Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

While the drivers have gotten most of the focus from Tour Edge in their Exotics releases the past couple of years, the hybrids and fairways have continued to be some of the most playable options in the marketplace.

This year, just like with the drivers, these clubs are going to get a bit of an organization and classification change. Why? More options to fit more golfers, and you have got to give Tour Edge credit there, they are never going to sit back and rest on what they have done with the Exotics lines, it is always about moving forward. 

Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway woods and Hybrids
Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway and Hybrids

Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairways and Hybrids

Many fail to give Tour Edge enough credit for being as forward thinking as they are, yes, they are a smaller company standing toe to toe with everyone else in the industry, but it’s their willingness to be outside the box and adaptive which has let them get there. 

Case in point? The Hot Launch line has been a major success for the company, and a big part of it has been their fitting capabilities by having two options within each club type, so in an effort to expand their fitting matrix for Exotics, they are taking what they have learned with HL and applying it here. 

Tour Edge is introducing two new hybrids and two new fairways for the Exotics 722 offerings. One is the “Competition” (C722) range, and the other the “Extreme” (E722). By looking at the names you can surely get the jest that they are aimed at different players with different needs, the best way to dissect this is to look at the design aspects a bit more closely.  

Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway woods
Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway

2022 Tour Edge Exotics E722 and C722 Fairway Woods

For some reason, it just feels right to talk about fairways first, after all, the Exotics brand was the first to make massive distance a reality in them. Interestingly, the company has worked to find a balance of performance here the past few releases that would fit the majority of needs in one club, but it seemingly handcuffed them a bit too. So, the decision to go two options with the E722 and C722 makes all the sense in the world. 

Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway woods crown look
Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway

The E722 fairways are a shallow faced design built around maximizing forgiveness and easy distance. To do that, they have placed an adjustable 10g weight low and back moving the CG deeper and increasing stability from higher MOI. Ridgeback is not present this year, and instead “RyzerSole” is the name of the game as a sole rail with more weight is present from the front to back of the club to improve turf interaction and increase launch. Also present is a fully carbon crown and maraging steel Diamond Face tech with its 61 diamond and 7 varies thicknesses to take forgiveness up another notch. The E722 is a fixed hosel, but for its segment, it makes all the sense in the world. It comes in at $249.99 and will be available in 13°, 15° (LH available), 16.5°, 18° (LH available), and 21°.

Diamond Face of the Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway woods
Tour Edge Exotics 722 Fairway

On the other side, the C722 feels like vintage Exotics. A full titanium body and face with 100% carbon crown meets a deeper and more compact profile that will appeal most to the lower handicap golfer. Materials wise, this is built for speed, and that in and of itself carries a fair bit of nostalgia. Implemented to the design is the new “RyzerSole” rather than Ridgeback, and yes, it is different than in the E722. Here, the sole has a single rail from front to back, but it is combined with 90g of total weight in the sole (80g tungsten, 10g adjustable weight) to create more speed and increased launch while keeping spin low. Add in Diamond Face and there is a lot of power packed into the design. This also marks the first time since 2016 Tour Edge is releasing an adjustable fairway wood thanks to that +/- 2° adapter. The C722 is offered in 13°, 15°, 18° (RH only). C722 fairways will be priced at $299.99. 

Tour Edge Exotics 722 hybrids
Tour Edge Exotics 722 Hybrid

2022 Tour Edge Exotics E722 and C722 Hybrids

On the hybrid side, Tour Edge is keeping the two profiles which it released in the standard and pro from the C721 line. This makes a lot of sense, and gives them a forgiving option which is still very neutral as well as an ultra-compact “players” design. 

The E722 is all about MOI with a low and back 10g weight combined with the new RyzerSole single sole rail down the middle of the club. Mix these together and you get an easy launching hybrid that has a very high resistance to twisting with its MOI. The Diamond Face design here is 41 individual diamonds since the surface area of a hybrid’s face is smaller but it retains the 7 variable thicknesses stretching to the outer edges of the face to maximize playability on misses. The E722 hybrids will be available in 17°, 19° (LH available), 22°, and 25° with the price at $229.99. 

Tour Edge Exotics 722 Hybrid

Clearly drawing from Tour Edge’s C721 Pro hybrid release, the C722 is about as compact of a hybrid as you will find in todays market. With this club, the Exotics line has created arguably the most iron like hybrid out there for 2022, and as such, it is a shot shapers dream. Using an adjustable 10g weight behind the face in the middle of a compact “RyzerSole” feature, the Diamond Face and maraging steel face look to make this the most unique hybrid out there. Not to mention, the C hybrid will use the Tour Edge adapter for increased fitting potential. The C722 hybrids are RH only and come in 17°, 19° (LH available), 21°, and 23° lofts as well as a $249.99 price. 

Tour Edge Exotics 722 Hybrid

The Details

All of the clubs in Tour Edge’s 722 release will feature shafts chosen through the company’s SpeedTuned testing, more on those options to come. Also, while the release date is still in flux, the new Exotics 722 fairways and hybrids are sure to raise a few eyebrows, and rest assured that THP will have all of the details. Be sure to jump into the conversation here as well as on the THP community and let us know what you think!

For more information, check out their website at

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