What is in Keegan Bradley’s Winning Bag

Keegan Bradley won the HP Byron Nelson in a playoff this week and picked up his first win on the PGA Tour. The THP Tour Spot wanted to take a look at what is in his winning bag and saw that the Miyazaki shaft is continuing its steady growth at the tour level as we profiled two weeks ago. Since that time, the Miyazaki shaft line and the new Cleveland drivers have picked up back to back wins with Toms and now Bradley entering the winners circle.

Here is a look at his bag setup this week.

Driver – Cleveland Launcher Ultralite TL 310 9.5 with Miyazaki Kusala Black 61X
3W – Cleveland Launcher Ultralite FL FW 14d with Miyazaki Kusala Black 83X
2 Hybrid – Cleveland Launcher DST 18d with Project X HB6
3 Hybrid – Cleveland Mashie TM3 20.5 with Miyazaki C. Kua hybrid 105X
Irons 4-P – Cleveland CG7 Tour with DG X100 @ 1/2″ over
Wedges – Cleveland CG14 52* and 58* with S400
Putter – Odyssey WH XG Sabertooth
Ball – Srixon Z Star
Glove – Cleveland

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  • The Cleveland driver is beating the odds…Some one better watch out…..

  • That’s a big win for such a young guy. Congrats to Keegan.

  • Cleveland and Miazaki getting it done, congras Keegan B.

  • Look at that shaft selection; great rep for Miyazaki!!

  • He is my new hero :o)! Cleveland gear rocks and congrats to Keegan Bradley for his victory.

  • Miyazaki is just getting started, i cant imagine how many shafts they will have out on tour in the next couple years. Great job Keegan B

  • Surprised by the number of players on all tours using Odyssey putters….

  • Also a huge Miyazaki fan 😀
    Curious as to why he prefers the Mashie as a 3 hybrid and the launcher for a 2 hybrid. Also with a completely different shaft in the 2 hybrid. Makes me wonder if I should explore other options in shafts with my 2 hybrid.
    Congrats to Keegan for his win!

  • Nice to see some Miyazaki love. I wonder why he went with PX in the 2 hybrid? Congrats Keegan.

  • Miyazaki and Cleveland getting it done! Congrats to them, and Keegan on his first win.

  • It’s interesting to see CG14 wedges. I thought these quite inferior to either the CG12 or the CG15s. They had a harsh feeling for me and seemed harder to dial in. I always think it’s interesting to see the top players using equipment from past seasons.

  • Cleveland rocks! That was a song, right?

    That so many are hitting so few shots with Odysseys makes me wonder…..

  • This is a nice win for him. Great golfer IMO, and has plenty of wins to come.

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