Tour Spot Radio – Up & Down W/ Lefty & Jake

To kickoff The Tour Spot section for 2011 on THP, we have a brand new radio show for you that is a ton of fun. As many of you know, The Tour Spot on THP is new for 2011 and will contain everything that you are looking for pertaining to the world of professional golf. With that being said, THP wants to introduce a new radio show titled “Up & Down with Lefty & Jake” that is part of the Tour Spot on THP. Up and down is the show where based on debate, you will go up or down in points. ‘

Major Topics of 2011 Debated

We have assembled two polar opposites to be a part of the “Up & Down w/ Lefty & Jake” on THP Radio and I want to introduce them to the listeners. First up we have Lefty, he has a big southern accent, but don’t let that fool you, he has knowledge on top of knowledge as it pertains to the world of golf. Sitting across from him is Jake, the one who sounds like he is from the movie Fargo. He too is loaded with information, and combined, their views on the world of golf is like oil and water.

Up & Down on THP Radio is a fast and fun show that rewards the person that makes the best argument. The winner of the show will get to go on to the 19th Hole and have some time to sound off on any topic that they would like.

Will G-Mac Continue?

9 great topics have been debated for the listeners today and here they are.

1. 2011 Majors – Euro Tour or US Tour
2. Lee Westwood – Finish the year as #1
3. Tiger Woods – Over/Under .5 Wins in a major
4. Phil Mickelson – Over/Under .5 Wins in a major
5. Anthony Kim – Will he return to form and win in 2011?
6. Dustin Johnson – Will he win a tournament in 2011?
7. Who wins more Furyk over Kuchar?
8. Villegas, G-Mac, DLII, Overton, Ryan Moore – Guys that made switches for 2011, who wins first?
9. Rickie Fowler – Will he break out and win in 2011

Bonus Question – 1 guy outside of the top 20 that we should pay attention to.

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