Titleist CNCPT: CP-01 and CP-02 Irons

The Titleist 718 line of irons features six different sets to fit a myriad of players both in performance and styling. Today they are announcing CNCPT and much like the word “concept” being used in the automobile industry, this is about removing obstacles regardless of cost.

“CNCPT is an idea, a promise. It’s our answer to ‘What if?’ ” said Kelley Moser Jr., Brand Manager, CNCPT Clubs. “What if our R&D engineers could bring their dreams to reality, using materials and processes never before used in golf? We promise to provide them all the resources they need, so that CNCPT will always deliver the ‘wow.’ ”

The first two CNCPT products coming will be the CP-01 and CP-02 irons. It is important to note that this line is not a one off though, it is showing the future through current products, even if cost might make them unobtainable for some. Eventually, these ideas will trickle down into the products for most mere mortals, but for those that want the best of the best that Titleist can offer, CNCPT is going to be available.

The CP-01 and CP-02 both feature a super thin, constant thickness face, that according to the Titleist is only possible through the use of a rare alloy that has never been used in club manufacturing before. It is designed into a L-Face Insert and measured multiple times to ensure perfect uniformity. Titleist says this design is producing ball speeds previously not found off the face of an iron, so yeah that is pretty intriguing.

Speed only works with proper launch angle when it comes to your irons, as you need them to fit into a specific window to create consistent distance. Known for using Tungsten in their current lineup, the total weight of the CP-01 and CP-02 are made up of nearly 50% tungsten in the lower lofts. High density tungsten being heavier than what is around it allows for weight manipulation to achieve higher MOI and easier launch in lower lofted clubs. How much tungsten is in the heads? Lower lofts are averaging more than 100g per head. To give you a comparison, that is twice as much as what is found in the current 718 AP3 irons.

Futuristic in design, there are differences between the two irons as well. While not a fan of “iron categories”, if we had to put labels on them, the CP-01 would fit into the players distance category, while the CP-02 would fit more into the classic blade shape.

The Details
Available: To schedule a fitting contact the CNCPT Concierge at CNCPT_Titleist@acushnetgolf.com
Cost: $500 per iron

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  • $500 per iron?? Seriously?? What are they made of gold & some sort of propellant that gives unimaginable ball speeds without any effort? Why make something like this that will never be bought? Even by Titleist elitists like myself.

  • Is Titleist going after PXG’s market share? lol The clubs sound awesome, but $500/iron is way more than I’ll ever consider spending on clubs.

  • I really like the idea. Of course they are crazy expensive, but that’s not the point.

  • They look incredible but way out of what I will spend for clubs!!

  • Very interesting move by Titleist. I was really interested in the CP-01 but hit the pause button after seeing the price. Don’t blame Titleist for charging a premium price for a premium product. Look forward to learning more about this product line in the months to come.

  • Interesting but I don’t need to hit irons further. I need consistency, which maybe these offer. I sure as hell don’t need 500.00 a piece irons. Not unless they’re variable loft and I can adjust them (it) shot to shot from 2i-GW. The. It’d be like a set of Titleist One Lengths, but just one iron. Then I could see paying 500.00 for one. (Yes I know that’s against the rules anyways). At 500.00 a club I’m out for anything other than driver and super sexy putters. Not an 8 club set.


  • One more quick note, I look at Titleist as more of a “Tried and True” and “Consistent” product. I don’t see them being innovators so at least that part is nice to see. Now if they didn’t make them out of Unobtainium, maybe they could get a serious look.

  • Solid write-up Josh. Whoa $500 per iron!? That is nuts – based on where other OEMS come in with some offerings, it makes sense for Titleist to play in this sandbox too. I would be very curious about a blended set – 100g of Tungsten is a significant amount. If Tungsten becomes a rare commodity I wonder how much the sets would go for.

  • Why!! other than I have way cooler looking irons than you do. It isn’t like your getting AP1 forgiveness in a blade form. You will not gain 10 yards of distance. 500 per iron in just ridiculous IMO

  • They look fantastic. And though I won’t be paying $500 per club, I really like the idea of manufacturers actually demonstrating where their technology is at and what they can do. Releasing this stuff is how you push boundaries and illicit a response from others.

    This is Titleist saying “Here’s our best. Your turn.”

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