Win a Free Trip, Club Fitting and More with UST Mamiya

Signup for the first Shaft Up of 2020 is here and below are all of the details for the 1st of THREE amazing THP Experiences in the series. For those new to THP, Shaft Up with UST Mamiya is a 3 part THP Experience Series where 2 lucky forum members are taken on a trip for a fitting, free equipment and some great golf.

When & Where
April 22nd and 23rd, 2020
Atlanta, GA
Course: Chateau Elan Legends

What’s Included
There is no cost at all to you.
Get fit for new Mizuno Driver
Play Golf
Group Dinners
And much much more

THP Shaft Up with UST Mamiya is about making the impossible, possible. World Class fitting, new equipment for each participant and of course playing golf at an awesome course. You will leave the event armed with more knowledge, better gear and of course the memories that last forever. All of this, completely free of charge including your travel.

How To Get Involved
Getting to be a part of this special program will be by sign up in the respective threads when they go up. Your 2020 Albatross Club membership is your key to unlock this and many other programs on THP. If you are not a member, and want information on how to join and help support an amazing charity helping children in need, click here.

It Said Equipment What Does That Mean
Every THP Shaft Up event will not only feature new shafts, but brand new equipment. For Shaft Up #1 we are giving each participant a brand new Mizuno driver and each participant will get fit with a premium UST Mamiya shaft with the fitting done by Danny Le personally. There may be some surprises here…

How to Signup
All of the details on the THP Forum and you can find them here. Signing up is as simple as sending in an email with some of the usual details. Then sitting back and waiting to see if your name is called later this week.

If it is, great. You are on your way to GA for a fitting, new driver and more. If not, never fear, with over 15 THP Experiences a year, there is always something right around the corner.

Good luck everybody.

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  • Good luck to everyone! Always fun to follow along with THP Experiences. :cool:?
  • Make sure you read over the first post. This one is for Albatross Club members. The good news is the club is open to anybody and helps support an amazing charity.

    Gotcha – thanks!

  • I have entered! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Sums it up best:

    View attachment 8931237

  • @GolferDad66, this has your name written on it!

    Thanks OG!

  • I’m In!!!

  • Good luck everyone!
  • Alrighty I’m in

  • Entered, Good Luck everyone!! Whoever gets selected is in for an amazing time.
  • Good Luck everyone~! So many fun and awesome events from THP this year….. Can’t wait to follow this

  • Haven’t had much luck with these lately so maybe this will be the one!! Entered!!
  • would love to throw my name in for this. However, the dates just dont work for me in april. Best of luck everyone!
  • I am ready to meet the Wizard, Danny Le. I’m all in.

  • Could not wait to sign up for this one. Going to be a helluva time getting fit by the best for an outstanding driver.
  • fingers crossed on this one

  • Yes please

    Please make sure you read over the first post. This one is for Albatross Club Members only. Good news is the club is open to anybody that would like to join and goes to help a wonderful charity.

  • I have heard really good things on the new Mizuno drivers. All of the UST stuff has been getting rave reviews too. Whoever gets to go on this adventure should be in for a treat! Good luck guys!
  • Good luck to all of you who enter!
  • Love the contests!
  • Legends at Chateau may pale in comparison to the others in that list but it’s really a phenomenal course. I’m really wanting to be a part but good luck to all who enter!

    Maybe in name, but it was a fantastic property while I was there.
    And Myron Mixon’s BBQ place is right down the road :D

  • Jacks Old south is SO freaking good.

    I usually hit up Braselton brewing too which isn’t too far from there, they serve up some great food and their beers are stellar!

    You complete me

  • Entered and hopeful

  • I am entered!!!
  • Maybe in name, but it was a fantastic property while I was there.
    And Myron Mixon’s BBQ place is right down the road :D

    I did not know the King Myron Mixon’s Old Jacks South was right there, can @JB and @DannyLe fedex me some BBQ

  • I did not know the King Myron Mixon’s Old Jacks South was right there, can @JB and @DannyLe fedex me some BBQ

    That might not taste as good.

  • The Masters!

    Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk

  • Good luck y’all! ShaftUp is an amazing event, I highly recommend signing up. It’s a game changer!
  • Catching up on this thread. Im in it to win in it!
  • I’m entered! As I’m really struggling with my driver since starting back, this would be awesome!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

  • Shaft up has to be one of the best un-kept secrets on THP….. entered!

  • In.

    I would have added a Gif but it wouldn’t work from my iPad for some reason.

  • In! Atlanta, GA…home of the CDC. How appropriate. [emoji40]
  • In!
  • Entered!!

  • Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to see what 2 lucky THPers get fit into!

    ST200G with Purple LinQ would be an epic combo

  • Entered, Thank You!
  • I’m In!!!

    Dude, name change? I like it!!!

  • All entered up
  • I’m all in !!

  • This is going to stay open through the weekend, despite being crazy busy. With everything going on, we want everybody to be able to get in that wants to.
  • one more day to enter
  • I’m surprised there aren’t more entires for this!!!
  • Fitting plus golf with the master, great BBQ, an outstanding course and the rare chance to tee it up with JB. This is going to be a great "Experience" for 2 lucky THPer’s.

    This is another time that work gets in the way of THP. No doubt it will be a blast to follow.

  • After entering took a long look at the UST Mamiya offerings. Haven’t played one of their shafts since I had a proforce in my HiBore. Really impressive offerings.

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