Volvik Condor and Condor X Golf Balls Review

Volvik is a brand that has seamlessly injected the fun element of golf into their product lines. Their inventory boasts an extensive range of golf balls, many featuring vibrant colors, and some even contain superhero emblems. However, despite their playful approach, Volvik still strives to reach the golfer who is more focused on performance, and that is the golfer they are targeting with their two newest offerings within their Tour Performance line, the Condor and Condor X golf balls. 

Volvik Condor

Since Volvik positions these golf balls as their tour balls, it should be no surprise that they both come with a soft cast urethane cover, which is here to help give increased and consistent spin, but the real story about the Condor line is what is happening on the inside. 

Condor is the first golf ball to incorporate a new white carbon material commonly found in high-end tires. This material has high density and cohesion, which ensures that energy transfer is not lost and that the rubber does not age. Thanks to this material, the ball’s core employs increased elastic energy that gathers and releases the condensed force at the moment of impact. In simpler terms, adding white carbon improves the rebound efficiency and ball speed. 

Volvik Condor sleeve and balls

One of the distinguishing features between Condor and Condor X is their structural setup. Condor is a three-piece golf ball, while Condor X utilizes a fourth layer as part of a Hyper W-Carbonic and Elastin Dual Mantle design. Additionally, in terms of compression rating, the Condor possesses a compression rating of 85, which is ten lower than that of the Condor X.

While warmer weather is on the horizon, we could not get these balls out on the golf course during the review period. However, with the help of a SkyTrak+ unit, I captured all the data needed to see how these two balls performed for my swing. Below is a chart of how these balls performed with a driver, 7-iron, and SW. 

Volvik Condor x golf balls


Condor X

As you can see, there were some similarities in numbers between these two balls, but also several differences. One of the most noticeable differences was the peak height achieved when using a driver. As you can see, Condor X peaked 7 yards higher than the Condor, and in all of the sessions I compared these two balls, Condor X carried a higher peak every single time. Condor also flew slightly lower when comparing 7-irons and spun less across the board. Both options also provided plenty of spin during the wedge test, meaning there would be no worries about stopping these balls quickly on the green. Volvik does mention that a differentiating factor between these two balls is the amount of spin, with the Condor X being the higher-spinning ball of the two, so I am glad to see that is how it tested out for me as well. 

Testing data is valuable, it does not reveal how these balls sound or feel. After hitting each ball with various clubs throughout the bag, the Condor has a slight advantage for my preference. However, the difference is minimal compared to other brands that offer two different variants of the same line. The tone of the Condor is only slightly deeper than that of the Condor X. 

Volvik Condor and Condor X golf ball boxes

Although not entirely relevant to the review itself, one question that inevitably arises is which option is better suited for my game when comparing two similar products. Based on my testing process, I would likely put the Condor in play first. As someone who tends to launch the ball high, I typically play a golf ball with a slightly flatter trajectory off the tee and with my irons. Currently, the Condor fits that bill. It will be interesting to see how both balls play out on the course in the future.

Volvik’s new Condor series is available at a retail price of $42.99 per dozen. More information is available at www.volvik.com

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