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Over the past months we have seen Toulon Golf putting on a masterclass of creating masterpieces which blend the line of art, and putters. All the while though, there have been many clamoring about the extremely limited, and pricey, nature of the releases that have made up the Toulon Small Batch

Well, if you have been on any form of social media recently then you have seen the not-so-subtle teasers from Toulon Golf that they have heard you all, and they are ready to unveil the 2024 First Run Collection putter lineup. 

Toulon First Run Collection

Toulon First Run Collection

Foremost, Small Batch isn’t going anywhere.  What Toulon Golf is doing here is expanding their horizons to include a more standard option for golfers. I refrain from using the word “stock”, because that would be a disservice to what the brand has developed here. When Sean Toulon took his namesake brand back out onto its own it was with the clear message that there would be nothing “stock” about what they would do, the name of the game is premium, and so too is the new 2024 First Run Collection, simply in a different way. 

Availability is, of course, a big piece of the puzzle here. However, we are talking numbers in the hundreds for each model as opposed to the thousandsThe lineup itself consists of eight different models with two being new to Toulon and the other six being redesigned versions. Not to mention, lefties can rejoice as three of the models will be available for them. 

Materials are naturally a difference compared to the Small Batch, as here 303 Stainless Steel has been selected for its durability and overall workability. Each putter has Toulon’s “Double Fly Cut” face milling to bring that tone down at impact and create a plush yet responsive feel/sound. Each putter uses dual sole weights which have been moved forward to bring the CG along with them and improve the overall roll while allowing each model to be set from 350g to around 390g. 

The Toulon Golf meticulous attention to detail is present with clean and simple logos and engravings across the lineup, each paint filled with Heritage Green and Cream. This naturally ties into the racing inspired custom headcovers as well as three different grip options. However, the showstopper has got to be the incredible Chocolate PVD finish which every putter in the First Run Collection will have.

It wouldn’t be a proper release article without taking a closer look at each option within the new lineup, so read on for more. 

Madison – 2024 First Run Collection

You knew the Madison had to be here, not only is it an homage to the birthplace of Sean Toulon himself, but we are also fast approaching the tenth anniversary of its introduction. This time though, the Madison has undergone some changes. 

Toulon First Run Collection the Madison

There has been an overall softening to the Madison, with more gentle bumpers as well as an entirely redesigned H1 hosel which blends with the overall roundness of the headshape. With nine wins worldwide, the lineage of the Madison represented well in this new iteration.

San Diego – 2024 First Run Collection

The San Diego is also making its appearance in the new First Run Collection and while the shoulders are softened this time around, there is also a more aggressive blend as well as a thinner overall topline. With the previous versions taking in nine wins worldwide, Toulon is hoping to build on that in 2024. 

Toulon First Run Collection Another view of the Madison

Austin – 2024 First Run Collection

While we have also seen the Austin before, this blade has undergone considerable changes which help to differentiate it further from the Madison. The bumpers are raised higher while also having much softer radii on the bumpers. The topline is a bit flatter this time around and the cavity is wider which aims to improve the sound/feel even further. Bringing it all together is a nice single site dot to accompany the H1 setup.

Toulon First Run Collection THe Austin

New York City – 2024 First Run Collection

The first new model to the First Run Collection is the New York City. If you, like me, had the old Pace Picante Sauce commercials play in your head when you read that, then we are kindred spirits, but that exclamation fits what we can consider the bigger and bolder cousin to the Chicago. 

Overall, the head is wider and uses a new longer H1.5 crank hosel to create the almost mid-mallet look. The New York City features a single 6061 Aluminum sole plate which allows them to push more mass to the perimeter to create what Toulon Golf is calling their most forgiving blade ever. 

The sole design of the Austin

Atlanta – 2024 First Run Collection

One of the most popular Toulon Golf models over the years, this version of the Atlanta is slimmed down in its multi-material nature. It uses a 6601 Aluminum sole plate within a smaller footprint along with a much more refined topline, shoulders, and bumpers.  The Atlanta showcases a single topline as well as the H4.5 slant neck hosel. 

Toulon First Run Collection The Memphis

Memphis – 2024 First Run Collection 

No returning model within the new First Run Collection has undergone as much of a change as the Memphis. The original mallet within the Toulon arsenal, there is far less of an industrial appearance now, and much more flow. Toulon is referring to it as “ear shaped” which they believe creates a more appealing look at setup. 

The 6061 Aluminum sole plate allows even more mass to be repositioned around the perimeter to increase the balance through the stroke. Likewise, the Memphis will be offered in both Double Bend and H7 flow neck that is absolutely gorgeous. 

Toulon First Run Collection Another view of the Memphis

Las Vegas – 2024 First Run Collection 

Don’t worry folks, it wouldn’t be a Toulon Golf lineup without their most popular mallet, the Las Vegas. The single topline headshape uses the same 6061 Aluminum sole plate as the other mallet models and has the same attention to detail as previous iterations.

Toulon First Run Collection The Las Vegas

The Las Vegas is being offered in two neck orientations. First, an H1 crank hosel version which has about 20 degrees of toe hang allowing for more flow through the stroke. Second, is the double bend which has 10 degrees of hang and serves a much more stable putting motion. 

Toulon First Run Collection Another view of the Las Vegas

Alcatraz – 2024 First Run Collection 

Finally, Toulon Golf is bringing their twist on what is absolutely one of the hottest putter shapes on Tour. Named the Alcatraz, it is a clever play on the Jailbird shape which it so clearly takes its baseline looks from. The differentiator of course, is the incredible attention to detail of the fully milled headshape done as only Toulon can do. 

Toulon First Run Collection The Alcatraz

To make it possible, there is of course a 6061 Aluminum sole plate in action to get the weighting of the shape correct. The Alcatraz is being offered in an H1 crank hosel as well as a double bend for multiple stroke types. 

The Details – Toulon First Run Collection

As you can see, the wait was worth it. With so many different options available yet tied together in a fit and finish which only Toulon Golf can pull off, there should be a great interest in the 2024 First Run Collection. One very cool twist we haven’t mentioned to this point which should push that interest even further is their inclusion of a “Heavy-Spec” offering which uses a 15” 120g Toulon grip to counterbalance a heavier head weight setup (380-385g). 

The 2024 First Run Collection begin sales on 2/22/24 priced at $600 for standard options and $650 for the Heavy-Spec. Worth noting, these are still going to be limited in their overall numbers, but when you place an order, it will be built that day by either Tony, Preston, or yes, Sean Toulon himself. 

For more information, check out their website at

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