Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges

When the new SM6 came out a couple of years ago, the company introduced their progressive CG (Center of Gravity) design. This was not a small design evolution, but a near overhaul of the already most played wedge on the PGA Tour. Adoption at the highest level was as fast as we can ever remember it being and readers of the Hackers Paradise offered similar feedback to that of the tour players.

Two weeks after the debut on the PGA Tour, the new Vokey SM7 was the most played model with over 120 wedges in play and this week the growth continues as that number moves to over 180. While you will have to wait until March 9th to get your hands on them in stores, the next generation offers a finely tuned evolution from the ground breaking product in the SM6.

The Grinds
In collaboration with their vast stable of tour players, the Vokey designed SM7 will be available in six tour-proven sole grinds. Regardless of skill level or course terrain type, this should run the gamut to give you something that fits your game.

F Grind: Full sole designed primarily for full swings and shots hit with a square face. For that reason, F is the only grind available in the 46º-52º models. The 54°/56° F Grind is the most played sand wedge on the PGA Tour.

S Grind: Designed based on feedback from Steve Stricker, the S is best for square faced shots with a touch more versatility than the F Grind. Simple mechanics are best with this wedge.

M Grind: Voke’s favorite, the M grind is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and shut to manufacture shots around the green.

D Grind: The player’s high bounce wedge, the new D Grind offers high measured bounce with the crescent shape of the M Grind for shot making versatility.

K Grind: The highest bounce wedge in the lineup, the K Grind is the ultimate bunker club and the most forgiving wedge in the lineup for all shots.

L Grind: The L Grind features a narrow crescent shape allowing maximum green side versatility, but it is the least forgiving wedge in the lineup.

Between the grinds featured above along with the loft and bounce options, the Vokey SM7 is available in 23 different combinations.

The Finishes
One of the biggest personal choices when grabbing the wedges for your bag will be the actual look. The new SM7 will be available in 3 finishes, the Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black. If you have played Vokey wedges before, you know the Tour Chrome. Bright, shiny and very popular it has almost a refined look that flows well from their current line of irons. The Brushed Steel finish is a bit darker and more polished than the Steel Gray from the previous SM6 lineup, yet still being able to keep the glare away. Finally the raw Jet Black, which has been more refined with the black paint fill looks dark and mysterious and was completely inspired by tour request.

Moving Weight
The new SM7 continues to improve on their progressive CG locations and according to Titleist, will offer improved trajectory and distance control. The goal here is to align the center of gravity with impact location which can differ depending on the loft in your hands. While moving from the SM6 to the SM7, you will not notice a huge difference in visible technology CG changes, the back of the wedge continues to show this off. This is where Vokey R&D learned they could push this further, meaning even higher on high lofted wedges and lower on those with lower lofts. The result should lead to more consistency on both full swings and partial.

We will have a lot more coming this week from the PGA Show floor on the new Vokey SM7 wedges including a THP TV spot you will not want to miss as we dive deeper into progressive CG and how it could be your ticket to a better short game.

The Lowdown
In Stores: March 9th
Cost: $149

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