THIS IS A MUST HAVE! Click on the picture for a better view. The belt goes with everything and looks absolutely stunning. You can always hear more about Tiger Woods Collection and Nike Golf Here.

This Tiger Woods guy might be onto something. If his golf career does not take off and he is looking for work, he most certainly can try his hand at designing apparel. But I have been told that his golf game will keep him employed for now.

Till Next Time

Josh B,

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