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Most people know me as Golfer Gal, your fashion guru, and while fashion is in my name, golf is still the game. Today I am going to be changing things up a bit, I will not be reviewing a pair of pants or cute top, today I am talking equipment, hybrids to be exact. I have been getting more and more requests to review items other than clothing, so by popular demand I introduce you to the new Luxe hybrid by Wilson Staff.

THP contacted Wilson Staff and they were very excited to send us a some of their Luxe Premium clubs.
“The Luxe Premium Set offers a tee-to-green solution for the discriminating woman golfer. Manufactured from high performance materials with an attention to detail, every component of the Luxe Premium Set say luxury. With its sleek finish and gleaming irons, there’s not a sexier set of equipment on the market today.”

From the Luxe Premium Set, Wilson Staff sent a hybrid for us to test out. Naturally, the first thing I was interested in was the look. For style, this club passed the test, hands down. The shaft is mostly black with a splash of dark pink near the grip. I know some women dislike that manufacturers make womans clubs pink, but I like pink so I give it a thumbs up.

Next I checked out the grip and head. I have small hands so grips are very important to me, if they are too thick I cannot comfortably fit my hands around the club. I thought the grip was great for stock, it felt nice in my hands, I felt like I had complete control of the club at all times. The head was sharp looking but the entire club was a bit too heavy for my liking.

The final test was to take it to the driving range and course. As I mentioned earlier I liked the way the club fit into my hands which made me feel like I had complete control. It made great contact with the ball and allowed for a solid swing. With almost every swing I got great loft and distance with very little effort. My only issue with the club was again, that I found it a bit heavy. When I was actually hitting the ball, however, I didn’t really notice the weight at all. For overall performance I would give this club a thumbs up, especially for a beginner looking for a good quality set of clubs that they can grow into.

Considering this is from one of their “complete sets”, I am really looking forward to trying their more advanced equipment. They are making the women’s version of the FYBrids that THP reviewed earlier in the week. I very much look forward to putting those out to play on the course. Wilson Staff says it best “with precision lofts of 26 and 30 degrees, these beautiful hybrid clubs are the perfect choice for both tight fairways and thick roughs.”

The entire Luxe line looks impressive. From this complete set for beginners to their brand new Luxe iron set, there seems to be something for everyone from Wilson Staff right now. To read more about any of the stuff mentioned check them out at Wilson Staff Luxe.

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Golfer Gal

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  1. Patti P. says:

    I actually have this set and it works well. I too bought it purely based on look and I feel as though I have outgrown them. I am really curious to hear how some of the other stuff from Wilson Staff works for you.

  2. Cathy D says:

    I play the Callaway clubs for women but looked at these the other day in the store. I am very interested in hearing more. Wilson has been putting out some very nice things recently and hopefully these will follow suit.

  3. wendybrooks says:

    I am so glad you are doing equipment too. You are the voice for us ladies. Is there anyway we can setup something so that if we find things to be reviewed you can know about it?

  4. Gina says:

    These clubs may be exactly what I am looking for. I want something a little heavier and my husband said to just add lead tape. But that makes it look ugly. Glad to see more types of reviews. I love this site.

  5. Golfer Gal says:

    The new clubs are still in production but as soon as they are completed I will be doing a full review on them as well.

    If anyone has a product, club, clothing line, etc…that they would like me to review, please go to our forum and under Golf for Women I have created a thread called “What would you like Golfer Gal to review.”

    I love getting comments and feedback on the reviews so please keep them coming : )

    Your Fashion (and equipment) Guru

    Golfer Gal

  6. Mary L. says:

    Wow, I have this set. I was thinking about upgrading to the new Adams set but might wait to hear the review on the new ones first.

  7. Nina Riles says:

    I am in the market for a set just like this. Glad I found the site.

  8. timmy t says:

    I think I just found my wife her Christmas present.

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