Tour Spot Radio – Up & Down W/ Lefty & Jake Volume II

Tour Spot Radio is back with an all new episode of Up & Down W/ Jake & Lefty, the show of fast and friendly debate that declares a winner at the end of each segment. This debate is hosted by yours truly, JB from In the Rough W/ JB & GolferGal and as usual joining me are your two polar opposite contestants. Jake our Fargo impersonator and Lefty our southerner with deep roots of his branchless family tree. Don’t let these crazy accents from our debaters fool you though, they have knowledge on top of knowledge when it comes to professional golf and are here to bring IT with each and every show.

The winner of the show will get to go on to the 19th Hole and have some time to sound off on any topic that they would like.

Here are the 9 topics for the show.
1. Bob Hope – Top Talent going elsewhere or skipping it and only 3 players in top 46 finishing the tournament. What can be done?
2. Davis Love III – Ryder Cup Captain. Is he the right choice for this team?
3. G-mac & Jeff Overton both joined Cleveland/Srixon this year as part of their staff. Who makes a bigger impact on the PGA Tour?
4. Tiger Woods returns at Torrey Pines. Will he win the event?
5. Westwood says No to the Players Championship. Good or bad move for Lee Westwood?
6. Paddy Harrington had a huge couple of years and then vanished from the winners circle. Will he return to form in 2011?
7. The last 12 months has been filled with rules issues. Give us one rule you would change on the PGA Tour and why?
8. Better candidate for shot of the year so far. Bubba driver off the deck or Marino with his approach into 18?
9. John Daly + David Duval + 2011 = __________ ?

Bonus Question – Does the PGA Tour need to be fixed? And if so, give us one thing you would change.

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