Travis Mathew 2010 Spring Apparel Preview

THP first got a look at the offerings of Travis Mathew back in 2008 when we reviewed their fall 08 line. Since that time each season THP has the opportunity to take a look at the new line, we come away even more impressed than the last. Back in the fall of 2009 we were literally blown away with the fall line during our Fall Fashion Preview. Of course when 2010 rolled around we were eager to see what this great brand had to offer and they gave us a quick glimpse into the new year at the PGA Merchandise Show in January.

THP was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Spring line and Travis Mathew did not let us down. The company sent over two complete outfits for us to photograph and put up for everybody and we will break them down by piece below.

Outfit #1

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Pants – The pants in this outfit are incredibly unique. They are 71% polyester and 29% cotton and feature a sear type of pattern. They are incredibly lightweight and fit absolutely true to size. They have a sewn in belt type of look if someone did not want to wear a belt with it, and right below the belt, is the Travis Mathew center pocket that we love so much for an MP3 player or cell phone. One part of these pants that we found hysterical is covered up until the front zipper is pulled down. Underneath the front zipper has the words “Inspiration Lies Within” and it had all of us laughing.

Shirt – The shirt accompanying these pants is a blend of 60% Pima Cotton and 40% Polyester and 100% soft and comfortable. The shirt is all white and features a dot pattern at the top with the classic Travis Mathew signature. The shirt is lightweight and like the pants, fits true to size. A golf shirt made to feel like this is incredibly unique and Travis Mathew continues to amaze us with their fabric and feel.

Belt – The belt and buckle combo included for this outfit is simply awesome. We have always liked the TM accessories, and the classic “M” logo buckle we covered last year was a true reader favorite. This one takes it to another level with this great signature buckle and strap. The buckle is also removable which is something that THP is definitely a fan of.

Outfit #2

Pants – Similar to the last pair featured above, the pants for outfit #2 run true to size and are lightweight and perfect for those early morning Spring rounds. They are 70% Polyester, 25% Rayon, and 5% Elastane. They are a charcoal gray color that uses white stitch like pinstripes and has the wonderful features listed in the first pair such as the TM pocket used for electronic devices. These are incredible looking for any situation and will work for just about anybody’s wardrobe for either golf or social settings.

Shirt – To complete this outfit is a wonderful black shirt that is made and feels the same as shirt from outfit #1. It features the classic M on the chest area and a cool “web like” pattern on the shoulder very similar to a shirt we saw back in our first preview in 2008.

Belt – The belt accompanying this outfit is just flat out cool and something that more people should have in their closet. We have a soft spot for reversible belt straps that are of high quality and Travis Mathew did not disappoint. We have a very cool white and black strap on one side that works great to break up this outfit and when reversed, you get a solid black strap that has a reptile like texture. This is one belt that works with so many outfits.

Travis Mathew T-Shirt
The black T-Shirt with the cool logo on the front is a welcome addition in the world of casual golf shirts (not made for the course). But one try on and you are completely hooked with the TM tees. This T-Shirt will be the softest one you will ever try on….I am not kidding or exaggerating with this statement. This is a piece of apparel makes all others feel rough by comparison. Each person that has come into contact with this one, continues to talk about the quality that they have not seen before in the world of T-Shirts.


Travis Mathew has been in the news a lot over the past year as we see more and more guys on the tour wearing their apparel each week such as Geoff Ogilvy. In reality, their apparel speaks for itself and most that try it out and on, are quickly converted to the muted colors and great style. When you have apparel pieces that feel like this, fit like this, and have wonderful quality behind them, something special is in store each and every season. For more information on these or any of the other items from the new 2010 line, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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