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Volvik Vivid packaging in 2024

There may be days that it doesn’t seem like it, but golf is meant to be fun. That’s our opinion at least, and fortunately fun can come in many flavors. For some it may be shooting a score. For others it may be connecting with friends. Equipment can certainly add to our enjoyment of the game too, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by picking a unique golf ball. 

While it seems every company out there has something “different” these days, South Korea’s Volvik has been an innovator in this space for a long time. Their proprietary V-SF Matte coating brough the world’s first matte-finish golf ball to market, opening the floodgates for the rest of the industry. Still, we’re not sure anybody does matte and bright better than Volvik. We recently took a look at their newest line of Vivid and Vivid Combi golf balls. At the surface, both are all about fun, but a deeper look reveals technology to make the game rewarding in a variety of ways. 

Volvik Vivid

Volvik Vivid alignment aid

Vivid is the matte golf ball that started it all and is probably the Volvik ball most of us will first associate with the brand. The V-SF Matte dual ionomer cover was a completely new concept when it was brought to market, and its popularity is evidenced by the fact that almost all major golf ball companies have at least one similar offering. 

Volvik has invested a great amount of energy into durability so that the Vivid stands up to all the potential hazards a round of golf can throw at it. In addition, it’s UV protected to ensure the deep, vivid colors last a long time. Vivid is offered in a staggering seven color options – white, orange, yellow, green, red, pink, and blue. For those that aren’t tied to any particular shade, the company also has an “assorted” dozen that includes the four colors seen above. 

We aren’t sure of the science behind it, but the colors baked into the V-SF Matte technology are so deep and vivid that at times they almost make us feel like we’re staring into the sun itself. It’s hard to explain just how brilliant they are in person and how nicely they contrast against the natural colors of the golf course. 

In addition to the impressive number of color choices, Volvik has incorporated another useful piece of visual technology into the Vivid line. They call it the Alignment Tracking System. As seen below, it’s a multi-faceted take on the standard alignment line we usually see. Two segmented lines bracket a solid black, pointed center line. The center line is bisected by a bullseye of sorts that can be utilized in a number of ways. For example, when positioned at the top of the ball, it makes a great point of focus for putting. Alternatively, it can be positioned in way that makes it an aim point for tee shots. Either way, the entire three-line system helps alignment and gives solid feedback on roll quality. 

With all the attention the Vivid’s cover (rightfully) gets, it’s easy to forget there’s more to the ball than what we can see. The 85 compression Maximized ENERGY core has been expanded in the 2024 version to bring even more distance. Vivid isn’t what we’d characterize as a “soft” golf ball, but for one that has a slightly firmer core and an ionomer cover it has a very pleasing feel. The payoff is that Vivid is capable of producing plenty of ball speed and lasting a very long time. 

The Volvik Vivid is available at volvik.com and is priced at $29.99/dozen.

Volvik Vivid Combi

Volvik Vivid Combi packaging

The Vivid Combi is very similar to the Vivid. It shares the same V-SF Matte technology and 322 dimple pattern. It’s slightly firmer at 90 compression, but we didn’t seem to notice any difference in feel or distance. What sets the Vivid Combi apart is its dual color finish. It’s available in four color combinations: blue/yellow, green/yellow, orange/yellow, and pink/yellow. Each dozen contains a sleeve of each color combo, giving consumers the chance to pick something new whenever the mood strikes. 

vivid Combi

Nothing is quite as mesmerizing as seeing the Vivid Combi flying through the air. Whether with a full swing or a short wedge, the two brilliant colors tightly spinning is something that never gets old. In addition to the novelty, it’s a proven way to make your ball stand out in the grass.

Vivid Combi in hand picture

Instead of the Alignment Tracking System used on the standard Vivid, the Combi leans on the dual color design to provide both alignment and roll feedback. There’s no quicker way to know if you’ve delivered a square putt, as anything other than a quality strike will send the ball wobbling with no regard for your feelings. The instant feedback proved to be extremely valuable in putting practice. 

The Volvik Vivid Combi is available at volvik.com for $32.99

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