Tom Watson Named 2014 US Ryder Cup Captain

Today, Tom Watson was named captain of the 2014 US Ryder Cup Team. A team that has struggled recently against the European contingent, and a team that is looking to break that trend. The THP Tour Spot has a simple question for the readers.

Do you think this was the right choice?

Watson’s Ryder Cup record speaks for itself, as does his overall record throughout his successful career. He will be 65 when he captains this team, making him the oldest US leader in the history of this event.

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  • Honestly Tom Watson wasn’t one that I thought of when I pondered the question of the next Ryder Cup captain but I love the selection. I think he’ll do a great job and the guys will respect the hell out of him and play their hearts out. I can’t wait to see how this turns out, too bad it’s nearly 2 years away!

  • Hell, they might as well. He did it last time. Not the most snuggly guy from what I’ve read, but it worked last time around.

  • It’s a great choice. Over in European territory, Watson has fared incredibly well (He’s an Open Championship legend) so he could bring that mental toughness in trying conditions to Team USA. I dont think that Watson will pull punches or try and appease the golfing public with his captains selections either.

  • By far the right choice. Tom is a link between old school traditional and new school. He commands respect and is a savvy veteran. He is far enough removed from the PGA Tour that the players will be able to separate friend from coach. Great choice and I hope the players rally around him now.

  • Not sure what his age his to do with how effective he could be but every article I’ve read on the decision makes note of it.

    I like Tom but I would have rather seen someone who has not previously captained have the opportunity.

  • I’ll take Tommy Watson and his success over seas in the brightest of lights, any day of the week and over just about anybody right now. I like his style, his grace, and when need be, his Midwest toughness and grit. He’s the right guy for the job.

  • On one hand Tom Watson is one of my favorite golfers of all time and perhaps the best links player ever. Certainly the best American. He knows this tourney and is unlikely to gum it up.

    BUT – I really think there’s an opportunity for the US to turn a page here and that’s only going to happen when someone who is captain can recognize the potential in a lot of the younger stars coming up and then put them in positions where they can realize that potential.

    That may be Watson if he’s been paying attention to that level of detail. But, I think there’s a chanve that that’s most likely to come from someone who has been in a few tour events the past five years. There’s no rule that this has to be passed on just to give people a swat at it, so if Watsons made the case he knows this crew of talent, then he has the history and experience to win and could do just that. But, if he starts picking a bunch of Furyks and Strickers as the captains choices when they inevitably don’t qualify, then I think it’ll be another loss for USA

  • Seems like a good choice. We’ll see if it works!

  • I think it was the perfect choice. I am from KC so I “might” be a little biased, but they needed to do something. The U.S. team hasn’t won away from home since 1993 under, you guessed it, Watson and he never played on a losing team in his Ryder Cup career.

  • Boy did he knock that press conference out of the park. What a charmer.

  • I believe that Tom Watson is a great selection! I personally was wanting to see Larry Nelson get the knod but I’ll gladly take Watson. I also believe that the PGA players will be even more motivated to get on the team just because of Tom Watson.

  • I think Tom Watson in Scotland is the pefect choice, I would have liked to see Larry Nelson get a shot, maybe Tom will bring him in as an assistant or something.

  • I think it’s a great choice for the USA team.

    Watson has a great reputation on and off the golf course and his achievements in the game speak for themselves.

    I don’t think he’ll have any problems with Tiger Woods should he be picked.

  • Larry Nelson was one of the Tour players who was not happy at all to hear about Tom Watson getting the captain spot for the 2014 USA Ryder Cup team. But I can assure that Mr. Watson will do an amazing job because he has the experience, he’s not afraid to speak up to the team when they are not playing well, and he is a man about winning with professionalism. I know that Tom is going to do excellent.

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