Wilson Staff Zip Review

In the world of golfers, nothing is harder to choose than the golf ball. It seems that every time we get comfortable with the selection we have made, a new ball pops up that promises more distance and greater feel. Recently I had the opportunity to be “fitted” for a golf ball by a local pro here and that endup making me more confused than I have ever been. It seems what I want, I cannot have. A ball that is good with distance, good with spin, great with feel, and all for half the price of what the “Tour” balls are going for.

When Wilson Staff sent over the Wilson Staff Zip ball I was curious. I had tried these previously and liked what I felt but was just unsure. It was definately worth a try, the price point alone means that they should be tested. These can be found at most places for around $20. Here are the bullet points behind this golf ball:

3 Piece Construction
Golf’s only Zero Compression Core to maximize soft feel
312 crisp, pan-head dimples
Thin ionomer cover maximizes greenside control
Lower Compression = Softer Feel

So as usual we have claims about everything but the true test would be out on the course. If the claims are true, at $20 these are a steal. So I packed up the balls they sent over and myself and two others from the club took them to the putting and chipping green. The first thing I noticed was the sound. I really liked it. The ball while putting and chipping reminded me of the old balata balls that I used to play from 10 years ago. All the way down to the sound was similar to my old favorites.

Each one of us took 3 Wilson Staff Zips and 3 Titleist Pro V1’s. We each chipped and the what I noticed is that if I didn’t look at the logo, I could not tell which ball was which once the ball was struck. They spun exactly the same around the green with chipping. Both of the gentleman I was with thought the exact same thing. But of course a putting green is not the true test for THP, but nonetheless I was thrilled so far.

I decided to take them to the course and play two balls. The ball I normally play and a Wilson Staff Zip. After eight or nine holes a couple of things were very clear to me:

1. These definitely remind me of the old balata balls minus the part of ripping them to shreds.
2. They spin almost as much as the tour quality balls. Just a shade less on approach shots.
3. They spin less off the tee which is great for people that hook or slice.

The rest of the round was finished and the overall thoughts were the same. I have since put these in play for two more rounds and feel my original findings were accurate.

My overall feelings are quite positive. I have not lost any distance off the tee. The approach shots are very close to being the same as what I am used to. And definitely not enough difference to care about. Around the green the feel is fantastic. And the best part is the price is less than half of what I am used to paying.

I urge anyone out there to give these a try. At this price point I cannot believe what I am getting. You can learn more about them at Wilson Staff.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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