Who Is #1?

The Tour is battling for a #1 golfer for the first time in ages. Forget about the real count and the ridiculous statistics they are using that creates a seemingly flawed system. Who do you think is the #1 player in the world and why?

Tiger W – Has not won in ages. Shows flashes of brilliance in each event only to come back with 1 or 2 average rounds. But won plenty before the “incident” to still hold the spot by their math.

Phil M – Won the Masters. Played in contention and well in many other events. Yet also has shown flashes of brilliance only to fall apart the other day or two and not claim the spot. Not playing Great golf right now. At least not 4 rounds of it.

Lee W – Very consistent. Finished high in majors. Never won a major. Won on the PGA Tour (not a strong field), and has won on the Euro Tour plenty. Hard to gauge for some based on competition many feel. Extremely consistent despite NEVER winning the big one.

Steve S – Played better than most at the end of last year and even early this year. Fell off for a while, while he battled injuries. Came back to complete form late in the year and it showed. Won more than one event, but the Majors hurt.

Jim F – Won the FedEx Cup. Played great golf this year with multiple wins. Most likely PGA Tour Player of the Year. Struggled in some big events at times and when he struggles he is no where to be found.

Matt K – Consistent like Westwood. Not as high ranking in some events, but right on the edge of winning multiple. Certainly belongs in the conversation based on his end of year.

Dustin Johnson – Multiple winner. Dominated certain aspects of majors. Known for Bunkergate and blowing up at the US Open, but was in contention. Could be the next big thing in golf. Stupid Long!

Els – Crazy good comeback year. He won twice this year and played excellent golf. But also fell apart in some big tournaments. If he has returned to form, could he make the splash at #1?

Martin K – Won a major this year. Won in Europe this year. Crazy good player with every shot in the bag. Does he need to play on the PGA Tour more or in more events and showcase those skills at the highest level?

Graeme M – Won the US Open. Seems to have figured out the way to win from that point on. Has his game firing on all cylinders and ready to make the prime move. Expect to see him much more on the PGA Tour next year as well.

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