Wilson NeXus Golf Bag Review

For years the stand bag has been not only a staple in the world of golf, but also largely unchanged. Sure features got better and leg systems became more sturdy and advanced, but largely, the bag and structure that most have been using has remained the same. That is until THP saw the Wilson NeXus bag at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL.

Technology Behind It
Wilson Staff has completely re-engineered the carry bag with the introduction of the neXus. Its unique external structure, known as exo-frame technology, supports a firm, technically-styled modern golf bag. It consists of Wilson Staff’s newly designed 360° integrated mechanism, where the sturdy aluminum frame connects the spine, top, stand and base to work interdependently. When the curved base makes contact with the ground, a smooth, quick stand activates the legs to kick out immediately and the base remains flat at all times.

Why The Change?
When the THP crew first laid eyes on the new bag, it was a bit different. Hard to put a finger on, but when you see a style remain the same for years upon years and then suddenly change it, it makes you take a step back and examine. After looking more in depth, you realize just how ingenious this idea really is. Not only does the durability become substantially better, but it brings with it two features that have plagued stand bags forever.

By having the mechanisms work independently of each other, the bag stands on its own, whether the legs are out or not. Pulling your bag out of the trunk and it is a rather tight fit? No problem. Need to stand it up in your garage but unfolding the legs take up too much room? No problem. There are literally dozens of practical items that this solves from a space saving element and in our testing it works perfectly.

Are you a person that likes to ride while playing, but always notices the stand bags leaning and sliding all over the place in the back? Yet you choose a stand bag, because at the driving range, the simplicity they offer is untouchable. The NeXus from Wilson Staff solved this problem, or so our testing showed us. When loaded in the back of the cart, the exo-frame base fit perfectly in the EZ-GO golf cart and stayed vertical the entire time. The larger base was like a puzzle piece the way the bag fit into the back and it never wavered one way or the other. The first stand bag we have ever tested to accomplish this.

The Details
Two molded TPR handles for solid hand grip
Pockets: large garment, two external, valuables (sealed waterproof zipper), large accessory, golf ball, GPS/range finder sleeve & insulated beverage sleeve
Hip padding with nylon airmesh to keep cool in warm conditions
Four-points double strap for easy mounting on and off shoulders
Umbrella holder, velcro glove patch, large towel ring & rain hood
Ball pocket partially detachable for local embroidery

Weight: 4.8 pounds
Top dimensions: 9″ deep x 8″ wide
Five-way divider
Two full-length dividers
Color options: white, red, blue, black
Cost: $199

The NeXus golf bag provides innovation in an area where many thought it was not needed. It is a stand out product that combines the wonderful features that people love about stand bags, with a solution to the two issues that have plagued them in the past. For more information on the NeXus or any other Wilson Staff product, check out their website at www. Wilson.com.

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  • Bag looks great. For something that’s been the same for awhile it’s nice to new technology. This bag sounds like it fits the bill for those who want the options between walking, riding, and storing it.

  • I love how they addressed the issue of the stand bag sliding around in the bag of a cart. It always drives me crazy hearing my bag moving all over the place, especially when I am the only one in the cart. It’s nice to see someone thinking outside the box on this.

  • Nicely done Josh. I’ve had several stand bags, and as I move towards more riding than walking on the course. It’s good to hear that there is a bag out there that will work well on the cart. I would assume that this would also work well on a pull cart as well. And it still maintains a relatively light weight profile for those days someone want to walk and carry.

  • Nice review here Josh.

    Amazing that something so seemingly simple in design is just being done and I gotta give props to Wilson for not just designing another bag with the same build/skeletal features then just changing a pocket location and color options.

    Would guess we see other OEM’s following suit very soon…

  • Such a simple concept in theory, kuddos to Wilson for bringing it to the market. Best of both worlds for riders/walkers.

  • This bag sounds like it would solve my problem of changing from cart bag to stand bag often, expecially when I am heading to tournaments, I can’t deal with the floppy stand bag when riding.

  • The, exo-frame, sounds like an amazing feature, I love that this stand bag can serve both purposes and still be user friendly in the cart!

  • This sounds like it solves my problem of wanting the size of a carry bag, but the fit of a cart bag. I’m in ponder mode on stand bags right now, so this one is definitely on the radar. Nice writeup, Josh.

  • Nicely done. Love the talk about how it sits in the cart and doesn’t twist because of the frame. That was always something that annoyed me with other stand bags.

  • Does it also fit on Clic Gear or Sun Mountain buggies? That flat plate could be an issue.

  • Simon,
    It was not tested on one, but I dont see any issues based on how it sits on golf carts.

  • I recently bought this bag after 2 yrs of using a sun mountain H2NO. This bag has plenty of room for 14 clubs and side pockets to store things. The stand and ease of carrying the bag is the most comfortable stand bag I’ve owned. Best bag in the market so far…Wilson did a great job!!!

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