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At THP, we believe that testing should be done not only by us, but also by the wonderful forum members and we have another new testing project. One of the cool features about being an active member of the THP Forum is that we look to you guys/gals, the consumers, to give feedback on equipment to golfers all around the world. Each month we send out iron sets, drivers, putters, trainings aids and golf balls to our active members to be a part of the THP Forum Member testing.

With so much intrigue surrounding the TaylorMade RBZ irons, we thought doing an iron testing was in order. Testers will have these irons in hand well before they hit stores.

To read the rules and sign up for this testing, click here.

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  1. Chewie69 says:

    Thanks THP and Taylormade for this awesome opportunity!

  2. FrankA says:

    I am so glad that there are going to be THP testers on these clubs. They are top on my ponder list.

  3. Cookie says:

    Another awesome testing opportunity courtesy of TaylorMade! I am usually one not to believe much hype but all indicators point to the entire RBZ line being the real deal. Looking forward to seeing the 6 selected THP’ers put these through the thorough review process.

  4. Paulo says:

    Amazing tie-up between THP and TaylorMade again! Great opportunity, and I’m looking forward to finding out about these irons – they could be special!

  5. yoccos says:

    Amazing opportunity!!! Taylormade and THP at it again. I love that Taylormade is always willing to back up the hype by putting the irons in the hands of everyday golfers. Love it!

  6. Ryan H. says:

    This will be a very interesting one to follow. Thanks to Taylormade for giving our members the chance to share real-world feedback!

  7. ole gray says:

    I like the looks of these irons and they are going to make six THP’ers very happy! Thanks to THP and TaylorMade Golf for bringing this opportunity to the forum. Good luck to all you that have applied and looking forward to your reviews!

  8. Olde Atlanta says:

    Thanks THP and Taylormade !!!

  9. Icey says:

    What a great opportunity for someone to try clubs before the rest, can’t wait to hear the reviews!

  10. TripleBogieTim says:

    Awesome opportunity! Thanks to THP and Taylormade for making this possible!

  11. 9-Iron Man says:

    Another awesome testing opportunity thanks to TaylorMade and THP!

  12. yorkem says:

    Another amazing opportunity from TaylorMade and THP. I can’t wait to see what the thoughts are on these.

  13. Nate says:

    Awesome THP and Taylor Made!

  14. Jman215 says:

    Another great opportunity from TaylorMade and THP! Truly fantastic, I know the six lucky souls will do THP proud!

  15. Dr. Teeth says:

    Wow! Another amazing testing opportunity brought to us by THP and TaylorMade! This is going to be an amazing opportunity for people to get a great review process on the newest thing from TaylorMade. I can’t wait to read the tester’s thoughts on these irons.

  16. TheDue says:

    This is what dreams are made of. Thanks THP and TaylorMade!!

  17. TheIcemann says:

    This is great. THP is amazing!

  18. golf4life says:

    Another sweet prerelease testing opportunity from THP and Talyormade. Really looking forward to the results of this as the claims of these irons performance is intriguing to say the least!

  19. DMB012 says:

    This is awesome! Thanks THP and Taylormade for this great testing!

  20. ghsace says:

    Big big thanks to TaylorMade and THP for another great round of product testing!

  21. Beke says:

    Sounds like a great deal. Hopefully you choose a wide caliber of players to test them

  22. d_in_la says:

    What a HUGE opportunity! Major love to TaylorMade and THP! (And ya’ll better be signing up like it ain’t nobody’s business!!)

  23. indoor turf says:

    I <3 TaylorMade and THP!

  24. DawgDaddy says:

    THP & TaylorMade are offering another great testing opportunity to THPers, a huge thank you to both. Looking forward to the honest feedback of the 6 lucky testers.

  25. ddxu says:

    This is amazing, talk about a lucky group of folks. TaylorMade is really stepping it up with this one, even if their ads are getting pulled from golf channel

  26. Smallville says:

    Another great opportunity for six lucky testers. Thanks to TaylorMade and THP for providing this.

  27. Sharkwrestler says:

    What a great opportunity to test the latest from Taylormade.Thanks THP and TaylorMade!

  28. clamfist says:

    I love the looks of these irons. Hope they live up to the totally awesome name

  29. Trojans73 says:

    Finally got around to posting on THP. Very cool to see these testing opportunities! Can’t wait to see if a putter comes out I can try! Ironically, my bag is looking more and more like a Taylormade bag 🙂 ..because of this forum.

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