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Fall Fashion Preview rolls into its second day with a brand that The Hackers Paradise is pretty familiar with. Last December THP got its first taste of the Travis Mathew lifestyle when we got a chance to review their current lineup. In April we got our 2nd taste of their impressive lineup when we reviewed their line as part of our Fairway Styles store review. When Fall Fashion Preview came up, it was one of the first calls we made.

The fine folks at Travis Mathew were quick to jump in and send over 3 outfits from their fall line for us to show off for all of our readers. For those that do not know the brand or are new to the site, you may recognize it from the PGA Tour this year and John Mallinger wearing it proudly.
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Outfit #1 – Classic White Pants accompanied with a blue and gray shirt.
Outfit #2 –
Gray Shorts paired with a white shirt with gray stitching and trim.
Outfit #3 – Dark Sear type shorts with a white shirt with black subtle stitching.
Accessories – White Belt with Logo Buckle & Pinstriped Navy Hat with Logo.
We will break each outfit down and go over the pieces with you so you get an understanding of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into Travis Mathew Apparel. Travis Mathew prides themselves on being more than a golf apparel brand, but a golf apparel lifestyle. After seeing the latest line, I am inclined to agree.
Outfit #1
The “Easy Street” white pants are a blend of 65/35 tech material to cotton. They are lightweight and comfortable as can be. They are entirely white other than two black stripes on one pocket which give them a subtle pizzaz and making matching so easy. In between the two back pockets rests their “M” logo and hidden right below that is the great Ipod/Cell pocket that works so well. I am a big fan of white pants and these are some of the best I have come across to date. In our photos, this outfit is paired together with “Tilt” Polo that is done in light blue. It is 60% Pima Cotton and 40% Tech material for a blend that is extremely comfortable. Just heavy enough for when the weather starts to cool down, but light enough to wear in the summer. Pulling the entire outfit together is the “Icon” belt in white that looks perfect.
Outfit #2
The “Slick” shorts are done in gray with a white button. Like the pants above the feature the great 3rd rear pocket for technology, as well as the 2 black stripes on one pocket. The shorts are a a blend of 65/35 tech material to cotton and are extremely comfortable. The “Q” white pocketed polo shirt is 100% tech material and has diagonal accent stitching across the chest with left front button pocket. It is extremely light weight a shirt that looks far better on than on the rack.
Outfit #3
The Travis Mathew Sear short is darker than most sear type shorts and pants we have reviewed in the past. It is a 68/32 cotton and poly blend that, because of the colors, can work with just about anything you throw at it and still look good. It features the same 3rd pocket for your tech goods as well as the two stripes on the pocket. The white shirt is done in the same 60% Pima Cotton and 40% tech material like in outfit one. It has strategically placed black stitching on the front as well as a great wave like pattern on the back done in the same stitching. A very classy shirt that with the simple design really works well with all the bottoms sent in for our preview. It also features snaps rather than buttons which this reviewer liked quite a bit.

The White Icon Belt and Buckle feature a fully interchangeable buckle and construction that is top notch. Being that most of the apparel has that subtle “M” logo throughout, the Icon belt ties everything together better than most.
Taking it one step further, they have added the “B-striped” hat in Navy. It is a Flex-Fitting hat that features the “M” logo on the front and Travis Mathew script on the back.
The Travis Mathew Fall Fashion is perfect for the golfer looking for that high end apparel without being flashy with bright colors. They offer amazing fit and construction with top notch materials. The Travis Mathew brand is about achieving performance without sacrificing style. Their products are designed from the thread up giving you designer quality and comfort. We have said it before many times, the fit that is achieved with their apparel is the best out there. This is a great brand and I hope you get out there and give them a try.
For more information on the Travis Mathew brand, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  1. Mike Orlimaskie says:

    I picked up one of their shirts from after the review you guys did and absolutely love it. Those searsucker shorts are really nice looking. You guys are going to make me go broke.

  2. Osahar says:

    Great review, Josh! I love a lot of the Travis Mathew line, and these new additions look great!

  3. GQ Tom says:

    I have never heard of them before this. Now I want that white shirt with the black piping.

  4. Tre J says:

    Good stuff. I prefer the wilder colors of some of the other brands but the blends of materials mentioned in the article pique my interest. I really like the hat as well.

  5. Nancy Johnson says:

    They need to make a ladies line. Great looking stuff.

  6. Smallville says:

    I love the cap. The pinstripes are great! Outfits look good. Nice designs, not over the top.

  7. chris says:

    Nice… super happy to see the hackers paradise supporting TravisMathew. We love their stuff too.

  8. THE ECHO says:

    SImply the best fitting mens golf clothes made. I have 2 of their shirts and 2 pairs of shorts and cannot wait to get more. readers need to check them out on Great deals on travis mathew stuff there.

  9. Reid the Rage says:

    Great pictures. I love those shirts.

  10. Mr Burk says:

    I love this stuff. Especially the blue shirt.

  11. amollerud says:

    I am feeling the stuff again this year. I was introduced to the line last year and loved it. This season looks great as well!

  12. Puttin4Bird says:

    Great review, I think outfit 3 is my favorite of the ones reviewed here. I absolutely LOVE that tee holder idea…something so simple yet I would love to have that in my shorts.

    PS- That belt buckle is SWEET!

  13. If anyone likes the Travis Mathew line and can’t find it you can order it from this store. They will ship! 407-226-0223

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