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When it comes to my golf bag, there is a place for everything and everything must be in it’s place. Because I live in FL I drink a lot on the golf course. Usually it is Gatorade or some form of drink such as that. When companies such as Crystal Light starting making individual packets, I had thought it was perfect for any golfer to keep in their bag. That is what I did for about a year. Then I had a Crystal light package open up in my bag in the trunk of my car. Two things happened that made me never carry them again. The first was that there was powder everywhere. You would not think a little bit of powder would cause this much trouble. The second problem I had was that because it was fruit punch flavor I ended up with red dye all over the place and to this day have not been able to clean it out.

THP was lucky enough to receive a tip from one of our readers about a product called Water Sensations. When I heard about it and read a little more, I was thoroughly intrigued and contacted the office the next day to see about getting our hands on some and reviewing it. We spoke with Nina Riley, Founder and CEO of Water Sensations. She was delighted to hear about THP showing interest and said some samples would be sent for us to try.

A few days later a box arrived and in it were samples of each flavor of the liquid packs. I will get into the review shortly, but I want to first cover what exactly this product is. We spoke to Ms. Riley that forwarded us this information:

Water Sensations is a clear liquid flavor enhancer for water. It contains only natural flavors. It is sweetened with Sucralose, a zero calorie, non-sugar sweetener. Citric acid and malic acid (in some flavors) which are found naturally in fruits are used to enhance the overall flavor. Potassium citrate is used as a natural stabilizer for the natural fruit flavors. Water Sensations is great for people of all ages. Each Water Sensations liqui-pack flavors one standard, 16.9 oz. bottle of water or tall glass of water (2 cups). The patent-pending shaped foil liqui-packs are convenient and portable to take with you anywhere. Each carton of Water Sensations contains 16 liqui-packs…a great value since it can flavor 16 bottles of water or tall glasses of water for about a quarter each! Water Sensations contains no sugar and has no caffeine. Water Sensations is sweetened with Sucralose, a zero calorie, non-sugar sweetener. Therefore, Water Sensations has no calories. It contains no caffeine, so you are truly getting all the benefits of drinking water. Your body will be hydrated and you can enjoy great taste with so many great flavors to choose in the line. One Water Sensations liqui-pack is perfectly pre-measured to flavor one standard 16.9 oz bottle of water or tall glass of water. You can certainly use a 20 oz. bottle of water as well (the fruit taste may be just a tad lighter). You can also make a pitcher of water with Water Sensations…just use 4 liqui-packs with one half-gallon of water.

So when we opened the box we saw a bunch of little packets that each contained enough for one drink. The stuff almost looks like oversized ketchup packets. Water Sensations is flavored water, not fruit juice. That was one of the factors that I was very interested in, because out on the course, I tend to drink a lot and juice would on occasion upset my stomach. I am a big fan of drinks such as Vitamin Water, but they cost over $1 for each one. These have a MSRP of $3.99 for a package of twelve.

Like a child on Halloween, I fill up a glass of water and tear open the top to one of them (lemon). It is a virtually clear liquid that you basically sqeeze into the water. No stirring or shaking is needed whatsoever. The water stayed clear and one sip and I was hooked. It is a mild flavor that is very similar to the flavored waters I have purchased in the past.

THP was not done here though. We took this to our readers and sent out over 20 packets to people and of course without thinking ahead, put them right in an envelope. Half of the people that were set to receive them ended up with a wonderful Grape smelling envelope. Due to time restraints we were not able to resend them all out to people. So we took them to our club instead and had 14 people at the club try the drink mix on the golf course. Out of the 24 people that were actually able to try the drink 19 of them absolutely loved it. 4 of them thought it was good but not great, and 1 of them did not care for it at all.
But one thing alarmed me was that if the packages broke in the mail would they hold up to getting beat around in a golf bag? I am happy to report that for over three weeks now, I have my drink pocket filled with these and have not had one open or explode. It saves me about $6 per round due to not having to buy drinks from the drink girl and instead just carrying an empty water bottle that I fill each time they have a water stand at the tee box.

For me this was all about savings. But for many it can be about a lot of things. They are completely sugar free and calorie free. Most experts agree to stay away from the “so called” sports drinks and use water instead. If water is not your thing, this could help out a lot. But do not take our word for it. Water Sensations will give you a couple of samples to try and all you have to do is pay the shipping. Here is the link. To read all about Water Sensations and why it might be the right choice for you, check out their site at Water Sensations.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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