Titleist 913 Driver Review

Release cycles.  What was once a program that nearly everybody followed has turned into ‘newer is better’, as some manufacturers have gone away from the decade long tradition of new releases every 2 years.  One of the few still following their roots is Titleist, and as the time gets closer to that 24 month period, the company readies its latest creation. 

The 910 Changed Them

Does adjustability help a golfer?  The answer is quite simple – it certainly can.  Prior to the launch of the 910, there were some that viewed the Titleist line of drivers as “tired”.  Early adaptation at the highest level, wins that came quickly, and the emergence of very positive consumer reviews had this driver being talked about more than most.  Previous versions were viewed by some as not all that forgiving and made for a certain style of player.  Right or wrong, it was a stigma attached and the 910 opened up a door for the company that golfers everywhere walked right through.  

The 913 Driver Series

The 913 is more of an evolution rather than a revolution.  The company believes they are the most playable and forgiving drivers they have ever released, primarily due to the lower and more optimal center of gravity position, a new rear SureFit Tour weight, and fitting from the SureFit Tour adjustable hosel. 

The 913D2 features a full 460cc head, designed for maximum forgiveness with a slight draw bias.  The 913D3 has a 445cc head and is geared more towards those that prefer to work the ball.  Unlike its predecessors, the 913 series models now provide the same launch and spin characteristics for better fitting.

The new line is built to create faster and more consistent ball speeds across the face for ample forgiveness.  The 913’s titanium face insert has a thick center portion, and as you move out from the center, the insert is thinner and tapered.  Doing this allows those shots that one misses away from the center of the club face to not lose too much ball speed (in theory). 

Titleist Adjustability

To get the most out of the Titleist 913 line of drivers, a fitting is necessary.  There are so many options, and with the goal to create optimal ball flight, the desire to tinker should be put aside and left to a professional. 

The SureFit Tour hosel, which debuted in the 910 line of drivers, allows a golfer to set the loft and lie independently.  This allows one to optimize ball flight for maximum distance.

The dual angle SureFit Tour hosel features a sleeve and a ring that each has 4 settings.  They are numbered 1 through 4 on the sleeve and the ring settings are set A-D.  In total you are looking at 16 settings, each one with a different loft and lie combo to maximize your ball flight for more distance.


This is a completely subjective portion of data, but with the Titleist 913 series it all comes down to “classically elegant”.  If you prefer looking down at an “iconic” pear-shaped driver, then this will be something you enjoy setting up to.  The crown is all black with a piano gloss finish that has a small amount of sparkle to it and a very classic looking alignment aid.  The sole of the club features much of the same, and outside of the area that is carved out for the adjustable hosel and the weight in the back, one could argue that the look is a blast from the past. 

Again, this is very subjective and really goes back to what you prefer to look at as a golfer.  With today’s wild shapes and crazy colors, many will find a liking to the company that has stuck to their roots in both look and shape. 

Sound & Feel

Like the above, this area of a review is completely subjective.  This is where a change was noticed from the previous line more than any other.  The crack at impact offered a less muted sound than the previous version, and while it was not anywhere near the metallic offerings that some have out right now, you know you made contact and more so, where that contact was. 

THP Testing

Before testing, I was fit for the Titleist 913 line both in the shaft and club head, as well as the SureFit Tour hosel setting.  The choice for me was the 913D2 with the Aldila RIP a 60.  This is a low to mid launching shaft that when partnered with increasing the loft on the driver, gave me near optimal results when hitting it well. 

On the THP launch monitor, hitting 24 golf balls (eliminating the single high and low), the averages were pretty impressive.  Ball speed was right where it should be and spin was in the 2,850 range, giving me impressive carry distance numbers. 

The beauty behind the technology is that while working through a swing change, the ball flight appeared rather low, and this was confirmed by the launch monitor.  A small adjustment and it was back in line, with carry distance back to where it should be.  This is where adjustability, and more importantly, independent adjustability (like the SureFit hosel) is so useful.  THP strongly urges each golfer to see a professional for fitting to find the right balance with their driver.

The 910 might have changed the way some golfers viewed the Titleist line of drivers. We saw incredible numbers on good strikes, but felt forgiveness lacking a bit, especially on the lateral miss-hits that some struggle with.  The 913 was a definite improvement on that, with ball speeds on the THP launch monitor staying fairly consistent on misses that strayed slightly from center contact.  The one miss that did see a rather large drop in ball speed was higher on the club face, so if that is your miss, make sure testing is done before purchasing. 


As one that was fairly critical of the 910 line of drivers in certain performance areas, the 913 has shown an evolution of the product that is far more playable for golfers of all skill levels.  Just as Titleist recommends, THP strongly urges one to see a professional and get fit for the right shaft and SureFit adjustments before purchasing. 

Cost – $399

For more information on this driver, or any other Titleist equipment, check out their website at www.titleist.com

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  • Great review, JB. The 913D2 definitely carries the Titleist banner of being “classy elegant”, that is for sure. Just a traditional setup and look. Well done.

  • Solid review here Josh! In my limited experience with the 910 D2, I quite liked it and it sounds like Titleist has made it even better.

    I do like the simple alignment aid and the traditional look at address. Interesting point about the sound offering improved feedback as that is not something I have paid much attention to until recently hitting both the R1 and XL Custom and seeing a ton of difference in that regard.

    I do wish Titleist would simplify their driver settings…some of us like to tinker and I prefer to be able to do it without seeing a professional fitter or needing a booklet to look up the appropriate cross section (number & letter) to know what a club head is doing.

    Nice job!!

  • Nice work Josh, as a fan of the 910 D2, you now have me interested in the 913. The new and better forgiveness paired with the the RIP that I love could be a killer combo

  • Great review, Josh. The 913 is at the very top of my “must hit” list at the Outing and Demo Day. I don’t see an upgrade to the 913 on my horizon due to the fact I am still digging my 910 so much, but we’ll see. I have hit others, but I always go back to my 910. I just dig a simple design in my driver. No sun dials or crowns with flames or whatever else they are putting in them these days.

  • I love the looks of this driver and to hear that the 913 is more forgiving is certainly worth taking a look. I bet Titliest would sell a ton more of these drivers if the price tag was in the $299.00 range. Great info and review!

  • Great review Josh. Glad to hear the looks are backed by great performance numbers.

  • Good review JB. Glad this thing performs well. One of the best-looking drivers out there in my opinion.

  • It has been a while since I have paid attention to Titleist let alone their drivers. The 913 lines sounds like a vast improvement over its previous line.

    I like the look when I have had it hand and will have to be sure to give the once over someday soon.

    Thanks for thoughts and review Josh.

  • Nice review JB…the Titleist brand is not one I normally associate with forgiveness, but it is good to hear that they have a product here that may appeal to a broader spectrum than normal.

  • Awesome review JB. Seems like they took a pretty good driver and improved it. My miss tends to be high on the face so not sure this would be for me, but I won’t lie.. I really like the looks of this thing.

  • I love my 910 D2 driver, but I’m going to give the 913 a demo and see if it offers a step up. If it is truly more forgiving, it might be worth it to upgrade.

  • That’s a solid review Josh. I had this feeling about the 913 just looking at it. I agree that the 910 had some potential but to me it just wasn’t the most playable driver out there and while I don’t always need forgiveness it sure is nice to have on days I need it. I’m going to hit up a Titleist demo soon and see about getting dialed in with a 913. Thanks!

  • Thanks Josh….this is one driver head that seems to never change, in the looks department. Titleist seems to stick to their roots and that’s a good thing.

  • Good writeup Josh. I agree that its a good thing, and like the traditional look that Titleist has stuck with. This driver is certainly on the radar for 2013.

  • Great review, Josh. Forgiveness is a good thing. I’m liking the improvements Titleist has made to the 913D.

  • Excellently written Josh!

    I won’t lie, having never tried a Titleist driver the 910 and now 913 have certainly been tempting me to. Clean and sleek design and a good sound? Those are the key marks for me!

  • Great thoughts JB, I plan to check out the 913 at the outing for sure.

  • Nice little review. This driver is better than expected. Real solid offering in the 913 line.

  • I was able to borrow a 913D2 with the Project X 6.0 shaft from the pro shop at the course that I was playing at in Texas.

    Wow! I did not hit a bad drive all day. I was hitting it longer than normal, straighter than normal, and shot a score that was lower than normal. It was fun. I tried to buy it from the Pro Shop, but they gave me some song and dance about how it wasn’t theirs, but rather the Titleist Reps’ club.

    When I got back to Minnesota, I tried to find one with the same shaft and specs and ran into a bit of trouble. You can get that set-up, but I am a bit reluctant to spend the money that is required to get that particular arrangement. It always seems to come down to money! I am keeping my eye on Ebay and 2nd Swing to see if I could snag a used one for less than full price.

    But, for review purposes, I absolutely loved this club!

  • I work as a apprentice @ my golf club, and it does have it’s perks. One of them is trying out demos. I’ve been searching for that driver to go into the bag. My trials started way back in Aug 2013. I hit cleveland, R1, NIKE covert, cobra amp, ping G25, you get the picture.
    My club had been going through some management changes and we could not get a Titleist account.
    So just last month the owner finally got Titleist demos coming in.
    When the 913 driver first came in. I didn’t think much of it. Yes titleist is a great company. But the marketing scheme is not grand. Like taylormade or Callaway etc..
    Anyway. The last time I played a Titleist driver. Was in high school. When the 975J was the greatest driver ever.
    So I hit the range and took the surefit system and the shafts. And demo the crap out of the driver. 913 d2 was my pick.D3 was nice. But Less forgiving.
    The feel of the D2 is matchless. I mean it feels so buttery and forgiving. The driver was set 9.5 aldila shaft 62g. S flex. Once you dial yourself and shaft. It does not compare. To anything out there.
    It was expensive to get. My club has a policy of not getting discount on new equipment after 6months. Whatever. I waited. Best wait ever. During that time I hit the SLDR. Please, do not get that crap. Every pro I know hates them.
    This is an honest opinion. I know i didn’t have the greatest grammar but im writing this on a cell phone. 913 d2 is officially in the bag. Just in time to get ready for a PGA PAT and I feel confident this driver will help me pass the test.
    Best driver ever. Oh and now I can proudly wear a Titleist hat. Lol.
    P.S. the Pro v1x or v1 balls
    compliment this driver extremely.
    I play V1x. Good luck choosing.

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