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For my readers who like their ‘bling’ this review is for you. On my quest to find fun yet fashionable woman’s golf wear I was introduced to a company called Titania. Named after a moon, this brand is classy, sassy, and unique. THP was not only lucky enough to speak with the designer and founder, Vonny Collison, but she also supplied us with an enormous amount of samples to review.

Vonny, an Australian native, has always loved the game of golf but has never liked the clothing. In 1997 she had enough, and with her extensive background in fashion and modeling, she started designing her own golf clothes. She describes the style of Titania as unique, fashion forward, eye catching, stylish and sporty.

In the box of goodies we received from Titania were argyle sweaters, tops, capris, pants, visors, hats and even socks! I may have mentioned before that I have a new found obsession with argyle, so when I saw the argyle sweaters I was quite pleased. The tops were so unique, they had a laced up lapel to add some flare to a normally boring article of clothing. The capris and pants were very nice with a tasteful lace trim and slots for tees near the pockets (what a great idea!). My favorite items we received were a pair of blank pants with rhinestones on the belt loops and a fun rhinestone design on the back pockets and a belt with oversized jewels. Both these items would really make a statement on the golf course but I believe would be even better for a night out on the town.

The colors and patterns of the Fall08 collection are so much fun and the best part is you can mix and match. A few key items will allow you to create several different outfits to keep you looking good all season long. One thing that really stood out to me about the Titania clothing line was that their sizes are accurate. They carry sizes 2-14 and small to extra large. The clothes are made to hug your body in all the right places to show off that female figure.

As I mentioned above if you like ‘bling’ this apparel company is for you. Titania’s new signature stamp is rhinestones. They will add rhinestones to anything you want, however you want, and they do everything right in house. They can add stones to your hats or visors, your polos or jackets, your pants and even your socks. Want to add a custom rhinestone logo to a shirt or hat? No problem, Titania has you covered. Not only do they take extra care in the quality of their clothing but they also care about their customers, their customer service is second to none.

For those looking for something different than the norm, Titania is for you. Living in Florida I found the shirts and tops a little to heavy for the golf course but fun for a night out with the girls. I loved the pants and I thought the hats/visors and socks were a lot of fun. The lace up lapel tops are different than anything I have seen before, it adds a little bit of sexy sophistication to what is normally a boring polo or sleeveless shirt. If you are a traditionalist you may not like this brand, but if you like to go outside your comfort zone and sport a little bling than I highly recommend checking them out at Titania Golf.

On a side note Titania donated some great items to THP such as some hats and we will be giving them away on our website. To learn more please visit the forum. If you are not registered, you do not know what you are missing. Most of the items that get reviewed are given away in weekly contests.

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  • What fun! Love anything with bling, and the idea of black pants with rhinestones is totally awesome. Will have to check them out.

  • I have never heard of them before. I wear mostly Golftini and Lily, but might give them a try. Their stuff looks interesting.

  • I own an outfit from them. And although I love the designs the clothes feel a little cheap to me. The fabric feels as though it is outdated. Since reading your articles and reviews I have found myself finding more and more things that I like. But I have to disagree a little on this review.

  • This intrigues me in that I was reading these reviews for things for my wife. I really like the idea and look of some of their stuff. But we also live in florida and I am afraid of the material being too thick.

  • Okay guys this is our Fall 08 collection this is why our fabric is thicker because it’s FALL/WINTER. Just like you, I live in Florida. Have any of you walked outside? it’s cold!!! I played golf yesterday afternoon and it was freezing!
    Our Summer collection is light weight and cool but for fall / winter we make things a little warmer.
    Warmest regards,
    Vonny x

  • I really like the rhinestone thing. I think it adds just a little something to the apparel. I took a look at the site and love what I see. I may just have to place an order this Friday. Nice looking stuff.

  • I think their clothes look great. I am going to order next week. Because I am looking more for Spring stuff, and I rely soley on your for that now, will you be covering their spring line as part of the reviews coming up in December?

  • I like the look of some of their stuff. Maybe I will give them a try in the Spring when I can play again. Too cold now. But I like the look of the stuff.

  • As usual another great review from Golfer Gal.

  • I read the JoFit article and liked it, so figured I would read this one. I have always worn JoFit but after reading this, would like to give them a try. I hope you guys review the Spring Collection because I am curious.

  • Really cannot wait to hear about the Spring stuff from this company. I currently have a couple of their tops but look forward to hearing more.

  • I always look forward to seeing the new Titania line each season. I have been wearing Titania for more than 6 years, and I absolutely love the clothes. The fabric is not outdated or cheap AT ALL. My outfits have held up very well over time and I still receive compliments on all of them. Titania’s designer perfectly describes the line as “unique, fashion forward, eye catching, stylish and sporty.” And I just love the bling, Titania — keep it coming!

  • I often check the web site to see what new items they have. I have been wearing this line of golf clothes for a long time. I just love the way they fit and the fact that I can wear them out during other social events. Titania is the onlygolf line I will wear. They wash well and seem to keep the colors wash after wash. They never fade shrink or pill. When I wear the clothes I feel like I am in style with the latest fashions. Keep up the good work . Oh on another note I love the bling. It is so much fun!!!

  • I bought my wife 2 Titania items this year for a gift. She loved the hat and wears it almost every time we golf. She did not really care for the top though. It is a little too snug for her while playing. But it is very nice looking. She would have preferred more of the performance material.

  • Titania was my clothing sponsor for over 3 years while playing on tour and I absolutely loved wearing their line. I used to get compliments at every tournament. The fabric is not cheap at all. Let me tell you that these clothes last FOREVER!!! Not only they look great and unique but they are extremely comfortable. Vonny puts a lot of thoughts into designing these garments. I love that all the bottoms have a lot of pockets without sacrificing the design and I was even asked a lot where I got my clothes while grocery shopping, shopping mall, etc. So these clothes look great off the course too!!!

  • I think some of their stuff looks pretty good. But compared to some of the other stuff you have reviewed I just do not think it can compare. These comments seem like they are advertisements though.

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