Tour Edge EXS Ti-Utility Review

Tour Edge continues to shape and evolve their Exotics lineup into one of the deepest and most well rounded out there. Since the inception of the EXS offering last year, which paved the way to the current EXS 220 and EXS Pro lines, they have opened many eyes that they can design as well as anyone out there, and at times maybe even better. 

One club type that Tour Edge has been on the cutting edge of long before the EXS series however are ironwoods and utilities, in fact, it’s no exaggeration to say they set the curve for many years. With that in mind, I was eager to get their new EXS Ti-Utility. The titanium cup faced design was put to the test and a full rundown and review can be seen in the following THP TV video. After you check it out, be sure to jump into the conversation and let the THP community know what you think!

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James Miles
James is a staff writer for The Hackers Paradise along with being a professional educator. With his background in education James seeks to broaden his own knowledge while also sharing it with all those who share his passion for the game.
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