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When we set out to find golf specific sunglasses we asked what companies people would like to learn more about and a name that continued to come up was VeldaloHD. Many have seen this brand before they just might not have known it. Steve Williams is the caddy to the number one world ranked golfer, Tiger Woods, and he wears VedaoHD and so does up and coming LPGA player Stacy Lewis. With names like that attached to a company we had extremely high hopes for these sunglasses.

Napoli Sunglasses

We received three pairs of sunglasses, two of which are specific to golf, and one that is geared towards sports in general but not necessarily just for golf. The two golf specific glasses are called Napoli and Como. Both pairs are unisex but our testers seemed to like them better for men based on shape and style. The third pair, Lucca, are also unisex but we found them to be liked better by the ladies. The Lucca seemed to be more cutting edge in terms of fashion and that was very well liked by the ladies. All three come with a blue padded protective case and a microfiber eyeglass slip. Normally a case isn’t that big of a deal but the VedaloHD ones were really nice. They are soft but structured and the inside is lined with a fabric that is soft like felt and features a nose rest allowing the glasses to fit snug and comfortable in the case.

Each of the sunglasses has their own unique style offering a great variety of options for the testers. The Napoli and the Como that we received are both all black but that’s about all the similarities they share. The Napoli are slightly larger than the Como and have an all plastic warp-around frame. The Como’s have an aluminum frame and and have a slimmer look than the Napoli’s. Both styles were incredibly popular with our testers, however, we did find that most favored one style over the other. It was like the battle of Red Sox or Yankees, someone was either a Napoli fan or a Como fan. Of the two choices my personal favorite was the Como but that has always been a style I favor. The Lucca is a totally different look than the other two and these were my favorite of the three choices. I think they have a bit of the aviator glasses look and that really appealed to me. Plus, I really liked the white frame and the continuous lens and wrap-around coverage. No matter what your personal design preference is all three styles will provide superior technology and durability.

Como Sunglasses - click to enlarge photos

The Napoli and the Como are both extremely lightweight which is always a plus when wearing sunglasses for four plus hours on a golf course. The Lucca are also lightweight but not quite as much as the other two. One thing all the testers noticed was that all three styles sit very close on the face. This is actually a nice feature because it truly makes the sunglasses an extension of your eyes and it keeps additional light from getting in which helps avoid distraction. The nose pieces on the Lucca and Como are adjustable while the Napoli’s are not, however, those were the most comfortable to wear of all three. That is not to say that the others were not comfy because they were all very well liked by everyone the Napoli’s just happen to come out on top in the comfort department. None of the sunglasses felt tight, or caused pain at the top of the ear, or gave anyone headaches. Of all the sunglasses that were tested throughout the last few weeks these three glasses were at the top for comfort.

When it came to performance on the course all three sunglasses were big winners. The HDL-3C lens technology really does make you forget you are looking through a lens. No one had any issues wearing these round after round and everyone felt that they offered great sun protection without the distraction of sunglasses. There was no distortion and no difficulty seeing shots or reading greens. Here is some information on the technology:

The VedaloHD difference is our exclusive HDL-3C lens technology. The HDL-3C lens technology has been scientifically designed to increase visual performance by utilizing a tri-stimulus filtering process that is impregnated directly into the lens itself that shortens the eye’s receptors response time producing increased color sensitivity and improved chromatic contrast. The difference of using VedaloHD’s lens is instantly appreciated and our results are guaranteed.

This new process is not merely a tint or a coating applied to the lens like all other conventional lenses on the market that actually diminish color but a new High Definition technology built directly into the HDL-3c lens itself that brings out color so now your eyes can see color through a sun filter!

Lucca Sunglasses - click to enlarge images

Other Features
Ultimate Sun Protection: Our HDL-3C lenses exceed all US, European and Australian official optical sun protection standards for UVA & UVB rays. Our lenses also offer the most complete peripheral protection available for your eyes with only 8 and 10 base lens curvatures offered.

Shatter Resistant: All our lenses are produced in Italy with the finest quality PC, APX or NXT materials available which are all shatter resistant for your eyes protection for when you need it but don’t expect it.

Non-Polarized: Despite “pop-culture/hear say wisdom”, a non-polarized lens is best for most active sports participants for polarization is like a Venetian blind on your eyes that will allow you to look out only but it will not allow you to look up or down and causes images to jump as it following an object. This distortion of vision that polarization causes is something we wish to avoid for our goal is maximum visual performance.

After several weeks of wearing the three sunglasses supplied by VedaloHD our reviewers understood why such people like Steve Williams and Stacy Lewis have chosen this brand for their eyewear. With so many different style and color options and each one of them coming with the HDL-3C technology the VedaloHD eyewear is definitely worth taking a look at. For more information on the company and to see all their different styles you can visit their website here. Also, for THP readers only VedaloHD has offered a discount code that will get you 20% off your entire purchase!! At checkout just enter coupon code THP2010 to receive the discount.

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