What is Coming…And Your Suggestions

I have received a slew of emails about what some of our readers want to see reviewed. With so many people reading the site, it was no surprise with the vast array of ideas and suggestions coming in. One that sounded so intriguing to me was “Men’s Care” products. So the THP crew contacted many of the great manufacturers and they were all thrilled to join the THP family. So in the coming weeks we will be bringing you reviews of each product line and what we think our golf fans would like to use and carry with them. From shaving creams to sunscreen, we will have you covered.
Also on the agenda is the article being worked on now in which we discuss the craze of belts and belt buckles. You won’t want to miss that one. Quite a few manufacturers from major brands chime in with great info.
We are also doing a piece on the trends in golf clothing. What was once a khaki pants and white shirt sport is evolving into a fashion showcase. THP is speaking to the companies that are making it happen.
We have been getting a lot of emails as of late about golf shoes. Maybe that is because many of you know how much I love them and matching them to each outfit. But regardless of why, we are in talks with just about every major shoe company out there and will be bringing you reviews on so many brands that you will want to try out.
Golfer Girl is also doing a piece coming up in a few days about a golf apparel company that she has just fallen in love with. You won’t want to miss that. Their clothes are dynamite.
As always you will get tons of other stuff as well. From the crazy writing antics of Mr. Harry Longshanks, to the best tour coverage around from Craig M. We will have you covered.
Keep those suggestions coming on what you want to see. We work hard every day to bring you the best golf stuff out there. Let us know what you want to hear about.

Till Next Time
Josh B

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