What’s New: 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Hits Retail

A few months ago, a group of forum members got a chance to head to California and more specifically Callaway Golf HQ for a trip of a lifetime. During that visit, they learned about the new Chrome Soft line of golf balls and immediately put them into play. Since that time the reviews have been posted on the THP Forum and you can read all of those here.

The Chrome Soft hits retail today and we wanted to dive in a little deeper to not only the technology that makes them different, but also what golfers should expect to see on the golf course. We chatted with Jason Finley, Director of Brand and Product Management about the specs, the story and most importantly the expectations of performance.

THP: Chrome Soft has been a huge success over the last few years for Callaway.  2020 is a fairly large change to the product, can you summarize some of the biggest differences people will see over the previous generation?

Jason Finley:  What is so exciting with the new Chrome Soft in particular is that we have taken a product that golfers love and made everything about it better.   We have taken all that everyone loves and improved upon it by making it longer, more consistent and higher quality.   The big key to this that made it all possible is the investment we have made in our Chicopee ball plant.   We would not be able to make the balls we are in 2020 without the improvements we have done in Chicopee.

THP: Both core and mantle have been redesigned, but for a lot of golfers, those changes are going to be seen rather than heard.  What will they see from the new core and mantle while playing? 

Jason Finley: The biggest key is that both balls will be faster but also each of the balls is designed to fit different types of golfers with more differentiation between our two balls than we have ever had.  The different construction of having the mantle and core working together is what is going to drive not only the ball speed gains but also the total performance the two balls are providing.

THP: More spin around the green and less spin on full shots is the unicorn in some ways.  Early testing by forum members says that Callaway has in fact nailed this.  How different is it than previous offerings?  

Jason Finley: This is all part of the optimization process that we are going through.   Certain variables are so important to this – like the Larger inner core in the CS golf ball which is really helpful for that player type and the Dual Mantle working with the large single core in the CSX.   It is also a part of our design philosophy for the Chrome Soft family of golf balls where we take more of an approach of stroked gain and how golfers who play each ball actually play the game and what they are looking for out of a golf ball.

THP: Recently a documentary aired on Callaway Golf and the Golf Channel talking bout the Chiopee plant.  Learning about the investment being made over the last few years (yes years) has been staggering.  How will this bring innovation and quality that is different than before?  

Jason Finley: As we talked about before, all of these changes are not only allowing us to make a ball we have never been able to make before, but also dramatically improves the quality and consistency we are able to deliver in our golf balls.

THP: Callaway offers a lot of golf balls.  Who do you think the Chrome Soft is best for?  

Jason Finley: The vast majority of those who are BUYING golf balls are going to benefit most from Chrome Soft.  It is going to be longer all around the golf course and provide tremendous spin and control around the green.   The Chrome Soft and its lower compression will also be a more forgiving golf ball which will help to be longer around the golf course as a result of losing less speed on mishits.

THP: Triple Track, Truvis, White.  How many choices exist for our readers?  

Jason Finley: Depending on the ball, there are a lot of choices and we think that is good for golfers.   Leading the way is Triple Track which is rooted in the science of Hyper Acuity and how our eyes work.  This is aimed for the player to look for help with improving alignment.  Truvis provides a unique visual alignment option for players looking for better focus and visibility and also some unique color combinations.

The new Callaway Chrome Soft hits retail stores today. Pricing is $47.99 per dozen. Are you going to try them? Have you tried them? Drop a note in the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • After playing another round with the 2020 CS I need to revise one of my comments. I initially thought it to be lower launching than the ERC Soft. I’m not sure that is the case. Of course, it could be just the result of the way I am swinging the driver, too. I am getting great distance with little to no wind, as well as down wind/breeze and if I strike the ball solidly it performs pretty darn good into the wind. I find it not as forgiving into the wind on some off center strikes, though. Really thinking seriously of going -1/D on the adapter.
  • I’ve got a bunch rounds with the 2020 CS TT ball under my belt. My scores have been at or below my normal score. This ball flies straight, mid to mid-high and offers plenty of distance at my CHS. I really like how well the ball spins from 8i down. The greens are soft however the CS stops great! My chips and pitches are checking up better than when I played Pro V1, Pro V1x, B XS and TP5. The only balls that seem to respond with as much short game spin are the Mizuno RB Tour balls butI prefer the softness of the CS. Your ability has been excellent. That said I haven’t introduced them to cart paths to this point. Clanked a few trees and they held up extremely well.
  • Played the Truvis Black/Yellow today. Love watching the ball spin into green. Not much wind today so it is nice to see the distances are consistent off the irons.
  • I have a tee time booked for Sunday and I think I should throw my last new Chrome Soft in play. It’s going to be breezy so I’ll definitely test the performance in that category.
  • It kills me that I still haven’t tried these. I’m not sure there’s a single place I could even buy them right now if I wanted to.
  • Is there a buy 3 get 1 promo for these like other OEMs do?
  • Is there a buy 3 get 1 promo for these like other OEMs do?

    Not that I am aware of at this time.

  • The 2020 CS did all that I needed to do today. It felt great off the tee, off my irons spin appears to be better than the previous version and with wedges I’m seeing less roll out.

    while my putting today was not where I’d like it to be, there is a nice feel off the putter. Not harsh or clicky at all.

  • It kills me that I still haven’t tried these. I’m not sure there’s a single place I could even buy them right now if I wanted to.

    I can help you with that. Check your PM’s

  • I cancelled my order that I had placed with Callaway direct. I ordered on 3/18 and I was told today by customer service that they were back ordered until May 5. I understand the times and just thought that I would mention it (my order was CS yellow with TT).

    I was able to find an Amazon distributor last week and got a notice that they delivered today. I have been anticipating the new CS for quite some time and am super excited to give them a try versus my two other current favorites. I will be sure to post back once I get them out for a round.

  • It kills me that I still haven’t tried these. I’m not sure there’s a single place I could even buy them right now if I wanted to.

    I’m with you….I need to try them but the billion prior gen CS I have a barking at me. :D

  • I’ve got plenty for try and nowhere to try them. Ugh
  • I’ve got plenty for try and nowhere to try them. Ugh

    Callaway rewards has them up also. I’m going to get a dozen just because

  • Well I only played one hole with my last Chrome Soft before feeding it to the water God’s. Looks like I need to pick up a dozen now because Triple Track is the SH!T!!
  • I’ve got plenty for try and nowhere to try them. Ugh

    I can use them, go ahead and send them up. I will even give @shanewu a couple to try.

  • I can use them, go ahead and send them up. I will even give @shanewu a couple to try.

    I approve! hahahahahaha

  • Playing today my first round with CS TT. So far, they feel great. Will need more testing for certain, but they feel similar to ERC and that is not a bad thing. Better around the greens. Just finished #10 on exec course and walking solo

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