Wilson Staff Fitting Truck – THP Exclusive Video

The THP Tour Van travels everywhere to bring the game closer to the golfer than ever before. Recently during a visit to Charleston, SC THP caught up with Wilson Golf as they were doing entire fittings all day at a local Edwin Watts. Their own fitting truck was on location and THP got a peak inside.

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  • Nice Video GG…..love the suprise Celebrity cameo appearance…LOL

  • Man that is awesome to see, I know it was fun seeing it up close and talking with the rep. Wish I could have been there, as do most of us here at THP.

  • A mobile station of awesomeness.

  • I need one of those in the backyard!

  • Boy, that fitting van has what appears to be everything that you could possibly need!

    Look at the Wow Factor evading the paparazzi.

  • Lots of cool stuff in that van!

  • That’s pretty cool.

  • That is just so freakin’ cool.

  • I think my husband would like to have one of those at home.

  • Thats awesome. I wish fitting vans would come to demo days around where I live!

  • I finally got to hit some W/S gear at the demo day over the weekend and was impressed. I can see why everyone raves about the Ci11 irons.

  • I think it is pretty darn cool that a professional type fitting van comes to a local golf store and assists customers with personal service. Great job Wilson!

  • Nice set up inside. There’s a few gadgets inside I’d like to add to my shop.

  • I got to check it out in person, for a small truck it really has a lot of awesome stuff in it.

  • Thanks for the video Team THP. Just goes to show you don’t need a massive trailer to get it done.

  • Very cool, thanks for sharing.

  • They have packed some awesome gear and gadgets in there for sure!

    Very cool that Wilson have this facility available on the road, really opens up the options for the consumer.

  • very very very cool. I love how professional everything is. It is a true tour fitting van!

  • I need one of those vans for my house. Wilson Staff can come make some clubs for me any day! Love being able to see inside the tour vans.

  • 25% of this video brought to you by intro! lol

  • Haha @ JB walking away. Pretty cool they let you in to take some video, Morgan.

  • Nice video 😀

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