Under Construction Page

** THP Under Construction **

We are currently completing the design of our new homepage. Update progress to follow...

Update No. 1: Update commenced on January, 26 2020 | Posted at 1:00PM
Update No. 2: The site update is under way and has been a success thus far. We're anticipating the new design will be online within the next 3-4 hours | Posted at 3:45PM
Update No. 3: We're excited to announce that with the exception of a few remaining tweaks, the new design is online & completed. For instance, you may notice various ad placeholder images... They will be fixed later today, along with making the current "Homepage [NEW]" navigation menu link ("Articles" on the forum) connect to the main THP domain and completing upgrade of additional site/forum functionality. Thank you for your continued patience as we put the finishing touches on this exciting new homepage design. We hope you'll enjoy the changes! | Posted at 2:29AM, January 27, 2020
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