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During the time that THP has been around we have done tons of iron reviews. We have reviewed every brand for every skill level but there has always been one thing missing, these reviews are always for men’s irons. Well it’s time for the ladies to get some equipment information too and that is exactly what we are going to do. This review is for the ladies who want to show everyone they too can be a fierce competitor on the golf course. Wilson Staff stepped up to the plate with their Ladies Di9 irons and our female golfers had nothing but great things to say about these sticks.

From the Company
Wilson Staff Di9 Women’s irons are built on the same platform as the powerful Di9 for men to deliver the same straight, soaring flight. The sleek women’s model features smaller, softer grips, lighter shafts and a stylish blue finish.

1. Powerful Head Design
The club head offers a low profile and wide sole that inspires confidence at address. A lower center of gravity produces higher ball flight, while the wide sole moves weight away from the face for greater stability

2. Hot Face
A thin, ultra-hot face delivers a competitive ball speed advantage for greater distance.

3. Patented Wide-Tip Shaft
The latest evolution of Wilson’s patented wide-tip technology is the softest ever produced. While the wide tip controls twisting on off-center hits, the lightweight shafts from True-Temper and UST reduce overall weight for maximum clubhead speed.

4. Vibration Dampening
A vibration-dampening urethane medallion expands the sweet spot the entire length of the face. It also serves as a shock trap that reduces vibration that travels through the hosel and into the hands.

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I honestly can’t think of a better way to describe these clubs other then sexy. They are so sleek and clean looking and they just grab you the minute you lay your eyes on them. What I really caught my eye was the color because it’s not pink! These beauties are a subtle shade of blue that still look feminine. The blue can be found on the cavity of the clubhead and again in the shaft which I thought was a nice touch and great attention to detail. The sole of the club not only has the number of the club but it also says Wilson Staff, a simple addition, but it really stood out to me. My number one, hands down, favorite feature about the looks of these irons is the thinner topline. I have tried just about every game improvement iron on the market and something that I have learned to get used to is a thick topline so it was quite a refreshing surprise to experience the looks of the Di9’s. I found the thinner appearance very visually appealing. Something to note, and I will mention again in a minute, the thinner topline did not take away from the forgiveness of these irons. The face is simple, shiny, and begging to be hit, so that is exactly what I did.

Range Testing
Just like the range testing we do for the men’s reviews we put up fliers at local area courses asking for female golfers to help test equipment and give us their 100% honest feedback. Our requirements were that they have an established handicap, that they were currently playing game improvement irons, and that those irons were less than 18 months old. I was actually quite amazed at the turnout. We were able to gather together 18 women for this testing. The participants ranged in age from 16 to 70 and they had handicaps ranging from single digits to 36+. We set each lady up with a bucket of range balls and let them hit their own clubs and the Wilson Staff Di9 irons and then we asked for their feedback on looks, feel, forgiveness, and overall impression of these irons. Here is a breakdown of their scorecards after the testing was complete.

Looks – 14 of the 18 loved the way these irons looked. They were so thrilled to see blue instead of pink and those 14 ladies preferred the looks of the Di9 to their current irons. It was kind of funny, the 4 ladies who did not care for the look all had the same reason for their feelings, they wished they were pink. So it goes to show there are some female golfers who are still diehard pink fans.

Feel – 15 out of 18 thought they had a better feel than their current irons. This was a purely subjective category and each person had their definition of feel but one thing that was common among all the ladies was how much they liked the lack of vibration. Often times with game improvement irons when a ball is miss hit it will still fly straight but the lack of feel is disturbing. While you would still get a vibration, to tell you that you missed, the sound and impact was not good. The Wilson Di9 irons still offer feedback, but the vibration was far more subtle. The cavity and weighting design of these clubs offer exceptional feel and the players that tested them were really enjoying what they were trying.

Forgiveness – 15 out of 18 golfers thought these irons were more forgiving their their current clubs. A miss hit from anywhere on the club still seemed to go straight and get a nice high ball flight. The three that picked their current clubs felt that the miss hits were straight but they lost height in their ball flight so they preferred their current clubs a little more.

Overall – 15 out of 18 testers felt that the Wilson Staff Di9 irons outperformed their current clubs.

After the range session was complete I asked the ladies to stick around so we could have a little girl talk about these irons. I wanted to know in more detail their likes and dislikes and why. What I found was that everyone really liked the Di9’s and they all felt that they would make a nice addition to their bags. When it came to looks most really liked the blue and felt, like I did, that it was a nice change from the usual pink and purple color options. And then there were the few ladies who said that they felt the blue made it hard to immediately recognize that these were clubs made for ladies and they really preferred the pinks and purples more commonly found on the market. I love seeing the differences because that really is what makes the world go round.

We also talked a lot about the lack of vibration after a miss hit. Everyone agreed it’s nice to get feedback to know that they did something wrong so they can fix it, but that horrible vibration can be really bothersome. Even with the lack of vibration everyone agreed they could still tell when they hit a poor shot because the clubs do offer feedback it was just more subtle. What was really interesting was that the one thing all 18 testers agreed on were the grips. They loved how soft yet tacky they were and it was a bit of a surprise to everyone how much they liked the stock grips. I would have never guessed that grips would get so much talk time but they did and they were a crowd favorite. Overall the ladies really enjoyed testing the Wilson Staff Di9 irons and a several ladies said they believe these could find a permanent place in their bags.

Course Testing
Once the range testing was complete I decided it was my turn to take these irons to the course. I had them in play for 8 rounds of golf. I was hoping to make it ten but mother nature was not on my side. My findings were quite similar to those of the testers. The first thing I noticed was the lack of vibration, as many others noted as well. It was amazing how much different they felt then my current irons. I was still able to feel my miss hits, and believe me I had a lot of them, but my arms didn’t feel like jello by the end of my round from all the vibration. When I did miss hit a shot the ball still went straight but not quite as high as some other irons I have tried. To be honest though, the height wasn’t that big of a deal for me because I will take a straight but low shot over a high hook/slice anytime. I did notice some added yardage from the Wilson Staff Di9 irons compared to my current clubs. It wasn’t a 15 yard addition but it was 3-5 yards per club which I was still thrilled about but what was even more exciting was how much better my consistency was. To me, just like the ball flight, I would rather have more accurate and consistent shots that go the same distance than hit something longer but never know for sure where it’s going to go.

My control and accuracy with these irons is what really set them apart from my current set and because of the better ball striking I saw my scores go down. I didn’t see a 10 stroke difference or anything like that but I saw improvement where it counted. I saw it in those clutch moments where I had the chance for a par and I had confidence when I set up to the ball with these clubs that I was going to hit a solid shot. I didn’t have an “I hope I hit it” thought instead I had an “I know I will make this shot” thought and that was the difference, for me, between par and bogey or worse (and for me it used to always be worse).

Between myself and the 18 testers we all walked away from the Wilson Staff Di9 irons impressed. Whether blue is your color or not there is no denying the sleek sophistication of these irons and once we had them in our hands there was no denying results. From grip to ground these clubs showed up and performed beyond my expectations. I am so thrilled to see real, true, game improvement irons out there for the ladies, rather than sets that are an afterthought. The set we tested was 5-SW and they can be had for $399.99. To learn more about these irons and other Wilson Staff products you can visit their website here.

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