Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges

Introducing the Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges.

By now you have likely seen the teasers Titleist has used to pull back the curtain on their newest Vokey wedges, the SM10. However, today officially marks when we can provide you with all the details about just what sets the newest creation from the genius mind of Bob Vokey apart from the past.

Vokey SM10 Finishes

Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges

While there is never any shortage of fine tuning that goes into the next Vokey wedge release, this year feels even more focused as there has been a heavy emphasis put on control, feel, and a lower flight. Of course, amidst this there is still ample focus on finding ways to maximize spin, as that is a constant when it comes to wedge design. 

A look at the three heads of the Vokey SM10 wedges

With each Vokey release being more than half of the wedges played on Tour this past season, and the most playedwedge since 2004, it has provided Bob Vokey and company with access to feedback from the best players in the world. According to Aaron Dill, Director of Vokey Player Relations:

 “The best players in the world know exactly what they want from their wedges. The smallest details matter to them and they are very specific when it comes to describing the improvements they want to see. Their feedback is invaluable. We are constantly learning from them and it’s that constant collaboration which allows us to get even better with each new generation.”

There is certainly a level of pressure when it comes to the newest Vokey Wedge release, but in its first week on the PGA Tour, the SM10 was the most played wedge with twenty players making the switch immediately. 

In terms of design, there are six different “tour-proven sole grinds” that will make up the main release of the SM10 (F, S, M, K, T, D) with twenty-five unique loft, bounce, and grind combinations available. This remains an area where Vokey seems to stand above the pack, the emphasis on finding the best setup for each golfer through their defined sole options never ceases to impress. 

Bob Vokey and his staff have continued to also push to refine the center of gravity (CG) as much as possible. The SM10 utilizes an optimized progressive CG system based upon loft and its predominant use. In the 46-52 degree wedges the CG has been pushed lower to blend more seamlessly from an iron both in flight and gapping. For the 54-62 degree clubs, the CG is actually higher and more forward in order to lower/flatten ball flight to increase accuracy into greens. 

Vokey SM10

Of course, it wouldn’t be an SM wedge release without the Spin Milled grooves. Titleist is continuing their design process with a scoreline which allows not just more spin, but more consistent spin even as the wedges wear. TX9 grooves are individually cut depending on the loft and finish with the lower lofts (up to 54) being more narrow and deep. The higher lofts utilize wider grooves that are also more shallow. 

According to Titleist, we will also see the Vokey SM10’s have a more progressive shape than the SM9, again working to blend into an iron set, but also provide the visuals needed for the shot types each loft range is most used for. The SM10’s will be offered in Tour Chrome, Jet Black, and a new Nickel finish. 

The Details

The new SM10 Vokey’s will be available for fitting starting on 2/15/24 and come to full retail on 3/8/24. The wedges will be priced at $189 and be offered from 46 to 62 degrees. As always, there will also be a customization program available through WedgeWorks, including Raw finished SM10’s.  

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