Want to Try the Snell Golf My Tour Ball?

A couple of months ago a THP Event took place at the RTJ Trail in Alabama with Snell Golf and 24 lucky THPers. After the weekend was complete, the participants had really positive things to say about the ball, which is combining high performance and a great price to give golfers everywhere a chance to play a premium tour level golf ball.

Here is a THP TV exclusive with Dean Snell talking not only about the golf ball, but about where the brand came from and what you can expect out of Snell Golf.

With the rave reviews and more THPers jumping in to order the MTB every week, we are taking it a step further and want to give you a chance at trying out the ball too. Despite all of the positive thoughts being added daily, we know that some want to try it out for themselves so THP is going to do just that for a whole lot of people. Head over to the THP Forum and drop your info in the thread for testing and we are going to pick 30-40 people and send them a sleeve. No shipping, no handling, just for being a THPer.

If you get selected to test out the MTB from Snell, come back to the THP forum, social media or wherever you get your golf information from and throw down your thoughts. Good, bad or indifferent, we want to hear from everybody what they think about golf products and the Snell Golf team wants your feedback.

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