Want to Try the Snell Golf My Tour Ball?

A couple of months ago a THP Event took place at the RTJ Trail in Alabama with Snell Golf and 24 lucky THPers. After the weekend was complete, the participants had really positive things to say about the ball, which is combining high performance and a great price to give golfers everywhere a chance to play a premium tour level golf ball.

Here is a THP TV exclusive with Dean Snell talking not only about the golf ball, but about where the brand came from and what you can expect out of Snell Golf.

With the rave reviews and more THPers jumping in to order the MTB every week, we are taking it a step further and want to give you a chance at trying out the ball too. Despite all of the positive thoughts being added daily, we know that some want to try it out for themselves so THP is going to do just that for a whole lot of people. Head over to the THP Forum and drop your info in the thread for testing and we are going to pick 30-40 people and send them a sleeve. No shipping, no handling, just for being a THPer.

If you get selected to test out the MTB from Snell, come back to the THP forum, social media or wherever you get your golf information from and throw down your thoughts. Good, bad or indifferent, we want to hear from everybody what they think about golf products and the Snell Golf team wants your feedback.

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  • Let’s see how it compares against the ProV1X, my preferred tour grade ball.


  • Would love to try them out and see how well they perform for a slower swing speed compared to other tour balls.

  • Would love to try the MTB, and compare it to the current balls I use!


  • I am looking for a new gamer and half the fun is trying new things. After a long absence from the game I have a lot to try, but that is what I enjoy.

  • Early reviews on the thread look good. Would b interesting to see the look on my buddies face when I beat them with a ball they never heard of.


  • -CRW-

    I would like to give these a shot. I have not tried them yet and have been hesitant to since they are mail order – meaning I can’t just pick up a sleeve in the pro shop.

  • Would love to try out the MTB by Snell golf, will do a side by side test with my current ball! Very interested in seeing the results!

  • Having heard good things about these balls I would love to try them out to compare against my current ball, and bring them to the mind of people who are possibly set in their ways for which ball they play


  • Would love to try these out to support innovation and the little guy.


  • I found a Snell MTB on the course, and really liked what I saw before sending the ball screaming into the woods a hole or two later. I’d love to have some more time with these, based on what I’ve heard.

  • I’d love to try the MTB ball because I’ve heard great things and am always looking for good performance at a good value.


  • This seems to get the most rave reviews of all the value tour balls out there right now. I have only tried the MG C4 and Kirkland so far. Vice and Snell still to go. Nice to have offerings that aren’t $50+ and feel like you aren’t at a disadvantage.

  • I’m very interested in trying a sleeve of the MTB’s. Never hit one yet and been hearing alot of good stuff about the Snell ball. I’m currently playing the Srixon ZStar and XV so it would be a nice comparison. Thanks.


  • I’d like to try the MTB balls to see how the Snell they play. Thanks!


  • Having heard great things about this ball, I would love to test the MTB ball and see how it helps my game. Thanks!


  • I would love to compare these to my current gamer, like the reviews i have read on these. From the price point to design makes me think I could possibly game these if comparable

  • Looking for a new ball to replace my e6 and give me more spin and feel around the greens. Heard great things about these.


  • A friend of mine plays this ball regularly, and says it’s at least as good, if not better than the Pro V1x. I’m very interested in trying the MTB and see how it stacks up.

  • I’d love to see if this ball lives up to the hype and can replace my Pro V1’s

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