Tony Finau Talks Fitness with THP

Recently, while out in California visiting the SKLZ office, THP got to learn quite a bit about their products, goals and future. One rising superstar on the PGA Tour, Tony Finau, is a big believer in the products and programs and we wanted to find out a little more about his routine and approach.

THP: Do you think the amateur golfer would improve their game if they focused more on the fitness part in their practice routine?

Tony Finau: I know for a fact amateurs can benefit from focusing on fitness for their golf game. You can only swing as well as your body allows. I strongly believe fitness is key in overall health. Not only for your body but for your mind as well. We all know we need both in golf.


THP: Do you focus more on muscle mass/building or stretching/flexibility?

Tony Finau: I focus more on stretching and flexibility for sure. Being flexible and mobile in golf is power.

THP: Do you focus on balance and agility and if so how/why?

Tony Finau: I definitely focus on balance. Balance is huge in any sport, even golf. Balance takes a lot of strength from your core, hips and legs. Those areas are all key components in the golf swing. I use SKLZ Mini Bands and different lunging techniques to improve my balance.

THP: How much of your time is dedicated to stretching before a round and why?

Tony Finau: I stretch 30 minutes before every round, practice or tournament. Stretching is a part of my warm up session. It’s equally as important to me as hitting balls and putting before I play. I stretch to make sure my body is alert and ready to go.


THP: For those that travel, or do not have a lot of time or space, what would you recommend?

Tony Finau: I’m on the road all the time and I always work out in small spaces, like my hotel room. I use my SKLZ Resistance Cables as well as SKLZ Mini Bands to do full body workouts. Squats and lunges are always effective if you do them properly.

THP wants to thank Tony Finau and SKLZ for giving us some insight on the routines of one of the up and coming superstars on tour. We know THPers are looking forward to following along with him throughout his 2016 season and learning more about his preparation to be at his best.

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