Understanding AI in Golf

One of the things you are hearing about is AI in Golf and specifically Callaway introducing their Epic Flash, complete with a driver face created with a super computer.

The Epic Flash driver just hit retail stores last week and the design is unlike anything the industry has seen to date. Why? Because it is unlike anything we have seen to date. Ripples flowing from heel to toe that appear random in design are anything but, and that is because it was created with artificial intelligence.

Wanting to understand this a bit deeper, we asked Equipment Expert Michael Vrska to explain how this is different than typical driver designs and what it means to the industry going forward.

Previously, when a company released new technology, others would be able to cut open a club head and find out how and why it worked. In some cases, even reverse engineer the design (barring any IP issues) in a new way. This is hard to do with Epic Flash and definitely bordering on impossible with the current landscape in the industry.

What do you think of AI in golf? Will it have a lasting impact moving forward on the equipment you play?

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