Titleist 909 – A Reader’s Thoughts

Once in a while on our site we like to let one of our readers put together a piece on some new irons he is playing. SG from our forums recently purchased this set of irons and we asked him to put together something to tell the readers what his thoughts were.

So I was hanging out at the local Golf Shop the other day just shooting the breeze and hitting some balls out back. It’s a great little hometown range and store with cool equipment and a better mentality. You can always find a few older gentlemen there sitting around drinking coffee and always trying to advise you on your swing. Funny, I never see them hit any balls! The owner is wonderful and always willing to actually jump in and give me some free swing tips and mini lessons. I owe a lot of my recent game improvement to him actually. The day was cold and cloudy and I was bored, waiting around for a friend so we could go play a round. I go into the shop every day or so, thus wasn’t expecting what I found. The brand new Titleist 909 series drivers! Whoa, I thought these weren’t going to be out for a few more weeks. So I insisted we hit them immediately. “Scott, these are pretty expensive.” I replied, “Doesn’t matter, I KNOW this is my new driver sometime down the road!” So we taped a few up and went to town. The shop owner and myself taking swipes at each of the models, with the exception of the Comp which he didn’t have in yet.

I have been through numerous drivers this past year. I mostly feel the best with my 907 D2 with Adila. I hit my Sumo 5000 farther, but the 907 feels the best and is seemingly more reliable. I was amped up to hit the new 909D2 with the Whiteboard. BAM! Nice driver. As I hit it more I realized it was basically very similar to my current 907 D2, a little better ideal trajectory and flight, but not that much different. A very solid performer. On the other hand, I was instantly in love with the D3. Hmm, isn’t this more of a player’s driver with the smaller head? I kept returning to it, plus I love the Voodoo shaft (stock Titleist version). Maybe I just like it because it is named Voodoo! I’m a Jimi Hendrix fan So going into it I knew I would end up with something sporting a Voodoo shaft.

How does it look? Well, I’m sure everyone has read the specs and scouted out all the pre-game reports, along with pictures on these new bad boys. They all look just as good and classy in person, though the new tech-like looking headcovers aren’t as classy looking to me as the last 907 was/is. The magnetic closure is a nice touch and step up from the zipper.

The polished chrome look on the sole of the club is uber-sweet. While I can assume it is meant to look futuristic, it looks more classic-retro to me for some reason. Keep in mind that I like chrome! The deep maroon with waves Voodoo shafts sports attitude. Same old Titleist stock grip: Functional. Though the head is a bit smaller than the other two new 909’s, sitting alone I would never really tell the difference. Side-by-side, you can tell, but heck, I’m not sure I’m fully sold on the whole bigger is better bandwagon anyways.

The club sets up nice at address. Again, the 909 D2 and D3 both are very similar in many top looking facets as their recent ancestor in the 907 series. So nothing to throw us out of our element, especially if you are a diehard Titleist fan. Years ago I loved their irons, now I haven’t found any of their irons I prefer over numerous other lines. So no devotion here! Well, I guess you could say I knew the 909 would win my heart because of how well I like my 907. As many have said, the 907 D2 did have some short falls such as not getting any darn roll after it hit ground, which was/is mostly true.

So all of you are thinking would you tell us how this thing performs! Ok, the audience has spoken.

I only have one word, after many range balls and two days in a row on the course, killer. I mean KILLER!

First to be noted, the online videos Titleist has on their site that shows the trajectory and flight of each model is spot on the money here. Kudos, a company advertises an actual truth. The trajectory of my D3 is nice and boring, steady climb. No hot air balloons here people! And guess what? After it hits land (typically farther than my 907) it rolls! All this and a shaft with a cool name! Now where the heck is my Horse with no Name?

Nice solid impact sound off the face. Deeper toned than the 909 D2. I didn’t get on a launch monitor, so I can’t tell you anything there. Nothing beats hitting balls into the wind! Enough said. My normal flight is a slight fade. This driver doesn’t help with that, but it doesn’t accentuate it either. Strike up another brownie point! Actually, seemingly less sidespin than the 907.

Balls went long and rolled. What else could I want? The owner kept trying to talk me into the D2. Not $ wise, but actually trying to help me since it should be more suited for me than this model. I didn’t listen, though I did take a break, re-hit each of them some more and kept saying to him, “Voodoo, Voodoo!” The D3 truly beat out the D2 for my swing.

The best things about the D3: lower trajectory and roll. THE FEEL! Man, the Voodoo is smooth as others have been saying about it. I might have to snag a 3 wood with a Voodoo. Very similar to my 907’s Adila, but stronger. I know that might not be the best golf tech term, but it is something you have to experience.

Now you KNOW I wasn’t leaving without that club in my hands. Luckily I had a bunch of clubs in my truck to trade-in! We worked a deal and out I went; golf course look out!

So I tee it up on the first hole, bragging about my new driver. I take my swing, SHANK! I don’t know what happened! I quoted Homer Simpson, “Doh!” I shanked that thing about 70 feet in a duck hook! Ha, my pals were cracking up! I got the driver dialed in. Played again the next day and really started to get it about halfway through the round. A super nice flight, smooth, and slight fade. The driver literally saved me a few strokes I believe; simply from the extra roll.

These gems are pricey for sure. I do feel I have finally found “my” driver. I’ll likely now sell my old 907 and find another one of these used come spring, as I have two different bags (one kept elsewhere). So it is that good and just a great feeling club. I’m still working on really getting tuned-in with it, but so far I am 100% happy. I’d say I am easily 10 yards more on average with this driver. Length isn’t a huge factor for me, but as I keep weeding through clubs I am quickly finding good and bad qualities in almost every club I try or buy. Feel has become my biggest factor and sometimes foe. If my new 909 D3 has something I don’t like, I haven’t found it yet and normally I “find it” by the second round.

Thank you Titleist and thanks to my pal who owns our local golf shop!


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