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Rather than do the traditional review of the clubs, I want to share with the readers, how these particular clubs got into MY BAG!

Recently I was in the market for new hybrids. After researching for months I realized that I was more confused than ever before. It seems that every hybrid that you see is the longest and straightest on the market. To make matters worse every single company out there seems to have three or four models to choose from. So when decision time came around I decided that there was only one way to do it. Hit every single hybrid I could find in one day and make my decision.

So I called a local golf store that we work with a lot and asked for a special request. I asked if he could take a hybrid of each and every brand that they had and put it in the demo area for me. But their was a stipulation. I did not want to know which ones I was hitting. Now obviously due to shafts and logos on grips, sometimes you just know what club you have in your hand. But we did our best to just pick a club and hit with it. We hit 5 balls with each club and there were two of us hitting simultaneously.

The two of us did our best to “hit blind” and not know what we were hitting. All of the hybrids selected were a 4 iron hybrid and most were within 1 degree of each other. Each time we made it through the cycle of clubs, we would eliminate two of them. Suprisingly enough most of the time we picked the same two. When it came down to the last four hybrids left, we matched on three of the four, so we just took those three to the “final showdown”. We will not get into other clubs here, but suprisng to both of us the Wilson Staff was in the finals.

Now many of us are guilty of discounting Wilson Staff equipment for one reason or another. Whether it be some of the products that “Wilson” produces, or the fact that we just do not hear about them a lot, both of us were guilty of it too. When we finished our hitting I had picked the Wilson Staff Fybrid as my overall favorite. But I must confess, I was so shocked that I did not even buy them. I had to go home and do some research, because they were just not on my original list.

So after researching endlessly for days on whether or not I wanted to go with Wilson Staff, I realized that every review I had read was a positive one. So back I went to the store to purchase these hybrids and put them in my bag. Since then I have realized even moreso how much I love these clubs. Off the tee, out of the fairway, or even in the deep stuff these clubs have been everything I could ask for. They are definately something we recommend for every person out there looking for a change in long irons or hybrids.

Now that my long, boring, story is out of the way, here are some things to help you learn about Wilson Staff hybrids. We contacted them after I purchased mine so that we could get all of the technical specs for our readers rather than my gibberish.

Wilson Staff FYbrids fuse fairway woods and hybrids into one easy-to-understand family of fairway utilities. The result is simpler club selection, and easier-to-hit options for long distance needs.

The FY replaces three clubs: the 2-iron, the 2-hybrid and the 7-wood. Research has proven that the optimum loft from fairway lies is 19.5 degrees and a club length of 41 inches. The FY club is the only club on the market today that offers these exact specifications.

The unique sole design with heel, toe and central reliefs, creates a rail system that prevents the club from bouncing into the ball at impact; the leading cause of thin shots. The toe and heel reliefs also make the club more playable from side hill lies, and allow the club to be laid open or closed for more advanced shot-making.

3. SHAFT: UST V2 graphite shaft offers tour-proven Proforce tip technology for stability and accuracy.

Overall these clubs are a must try for anyone out there that is looking for something that can take them to the next level. I use my Bridge Club as much as any club in my bag it seems and it never lets me down. Take the time to learn more about these clubs, you will not be disappointed. You can read tons of info about them here.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. TheNewBrad says:

    The Dh6 hybrid it replaced was a great club so the new fybrid bridge club must be something else.

  2. Mike Bizzle says:

    I just went out and bought one of these after reading this review. It is no joke. I love this thing. I got the 19.5 bridge club and it will never leave my bag.

  3. Rich Owens says:

    I have had 2 of these in my bag for a few months now. They are the nicest looking clubs I own. The weighting is great, and they just flat out work. Long and straight.

  4. Steve Fox says:

    I am in the market for new hybrids and never would have thought about these. I was leaning towards Titleist based on other reviews but I am going to have to hit these before I make that decision….

    Update – I went and hit these today and fell in love with them. Bought then at Edwin Watts and cannot wait to take them to the course this weekend.

  5. the_family_guy says:

    I play the Adams Boxer right now but do not feel I get enough distance out of them. I am going to stick with them for now, but these intrigue me.

  6. Courage 29 says:

    I have the bridge club you speak of here and love it. I might take a look at getting another one.

  7. George Lafite says:

    I am also playing the Boxer from Adams and have been struggling with it. I just do not like the looks at setup. I might have to check these out.

  8. Mary L. says:

    Do you know if they make these for women?

  9. The Duffer says:

    Wilson Fybrid….UMMMMMMMM

  10. Scooter says:

    I bought one and it is now my favorite hybrid in my bag and I have hit and owned all the big names this past summer.
    Well done Wilson!

  11. chef34 says:

    Been looking at these for awhile & think i’m gonna pull the trigger now. I have an Adams boxer ITB & really hate it.

  12. tom m. says:

    Great clubs. I have the 19.5 and the 3 wood. You can get them for less than $70 each on eBay. An absolute steal at that price.

  13. Matt says:

    I’ve bought the 3 and 5 woods, the bridge and fybrid 4. Need the 3 and 5, but the wife put on the brakes, (for now.) Believe the hype! Like a lot of us, I struggle with long irons. In those situations, I have gone from panic to confidence. The fairway woods are well balanced and I love the way they set up. I’m still not very long, but I’m straight. Mary, yes there are women’s models.
    Like Tom, I bought them on ebay.

  14. ian says:

    I have the 5H, 3H and 5W. They are brilliant – very forgiving and the hybrids are amazingly easy to hit from all lies.

    Despite being a fairly high handicapper (although coming down quickly), I have become v consistent and accurate with the 5H in particular. Carry it about 160 yards to green and it stops dead. This is so much fun, I’m currently looking out for a 4H.

    Try them….

  15. scotty says:

    I replaced my irons gradually with these clubs and I am very pleased,playing them of the fairway is a doddle and they are accurate of the tees resonably priced I have all six clubs and my tee to green has greatly improved grear clubs………………

  16. Rod says:

    I have been hitting my Wilson Fat Shafts for years…I’m a duffer and will admit it, but I can hit them straight. I also had a Deep Red Driver and 3-wood. The driver was a senior flex and was difficult to control even though I kept it in my bag for four years! Anyway, I found the new Spine driver on ebay, made a stupid low bid and would up with it. OK, it sounds like a tin can, but I can hit it straight and (for me) long. I recently added the Spine 3 wood and am equally impressed. Now, I have the Fybrid bridge club on the way and cannot wait to try it. Wilson does make good stuff….just without the glamour, advertising and price of the other players.

  17. patlai says:

    I got the 19.5 ladies FY but find it very heavy, couldnt handle, can someone help???

  18. FatherSnitch says:

    I lost my Wilson Deep Red 5W (which wasn’t great) and replaced it with a used Fybrid 5W, which instantly became my favourite club. Shot after shot, my ball flies long and straight and barely wavers from its line. I have recently just bought the matching 3W and am looking forward to similar results. The regular shafts seem quite “whippy” to me – perhaps this relatively soft flex just suits my swing, but I am a big fan of the Fybrids.

  19. Wilson-Staff says:

    These are great clubs.

  20. sam says:

    I just started golfing last year and have been improving slowly. I can hit the ball but without a lot of consistency (i still hit the ball fat and/or thin at times). I’ve had this club for 3 months and haven’t really used it as I was pulling out my 3 wood for those 200 yard shots. The 3w is a hig risk reward shot so I decided to leave that out of the bag yestersay and wet with the 19.5 wilson fybrid. One word…wow. Even my partners were surprised with the shots. Out of the 8 times I pulled it out, 6 if them went straigt and about 210. The other two went far but faded to the right. Those were my earlier shots so I adjusted pretty well. I’m now thinking of forgoing my 3w and 5w altogether. I have the 4h as well, so I think I can manage that short gap. I also got the clubs for $40 new, so I’m pretty stoked I gave em a try.

  21. Richard says:

    I have played Wilson Staff irons since getting my first set of “real” clubs when I was 15, which were the FG15s. I followed those with the FG17s, which I played until 1995, when I replaced them with the RM Staff Tour Midsize. If you look at Wilson Staff’s history,it is indeed a long and glorious one. To date 61 majors have been won with Staff irons, the last two by Paddy Harrington. At the time of their introduction(prior to Harrington’s two majors), the FG59s(tour forged) commemorated this achievement. It is safe to say that no other manufacturer will approach this number. That being said, the Fybrids are truly tour caliber clubs that offer enough forgiveness to be played by anyone. I have replaced my Adams Pro Prototype hybrids with the 19.5 bridge & 4h Fybrids. Do yourself a favor & try these clubs, then buy them. It will be one of the best game improvement investments that you could make. Also, depending on your ability, take a serious look @ the forged irons, the Di9s or the Ci9s. The Staff bloodline is second to none, and you won’t go broke trying to improve your game. Fairways & greens 4ever.

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