Weszty Golf double – U Irons Review

The Hackers Paradise gets contacted each and every day from different companies looking to have their products reviewed. We try to oblige every piece of equipment, apparel, and accessory that comes our way to a fair, unbiased, and honest review. A few months ago THP was contacted by a company called Weszty Golf and they wanted us to review one of their sets of irons. When they spoke about their passion for the game and what they are trying to deliver to consumers, we definitely wanted to give the set a test drive and see if it lived up to what they were telling us. Their goal in a nutshell is to give the consumers the ability to have top notch equipment without breaking the bank. Sounds good to us.

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From the Company
Weszty Golf was founded in 2005 by John Wesztergom. John has nearly twenty years experience in golf club making and club head design. He learned the art of golf club design studying under some of the most renowned golf club designers in the industry. John’s vision was to create a line of equipment that looked great, performed even better, and didn’t “break the bank” in the process. After all, what’s the use of spending all your money on equipment and having nothing left for greens fees? Weszty Golf is the realization of this vision.

At Weszty Golf, our mission is to make the game more enjoyable for players of all skill levels. We create our designs to not only be pleasing to the eye, but to be engineered with features that make the clubs easier to hit. We strive to give you the equipment and the confidence to “Knock Down That Pin!”
First Impressions
When the irons arrived the first thing we thought of was clean, sharp lines. At setup position it will give you a traditional look with the exception of the “upper toe” side of the club being slightly square. The double U-Irons have very little if any offset and are definitely a players cavity. The cavity features dual pockets that are filled in between them to provide some extra weight in the bottom center of the club head. The design seems simple however our first thoughts were that we did not care for the stamping on the back. It looked a little cheap or homemade on a club that looks darn good otherwise.
Info on Technology
The double – U places extra mass right behind the sweet spot for solid feeling on-center hits. The bar, running from toe to heel, creates the double undercut. The cavity on either side of the extra mass makes the club head more forgiving on off-center hits while the bar serves to draw the center of gravity deeper into the club head and increase the MOI, making the club more stable and easier to get the ball airborne. The material is 431 stainless steel and they are cast.

Weszty Golf provided two sets of irons to us for testing, both with the same club heads. One was fitted with a Regular flex Weszty Pro Stick steel shaft and the other was the same shaft in a stiff variety. During the course of the month long testing we have had 18 players not only hit these on the range, but play these on the course during normal golf rounds.

During our range sessions we got the same feedback from almost all 18 players that tried out the irons.
-Great look at setup.
-Definitely no offset and a players iron.
-Good all around club
-The club feels a little head heavy at impact.
-Feel is a lot harder than most of the players irons out there.
On the course testing proved to be the same as range testing. Most of the testers came away quite impressed with the Weszty Golf double – U Irons. All the players in the testing were low or mid handicap golfers (sub 18) and most (15) played players cavity back irons currently. Each golfer enjoyed the Weszty irons quite a bit. Everybody raved about the look at setup. Here are more details:


One of the best looks at setup out there currently for an iron
Love the minimal offset of an iron in this category
Distances are spot on for what people expect
Great mid/high trajectory that most players were looking for

They just feel hard at contact compared to most in the same class of irons
Nobody really liked the lettering or finish

When told the price of the irons the golfers that were involved in the trial thought that it was an amazing bargain. Each golfer would love these irons based on look and price alone, but the feel gave almost all of them fits.
We believe that Weszty is definitely on to something here. Currently this set that we reviewed is priced at $450 for 3-PW and is a solid value. There is even a special for half off going on for a limited time to get this set for only $225 if you mention that you are a reader from THP. While price is a huge deal to all of us in this economy, more goes into our reviews than just that alone. As you have read, most of the players that tried these irons enjoyed the look of them and a lot more. But just about every single golfer commented on the feel. You add a softer feel into this iron and Weszty could have something special on their hands. We think that the mission and the message that Weszty Golf is going after is long overdue and hopefully in time they can bring the price down across the board in the industry.

For more information on this set or any of the other products that Weszty Golf has out right now, check out their website here.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Great write-up and great pictures! I love learning about a company I had never heard of before.

  • I have not heard of this brand before but agree with the reviewers that it is a really nice looking iron other than the dancing letters. The price is certainly right, that is for sure. Great pics by the way.

  • Some sensicore inserts and it sounds like the major con would be eliminated. I’m a lot more concerned with the way a club looks at address then what it looks like in the bag.That would take the graphics con away for me.Seems like a pretty solid deal.The THP discount makes it more so.As always a informative review so thanks THP.

  • I have to agree with the testers, these look great at address! I’m also not too fond of the lettering on the back of the club, not that it’s real important to be flashy, but this just doesn’t do it for me. It’s too bad they don’t deliver a little softer feel, hopefully in future offerings Weszty can figure this out while still keeping prices down.

    Great review, thanks!!

  • Nice write-up JB. I too think that the club looks great at address, but the back and cavity look a bit cheap.

    I would have liked to read how effective Weszty’s double-U technology actually performed in terms of forgiveness of off-center hits, as well as how they compared in ball flight, distance and accuracy to the tester’s own irons. Loft specs would have been nice too.

  • bonknhead,
    Full specs of the irons can be found on their website which we provide a link to. As for ball flight and distance the reason it was not included in this review like it normally is, is because it was all over the place across the board with our testers.

  • Thanks JB. I didn’t click the link in the review to look, duh. Looking at it now, it’s nice to see the irons have closer to “traditional” lofts (such as a 47* PW, instead of 45* like some of today’s “long” irons).

  • I agree with some others. The iron itself looks really good. The price looks really good, but I am not sure about the lettering.

  • Josh – Thanks very much to you and the reviewers for testing the double – U! Your feedback is very important to me as I strive to deliver quality designs at affordable pricing. The stock shaft is probably also taking away a bit of the feel and that’s something I’ll need to revisit. Other shaft options are available and interested golfers can email me at info@wesztygolf.com and I’d be happy to provide a quote for any desired shaft. If your readers are interested I can offer a full set (3 – GW) with the stock True Temper shaft in regular or stiff, or the FST 115 in stiff only, or the FST PRO 115 stepless in regular or stiff for $225. I’ll give the same offer on my Zt-C and CGS models as well. I’ll keep the offer open until the end of November. Just email me and I’ll hook you up. Thanks again and I’ll have to get more equipent down to you guys to review. “Knock Down That Pin!” – John

  • Wow. The full set with upgraded FST shafts for $225? I am incredibly tempted to try this for sure.

  • Hi Guys – To make it easier to access the offer I mentioned above, I created a link especially for THP-ers. You can access the special at http://www.wesztygolf.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=29 and I thank you again for the great feedback! Please feel free to email me with any questions. – John

  • I just wanted to thank everyone who has contacted me about the double – U’s since the review. I’ve updated the shaft options and the club is playing better than ever! Here’s an email I rec’d from one of the guys who read the review who purchased a set:

    Hey John,
    Just to update you on my Weszty Double U irons shafted with the True Temper GS 95 irons. I played my first sort of competitive round with them and they are: easy to hit high, very good distance{ I had them strengthened one degree}, really accurate, and really forgiving.
    Everything considered just a great set of irons, with wonderful feel with these shafts. Hit a 6-iron 164 yards on a par 3 , almost a hole in one, about 6 inches right behind the hole with the ball mark about 6 inches in front of the hole !


    I’m looking forward to getting more desings down to THP for review.

    Best Regards! – Weszty

  • Just need LH options and I’d be a happy camper!

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