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On the golf course people have always wanted to be a little different. From the clothes they wear, to the equipment they play, a person’s “look” on the course can say a lot about who they are. In the last few weeks, we have taken a look at the next step in the evolution of customization in the world of golf clubs when THP profiled a place called Putter Lounge. Taking the equipment you are playing and putting your personal “stamp” on it is not new or revolutionary, but something that is being pushed to new limits with greater technology. Enter Vibrant Golf!

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Vibrant Golf
From the Company
Vibrant Golf is a customization company with the individual in mind. We work along with your personal style to create wedges, putters and iron sets that are as unique as you are.

With the creation of our own proprietary polymer coating, VibraCoat™, we have opened the doors to a more unique array of options with the ability to add color to once dull steel shafts. In addition, numerous custom options are available from shaft and head engraving to colorful ferrules and more grips choices than you even knew existed.

With countless custom shaft finishes and colors, engraving options, grips and accessories, we have infinite ways to make your game look good.

Thoughts on Process
The entire process takes about 2 weeks. This includes shipping your clubs to Vibrant Golf, them putting the “coat” on the shaft, and the Vibrant team shipping them back to you. Depending on your location, it could even be faster than that. The coating does not change the characteristics in the shafts at all, so your clubs are not affected for tournament play. Because it is a coating, and not a paint or sticker, it really does work with just about any steel shafts. Stepped shafts, non-stepped, really just about anything you throw at it and Vibrant team will go to work to get you something spectacular coming back.

3 Green Choices Vibrant Offers

This is where Vibrant Golf really takes over. You dream it, they will deliver it. From colors, finishes, and engravings, the team over at Vibrant really takes your club investment and not only makes it “your own” with your custom designs, but also adds a layer of protection to the shafts that is just not there off the rack. THP decided to give them a little test and tell them we wanted our classic THP Logo engraved along with a couple of different shades of green on some shafts to see how they turn out.

Vibrant delivered! They gave us 3-4 options to choose from and the finished product (3 different shades) came out incredible. Vibrant takes style and customization to new levels with their service and you could not be happier with the finished product. Between the colored shafts, the engraving, and the 11 different options they have in the ferrule department, you can take your “tired” set of clubs and revive them to new levels.

Vibrant offers two services which are “standard” & “gold”. In speaking with the team there, the difference is in the finish. VibraCoat Standard is an opaque coating, while VibraCoat Gold is a translucent coating. While both coatings protect equally well, Vibracoat Gold gives the customer the option of wilder colors, and the ability to let custom engravings be seen. Both can look incredible, and it really comes down to personal preference at this point.

Speaking of service, one thing I want to point out is that Vibrant Golf is a new company. Brand new in fact. With that growing pains can occur. THP is happy to report that we did not see any of the normal growing pains take place and the customer service is what truly could set them apart from the field. When sending your clubs off, there is always that moment of trepidation where you suddenly think to yourself “What am I doing? What if they ruin them?” and the team over at Vibrant really makes sure that you are at ease. They will even ship you a box to send your clubs in at no charge (minus the shipping) if you are having your set done. The company cares about their clients because they know that everybody seen with a “Vibrant Shaft” is a billboard for their company.

One thing I would like to see down the road as the company grows is the ability to just order shafts from them. I know that they have some of these options now, but I would love to see their website set up so that if I am fit for True Temper Dynamic Gold S300s, I can just go online and order them from their site in whatever color I would like. Obviously that is something for growth, and for the most part, that is available in some form right now from Vibrant Golf.

White Ferrules Add a Nice Touch

I think they may have a winner on their hands. The quality alone is definitely truly special, in that we are not dealing with some sticker or paint here, this is an absolute bond the shaft. I think I have decided to take the ultimate plunge and get my entire set customized. I have been on their site for a while now looking at different options, but I am thinking white, blue, or purple shafts would go great with my irons. But right when the trigger is about to be pulled, I think to myself, “what about this combo”? It is a lot of fun, but one thing is for sure, the next time most golf with me, they will see some very well done, and highly creative shafts on my clubs. For more information on the company, or the process itself, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • After seeing these in person, I was very impressed by how amazing these looked. Definitely a cool way to add your own style to a set of clubs.

  • yeah, pictures definitely don’t do any justice to just how bada** these shafts look. i would agree with the review in that it would be sweet if vibrant could just stock and sell shafts but i’m sure that’s in the plans for the future. conceptually, i love what they are doing, i would just be terrified to actually make a decision on color/style and whatnot.

  • I love all the new custom options that are now available, being able to personalize almost everything in the golf game takes it to a new level of individuality. Like TC though I would be terrified, and most likely would end up with 14 different clubs!

  • That is pretty sweet. I would totally be willing to do this to my irons. Team colors, favorite color, all black to match black heads… many options…

  • These are really cool. I know AdamsGirl loves the one she won at the raffle (it’s the middle one from the pics above). I really like it too, the quality is just great, and it looks fantastic.

  • I won a club at the outing too and I must say the club is gorgeous. I’m seriously considering sending my backup (which I never use lol) clubs to them for a nice Orange/Navy Blue color scheme to go as a display in my future Bears room. Awesome quality and I was very impressed to see it first hand.

  • Thank you everyone for the positive comments about our products.

    Ever since the first introduction of our product line, we have been asked why we don’t sell new shafts with our coating already applied. I am happy to announce that we have changed our price structure and now offer our coating on new shafts.

    We have decided that instead of having people send in their current shafts, we will offer brand new shafts for roughly the same price as our previous service. For example, we previously charged $249.99 for a set of 9 shafts (about $28 per shaft) for just the VibraCoat service. Under our new price structure (using True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts as an average example) the cost for 9 shafts is $279 (MSRP) for VibraCoat Gold, (31 dollars a shaft), including new shaft(s). Of course different shaft models have different prices so contact us for exact pricing. If your the type to trick out just your putter, we now offer VibraCoat Gold Putter Shafts (standard .370 stepped or stepless) for 22.99 (MSRP)!!

    Also, we are working on an online store which will carry our entire line of products plus a huge selection of grips to help complete your set. So stay tuned for that!

    Thanks again everyone!

  • fantastic stuff! these guys may be ahead of the customization curve, brilliant idea. those green shafts are really something!

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