Trust the Data, It’s Powered by Foresight

THP is always on the search for the best way to relay information to the golfer and after a year long search has made the decision that Foresight will be behind the data that is presented to our readers. The video below with Foresight discussing the reasons that we chose these devices is extremely interesting and also gives some information on how you, the THPer, can test the device out for yourself.

After testing FlightScope, Trackman and the new Foresight GCQuad, the decision was rather easy for us. Each of the systems had their positives and negatives, but one system offered the portability and ease of use of the new GC Quad, to go along with the extreme accuracy of the camera system.

Trust the data, it is powered by Foresight!

Shot in 4K, so THP recommends full screen viewing

Want to check out the latest THP Event schedule and where you can jump on the new Foresight GCQuad for yourself? You can find it on the THP Forum here. If you are on the THP Mobile App, head over to the event section of the forum.

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