Want to Test a Cleveland Mashie?

A few months ago THP held their 2010 Golf Outing & Demo Day and during that weekend, golfers that made the trip were able to try some equipment months before it is scheduled to be released. One of the most sought after clubs by the people in attendance was the Cleveland Mashie. A hybrid that was almost universally loved by all 50 in attendance. For those that have missed the Mashie feedback, you can check out this thread on the THP Forum on what participants had to say about it.

One of the wonderful features about being an active member of the THP Forum is that we look to those guys/gals, the consumers, to give feedback on equipment to golfers all around the world.

Well, we decided we are going to do it again. THP is going to do further testing on the Cleveland Mashie pre-release and want to invite people to take part in the festivities. We urge you to check out this article that has some information on what makes this club unique.

Each tester will receive a brand new Mashie from Cleveland Golf, fit to their specs and they will receive them ahead of the release date. We take the testing seriously and because of that have certain criteria to qualify for this particular club test.

RH & LH golfers can “apply”, however LH is only available in 3 hybrid.
You must be able to play golf through the months of December & January (either on course, simulator, or range).
You must be located in the USA.
1 THP Forum testing at a time (so if you are testing or about to be testing something else, you will not be chosen for this one)
Six forum members will be chosen to be part of this testing.

Testing Process
If selected it will be your job to test the Mashie out frequently (minimum of once per week) and update the official testing thread in the THP Forum with feedback on your findings.

To participate you must be an active forum member or become an active forum member. Being active on THP has its benefits and product testing is one of them (monthly testing like this). If you are new, that is okay, being active is more than just tenure.

This is not a contest, so there really are no rules. All we ask is that you make a post in this thread in the THP Forum and answer these questions.

1. What is your handicap?
2. What is your current hybrid of choice?
3. Why do you want to try out the Mashie?

Keep in mind if you are not chosen for this, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future here at THP for testing and other product trials.

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  • Having been in attendance at the first annual THP outing @ PGA National, and having seen first hand the jaw dropping experiences that took place due to the club known as the MASHIE, this is exciting!! It’s an incredible opportunity for a select few and I personally want to thank Cleveland Golf and THP for making something like this possible. Not only is it a cool experience testing anything for THP, it’s more exciting when it’s a prereleased item.

  • This is such a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to try a fantastic hybrid from a great company. I encourage everyone to look hard and sign up for testing. It says a lot about everyone here when a company trusts the members to review an unreleased product like this. Thank you so much Cleveland and THP for making this possible.

  • I look forward to the reviews about this club. I have been thinking about replacing my current TM hybrid with it in the spring. Thank you THP and Cleveland for the awesome opportunity.

  • My handicap is a 5 an I live in Texas, so I can play almost year round. I lean toward Nickent hybrids, but since they went under I am looking for a new one. I have hears nothing but good things about this club an would love to try one. I also love yo give people real world feedback on clubs.

  • Jeff,
    Please make sure you read the post carefully. You must make this post in the THP forum in the thread that this is linked to.

  • I love that more companies are trusting regular golfers to review their equipment. Thanks for putting this club in the peoples’ hands, Cleveland. And THP, thanks for making this possible. Having reviewed this club, I’m looking forward to seeing the other forum members’ thoughts.

  • My current handicap is 27. I’ve been playing for three years and currently use a Cobra baffler. I want to try the Mashie to see if it can help me lower my handicap and continue to improve as a player. I plan to purchase new clubs (fitted) in the next 12 months due to an improvement in swing cosistency and speed.

  • Please see the rules guys. The info MUST be posted in the forum thread.

  • Another great reason to be a member of THP. I love the reviews by the staffers, and love the observations by the membership. It really provides a clear understanding of the product. I hope to be selected, and look forward to reading the reviews. Thanks Cleveland and THP!

  • What a great showing by Cleveland to allow this opportunity to six lucky people. To be able to get one of the most anticipated new clubs this comming season before it is released is simply amazing. I have entered my name in the hat and hope I am chosen. Nice move to Cleveland on understanding your customers and actually caring about their opinions on new equipment and what they want to see.

  • What an incredible opportunity for some luck lucky THPers!! The Mashie is the real deal, without a doubt. Thanks Cleveland and THP! Good luck to all that can enter!

  • This is awesome! Just to show you THP wants more unbiased testings from normal hackers like us instead of the Pros. Well done THP and Cleveland. I’m sure it would be in my bag in the Spring.

  • Thank you Cleveland!. What an awesome opportunity for the forum members! I can only imagine how happy 6 individuals will be to give unbias feedback about their results. From the initial views of individuals that attended the THP Fall Outing, this club is creating quite some buzz.

  • This is awesome! Not many companies give people the opportunity to try things out pre-release and it just shows what kind of class Cleveland has. Big thank you to Cleveland and THP for this!!!

  • Thank you THP and a big thanks to Cleveland for giving the THP community a chance to test what has been one of the most talked about clubs on the forums. THP is a one of a kind place where people come to get honest reviews from their peers, and I do believe that your participation will pay dividends for your company. Thanks again THP for being the best golf site on the internet!

  • Thanks THP and Cleveland! I am really looking forward to some more in depth coverage in regards to the Mashie.

  • what a great opportunity for a THP member. If I open up a PO box in seattle can I pretend to be american for testing?

  • 1) 8.8 handicap
    2) do not own a hybrid
    3) would like to try a hybrid

  • I hook every hybrid that I have tried but dont hook fairway woods. This is one that someday I will try out.

  • my hadicap is 15 and currently use an addams tightlies. would like to see if the cleveland works as well from the rough as the fairway

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