Wedge Shoot Out Results

Each year The Hackers Paradise holds “Shoot Outs” with most categories of golf equipment. We put together a panel of testers that are not affiliated with our site or any company and ask them to test equipment and based on their tests we determine rankings for each club. These are the results of those tests and are not the views or opinions of the staff here at THP. We offer spots in these “Competitions” to almost all of the major equipment companies and most are kind enough to be a part of it. Last month we concluded our Putter Shoot Out and after that, and it was time to move on to the one most requested by our readers. That is the wedges!

None of this is scientific and we hope every person reading this tries as many wedges out as they can when making their decisions on what will work best for them. However as THP is the site For consumers, By consumers, we think it is a great way to get through all of the marketing out there and find out once and for all which clubs worked best for our “Panel of Judges”. We assembled 18 golfers set up in 3 categories to test each club in this “competition”. Six Low Handicap players, Six Mid Handicap players, and Six High Handicap players. Click here to read a short biography for each person included in the testing. You can also click here to read the thoughts and quotes of each participant as they were going through the process.

Bridgestone B330RX was the ball that was used for every single participant in this event and in some ways, the ball may have been the star of the show. More than 75% of the participants wanted to switch to this particular ball by the time they were done testing, something that they brought up themselves without us mentioning a thing.

A couple of things to note before we get into the results.
1. Not one of these wedges performed poorly. Every single one of them did quite well.
2. Players were given a series of shots from a variety of locations, such as chipping, bunker shorts, pitching, and full swings.

Here is the complete list of entries

Titleist – Vokey Spin Milled
Callaway – X Forged
Cleveland – CG12
Cleveland – CG14
Taylormade -Z TP
Nike – VR Forged
Eidolon – V-Sole
Nickent – Arc Wedges
Bridgestone – WC Liquid Copper
Mizuno – MP R
Mizuno – MP T
Adams – Puglielli
Feel – Designer Series Dart Thrower
Wilson Staff – TW9
Hippo – HWT Forged
Srixon – WG-706

We based our rankings on four categories
1. Looks
2. Feel
3. Spin
4. Performance (Counts Double)

Then we take those rankings and calculate an overall winner. Again, nothing scientific, but we feel by letting consumers get the chance to hit each club the same in real world golf situations, it gives other consumers (people like us) the ability to compare with some that play similarly to their style.


Each tester was asked to rank each wedge based on aesthetics only, and rank them 1 through 16. Here is the top 5 in the looks category. With the exception of 1st place that was almost a runaway from the rest of the pack, most of the wedges in the lineup were very close in the rankings. The Wilson Staff was the clear choice by our testers in this one though.

1. Wilson Staff TW9
2. Taylormade Z TP
3. Bridgestone WC Liquid Copper
4. Nike VR Forged
5. Titleist Vokey Spin Milled


Nothing more subjective than this. We asked each tester to rank each wedge 1 through 16 based on feel and their own personal interpretation of how the clubs felt. This is the one that the testers seemed to have the most fun with because each golfer is different in how they interpret this. Things such as texture, softness, and feedback, were commonly used when the golfers were determining the feel. Each player noted more and more how different every wedge felt that they got to try. Nike was tops on this list followed very closely by so many other great wedges. Both sets of Mizuno wedges made this top 5.

1. Nike VR Forged
2. Mizuno MP T
3. Adams Puglielli
4. Callaway X-Forged
5. Mizuno MP R


This was a measurement after each shot on 3 different segments of the test. Most of the players felt going in that the spin would be the same and when they finished they could visibly see how each wedge performed differently. It was also very interesting to see how different wedges performed in spin based on the different handicapped groups of testers.

1. Cleveland CG14
2. Titliest Vokey Spin Milled
3. Eidolon
4. Adams Puglielli
5. Callaway X-Forged


This category was based on the results of each shot performed by the equipment testers. Based on measurements and how close to the hole each ball was. Again, this was very telling by handicap groups as well. In determining an overall winner, THP feels that this is the most important category in a wedge and is counted as double points.

1. Cleveland CG14
2. Eidolon
3. Nike VR Forged
4. Taylormade Z TP
5. Callaway X-Forged


After we totaled each category from all 18 people that are involved with this project we came up with overall rankings. Here is the top 5 for the overall rankings in our Wedge Shoot Out.

1. Cleveland CG14
2. Nike VR Forged
3. Callaway X-Forged
4. Titleist Vokey Spin Milled
5. Taylormade Z TP

Not one wedge in this entire “contest” was a bad wedge or a poorly made club. In fact what we noticed is that so many of the clubs are excellent and the results backed that up. It in some cases came down to inches in determining the overall winner. It goes to show that every club will feel and perform differently in each player’s hand and to test out as much equipment as you can to determine which is a perfect fit. If you would like to see all of the pictures taken of the gear used in this shoot out, click here for 2 full pages of pictures.

Another Shoot Out has come to an end and we had a blast doing it. We hope everybody enjoys reading how other players “just like you” perform with the different clubs and will continue to do them as long as our readers enjoy reading them. The equipment companies have been gracious enough to supply their equipment for these tests and we want to thank them for the chance to put these great clubs in the hands of the players for this event.

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  • Nice review JB!!! Plus all the extra forum threads to go along with it….I think I can probably try all of these at our largest range, and see what happens from there…I am surprised that the Eidolon did no make the top 5 considering it was in the Top 5 in 2 categories….

    thanks again

  • Like I mentioned, it was a game of inches in some instances and they did not make the overall, but not by much. Every wedge in here was truly a great wedge and it came down to participants thoughts. Glad you liked the review.

  • Interesting review. I’m happy with my SM Vokeys. Very happy. But good to see Nike score well.

  • This was a GREAT review. I liked this one even more than the putter shoot out. Great job JB.

  • I love these roundups that you have. Very interesting read and I cannot wait for the next one. The driver, putter, and the wedge one have been great. I read this site each day in hopes that the next announcement will be the hybrid one. Thanks.

  • Great write up. I use the CG14s and love to see that others liked them as well. Interesting read and pictures. Keep it up.

  • Surprised to see the Adams wedges up so high in a few categories. I may have to try these out.

  • This is really cool guys. I have tried a lot of these, but love seeing how people feel about each club. Very thorough and even more fun. thanks.

  • Great writeup JB!

    I suspected that the CG14 would finish well! I’m surprised in a couple of the finishes though

  • Good stuff. I hit almost every wedge you used before I made my purchase and came away with the CG14s as well. Good wedge with great spin and feel.

  • I was surprised that the Srixon wedges did not do better here. I use them and love them.

  • I think you almost have to consider this test incomplete. There are some noticable favorites missing from ths list (Scratch, Fourteen, Miura).

  • Chris,
    Those wedge companies were offered a spot in this and turned down the opportunity. While we love hearing about more and more club companies, if a company decides not to be reviewed or be in a competition with other wedges, it is out of our control.

  • This was a complete review in my eyes. How can someone possibly compare the popularity of Scratch, Fourteen, and Miura when they are all custom wedges to that of regular wedges available to the consumer at a reasonable price. I think that reader is into some serious hype.

  • Very interesting and those pictures were really cool. Love the way the Bridgestones look with that copper, and also really like the look of the Vokeys and callaways.

  • very good stuff. Been waiting on this one since the pictures in the forum.

  • Wow, excellent work. The results are interested, particularly how they break down by handicap group. I’ve got a full set of wedges at the moment (well, I could use a 52), but I’m definitely tucking this one away for future reference. Thanks.

  • Excellent work…loved the pics and everything. Looks like when I finally have the cash I might be upgrading the the VR’s.

  • wow amazing the cleveland took this one…not that cleveland make poor equipment but i dont think anyone saw this coming…cant wait to get to the range!!!
    nice on JB

  • This was very fun to read. It seems that anything in the top 5 is pretty damn exceptional and with the exception of Nike being in there, I guessed them all right. Good work.

  • Awesome. This will be useful when looking for new wedges. I was suprised by the results too. Based on this i will now at least try the Nike VR wedge. I wouldnt have bothered before hand!

  • I am not surprised here at all. Having tried all of the wedges in this grouping I found the same results almost to a T. Thanks for mentioning that they were all great wedges because they are. I play Vokeys because they work for me. The Clevelands did spin more for me, but these just work.

    Love the write up and keep them coming. I too want to see a hybrid one.

  • Fourteen, Miura, and Scratch are all stock wedges in addition to high end custom so I think marcus timmons needs to go learn a little more about what manufacturers offer what.

  • Chris Thompson,
    Thank you for your comments. I will say this again though. All of those companies you are speaking of were invited and declined. Nothing more has to be said on that. Perhaps they will join us in the future, but that is their choice. However we are thrilled to death with the company turnout we received for this event.

    Miura’s exact response was that “we are a custom wedge company that wants players to be fitted and do not want to send stock clubs to be compared to others.”

    That is their right and we enjoyed the Miura wedges when we reviewed them and the winner of our Miura wedge giveaway likes his too.

  • Admin,
    thanks for all the hardwork you guys put into this. Sorry a few do not appreciate it and only want to see high priced clubs that are not available in most stores.

    This was a great review and love how it was done. The pictures were a hoot to look at, but I most enjoyed reading the thoughts of the people involved in the link. Keep it up, great story.

  • This was pretty damn cool to read. Thanks for putting it up.

  • Nice to see that most of the marketing being done is real. The Vokeys did well as did the other brands. It goes to show you that you really do have to find the one that fits you best. That is why this forum is the best out there. Its not just about who has X brand of equipment.

  • Great review JB and Team. Interesting to see how close some of the contest were. My Adams didnt do too badly which is good. Looks like the companies are pretty close in their wedge design and performance. Thanks for taking all the time and energy to conduct this for us Hackers.

  • Good info. Thanks.

  • Very nice review. I’m surprised that the Cleveland did that well. I have been too put off by the looks to even pick one up and swing it, I’ll have to rectify that now. I am also intrigued by the Nikes.

  • Great write up. I recently got CG14’s with the Nippon shafts (to make them lighter). I LOVE them. I also love the 330RX balls.

  • I love my Cleveland CG14 Black Pearls, I have a 50 and a 56. I like the Nike victory Forged 52 as well.

  • I must say I think wedges with clean lines look the best. Nike, Mizuno, Eidolon, Vokey, CG12, Callaway, all look great. The winner of the ‘butt-ugly’ wedge award has to go to Nickent with that unsightly protrusion on the back.

  • I just picked up a Cleveland CG14 black a few weeks ago and I love it! What a great wedge! Good to see I made the right choice! If you are in the market for a new wedge you have to look at the Cleveland, by far the best wedge Ive ever used!

  • Great shoot out. I had a feeling the CG14s would come out on top.

  • Love what you guys are doing here. Bring on the hybrids like some others suggested. This was really fun to read. Picked up the Adams wedges this morning. They were spot on in the shoot out. Good feel and great spin.

  • Great job, that was a lot of work to test all of those with so many people! I was surprised with the results, thought the Nickent and Eidolon wedges would make the top 5 after their solo reviews in the past. But can’t argue with testing this thorough!

  • This is absolutely the best golf site around. Thank you.

  • Finally got a chance to read the review, great work. I was a little surprised that the Cleveland’s took the top spot and really surprised the Eidolon wasn’t in the top 5. That’s why these reviews are so great, no marketing b.s.

    BTW, I’m the guy who won the Miura, it’s too bad they chose not to participate. Props to all the companies that believed in their products enough to go head to head with the competition.

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  • Yeah it took me this long to get through everything. And It looks like my winner is Adams, the “ugly club” that I actually liked the looks of! What really sold me was the overall results without the looks category, where JB mentions it probably was a top 5 club without the looks part. And since I liked the looks, it’s a no brainer!

  • […] it. Last month we concluded our Putter Shoot Out and after that, and it was time to move on to the Wedge Shoot Out, now the Hybrid Shoot Out is upon us, and we were really excited by the turn out of companies eager […]

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  • I think the most interesting thing about this article is the fact that the Cleveland CG14 60 LW they used has 12 degrees of bounce. After looking at the pictures, the lies looked like tight lies to me. To me it seems like more bounce is better for the amateur golfer. I think the Nike had 10 bounce, the Callaway had 10 bounce, Titleist had 4 bounce and the Taylormade Z wedge has 06 degrees of bounce.

  • Timothy,
    That is not correct. In fact quite a few of the numbers you are showing are not correct.

  • […] every major manufacturer to determine, according to our testers, what wedge line reigned supreme. Cleveland Golf’s CG14 wedges won this Shoot Out and the response from our testing panel was extremely positive. When we got word that Cleveland was […]

  • 9 Feb 2010

    Did PowerBilt really “move the metal” with Nitrogen air filler?

  • did anyone use them from sand?? this article from England has some surprising differences.

  • Steve,
    All items were hit out of the sand, as well as many other lies. As for your link, you will usually have different results when you do tests differently. This test was made up of 18 testers not affiliated with any site, company, or anything else. That test was a test made up of 4 testers affiliated with that site.

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