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Wilson Staff C100 Irons Review

As golfers of various skill levels often attempt to combine forgiveness, distance, and accuracy in the perfect iron set, it is always intriguing to review a set of irons that are geared towards controlled distance gains.  Categorized in the “Control” series of their 2014 lineup, the Wilson Staff C100 irons seek to provide a solid combination of distance and feel.  While this iron build has been attempted by numerous companies in the past and present, it is not often that the best of both worlds is adequately achieved.

From Wilson Golf

VISIBLE TECHNOLOGY – An optimal size head design with a sleek mirror black PVD finish and contrasting face, sole and Exoskeleton features promote visible technology and confidence at address.

EXOSKELETON WEIGHTING – Exoskeleton weighting accounts for one-third of the total head mass, maximizing the MOI and forgiveness while still maintaining a midsize head shape.

THIN FACE – A stronger, stainless steel material allows for the thinnest-faced Wilson Staff Control (C) iron yet, creating faster ball speeds and longer distances.

GripWilson Staff Tour Traction
Shaft OptionsTrue Temper CL100, Aldila RIP Xi 75
Flex OptionsS, R (steel) & S, R, A (graphite)
Player CategoryControl
HandRH, LH
Set Makeup4-PW, GW


Instantly standing out from the total package is the stark contrast between the matte grooved face and the surrounding mirror-black PVD finish of the heads.  From eye level looking down to the club at address, the C100 irons look very clean, with a solid yet not oversized top line, providing plenty of optimism for quality contact.  That mirror-black PVD contrast with the face color wraps through the face, across the sole, and into the back of the head, which provides a very unique look while in the bag.

While this look has a visual benefit, it also plays a brilliant role in the overall visual wear of the iron.  Where the mirror black PVD finish would naturally scratch, this finish is actually quite resilient to drag, and despite countless range sessions appears generally unharmed.  This was a nice element of style and function that really stood out when considering the total iron package.


While many distance irons have come and gone with a lack of ability to predict the landing point of a solid strike, the Wilson Staff C100’s performed quite well.  The combination of forgiveness on the face and a reasonable sole still provide ample feedback to poor shots, but more importantly, generate predictable flight that more often than not goes toward the intended target.  This level of accuracy pays major dividends when factoring in the set gap wedge, which demands much greater consistency and precision.  In testing, the C100 gap wedge performed at or better than expected, with only a very small percentage of shots coming up short of target of veering right of target without reasonable explanation.


As players step away from the feel/player category and into a more forgiving head, it is unlikely their propensity for attempting to move the ball left/right and low/high will go away overnight.  In this case, it was extremely easy to generate draws, fades, and more penetrating flight by manipulating the head and swing path.  Despite the ease of control with the C100 irons, generating intentional straight flight was equally as easy, offering a confirmation on the overall accuracy of the head.


While the distance generated by the C100 irons was on par or slightly better than pre-conceived gapping, at two degrees or more stronger than typical non-distance irons, this could have been slightly improved.  Despite what is listed for lofts, the flighting, spin, and control generated by the irons met expectations, and any additional distance would feel somewhat unnecessary.  Most testing was completed swinging at a typical speed, however, taking a more aggressive swing into the ball did produce added distance, which most of the time did not come at the cost of other important features like accuracy.

Turf Interaction

One very important feature of an iron is how well it can tolerate various types of turf, be it fairway, rough, sand, etc.  As irons move into the more forgiving category, the sole tends to increase in width, allowing for greater opportunity to slide through the contact zone rather than digging a healthy pelt of dirt out of the ground.  In the case of the C100 iron profile, while the sole has a nice wide base to it, cutting through the turf is exceptionally easy when intended.  With the exception of wet weather, it can even rip through medium rough well enough to get the ball airborne and upwards of 95% of anticipated distance.  This type of diversity in turf interaction should be welcomed by anything dealing with contact inconsistencies.


While ‘feel’ can be a very personal experience, testing generated solid sound and head based feedback on quality contact strikes.  Less than ideal contact, more typically lower on the face and towards the toe, generated a slightly duller sound, but offered a great idea of whether solid contact was made.  Despite the sound generated from a poor struck low on the face, the feedback isn’t as harsh as many of the less forgiving irons on the market generate, which was a pleasant surprise.  When struck pure, the C100 irons feel very flush with a small hint of a higher pitched ‘tick’ that can become very intoxicating to produce. 


Paired with the Wilson Staff C100 irons are the True Temper CL100 shafts.  Weighing in at 100 grams, the mid launch and mid spin profile really offer a nice compliment to the overall control concept.  The lighter, slightly longer shaft should help to promote distance through an increase in club head speed, yet not so much as to detract from the accuracy.


The stock grip on the C100 irons is the Wilson Staff Tour Traction.  This unique grip design provides visual hand references to promote consistent gripping, and boasts an interesting pattern design.  While the grip got somewhat slick when hands got sweaty, it performed quite well in the rain, limiting any slippage when wearing a glove.

Final Thoughts

There are many important factors to consider when selecting the perfect iron for a player’s game, however, Wilson Staff has done an admirable job of blending the incredibly important categories of control, distance, and accuracy into the C100 package.  Functional for a large range of skill levels, and blended extremely well into a players set with the gap wedge, golfers can anticipate predictability and control in a distance package.  For more information on the Wilson Staff C100 irons, visit www.wilson.com.

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Dan E.


Dan Edwards is a THP staff writer that currently resides in southern Ohio. He is a low index player that has a long-held love for taking in and sharing knowledge about golf equipment.

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  • Great review Dan, I need to have a set of these irons, between the time I have spent with them and your review, I will be working on getting a set. Great job dude.

  • Great review. If I was asked what irons I wanted to game this year, the C100’s would be on that list.

  • Nice review, Dan. These look like a great set for someone who is looking for some solid distance without sacrificing feel.

  • Those are some awesome looking irons and a great job on the review. Wilson really has put out some awesome stuff in the past few years. Wish more people would give them a look / chance.

  • Awesome review Dan! I’m in love with the looks of these irons and the versatility these provide is exactly what I look for in an iron. These look like winners to me.

  • Great review. Well thought out. Control irons are an interesting category. For the right person these seem like a smart but. I think I am that guy. Can’t wait for a fitting

  • Well done Dan, the C line within Wilson has always caught my attention, Sounds like a great set to fit into people’s games.

  • Awesome write up Dan! Very nice looking irons!

  • Well thought out and very well written Dan.
    I’ve always been a lover of the Wilson Staff line. Anyone thinking about a new set of irons should definitely give the Staff line a go.

  • Appreciate your review Dan! These irons do have a great look. Contrasts are pretty awesome. Solid package WS put out with these.

  • Love that two-tone look at address. I’ll have to hit these one of these days. Never loved the Ci11’s, but that was a long time ago. Great info here Dan and again – well thought out and executed review.

  • Good information, Dan. Thank you for the thoughtful review.

  • Wonderful review, Dan. As a player of their predecessor the Ci11, these interest me greatly. That dual tone look really frames the ball well and I’m glad to hear about the finish being more durable.

    Wilson Staff really does put out a wonderful iron and I do hope they get in more bags soon.

  • I have these irons and I can really work the ball in both directions. I play to a 6 hdcp. and was playing the D100 irons. I am quite glad I made the switch. I got these irons from a gentleman that plays to a +2 hdcp and they were made for him. He gave me an awesome deal on them, as I may have to re-grip them b/c the grips are slightly thin. The irons came with KBS tour shafts and were spine tuned. I just have to get used to the feel of them and get more rounds under my belt. Overall, an awesome iron and they get the ball up in the air pretty easy.

  • Thanks for the review, I am a 25 handicapper and need a lot of work on my short game. I hit these irons in the summer of 2014 and fell in love, they were my new iron of choice. The longer shafts fit my 6’1″ frame perfectly and the feel of a well struck ball is pure magic. I love the way these iron look and I just picked up a 4-GW set for $399 in Canada, a pure steal! I have a feeling they will be on sale in 2015 and everyone should really give them a good look. This is by far the best “bang for your buck” in irons. I hope Wilson sells a tonne of these things because they are doing some great things lately!

  • Are the C-100’s equivalent to the Ci-11 golf clubs in offset? I’d like to replace my Ci-11’s and like the looks of the C-100, but I do not like a large amount of offset

    Thank you.

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